8 All You need Tips of Getting Over a Breakup

Getting over your breakup is hard. You append so much time with them and then suddenly, after years of being together, some just come along and BOOM, they aren’t the perfect one for you.

And might feel guilty if you are breaking up but you will also have reasons.

You will have that sticky and runny nose, but you will move on now or then.

But let me just tell you one thing; sick and emotional Facebook statuses, stalking your ex on social media platforms, having endless shots of whatever makes you forget the pain and sleeping or flirting with someone else, will just not make it all fall in the right place.

It is just going to get worse trust me.

I guess, the third one might make you feel a bit better, but you might just fall into another mud puddle when you haven’t even gotten up from the first one.

It is usually assumed that the person who leaves is always at peace. But if you can have reasons to cry your eyes out every night, maybe another person has reasons to walk out as well.

You need to respect both the parties for the decision. The decider suffers equally but they just aren’t given the right to show it because they become the bad and evil guys.

Anyways, a lot of people man up and decide to move on.

They make it work out for themselves and they finally move on. The storm does change them somehow and that is totally their own choice. You cannot blame anyone for the way they choose to come out of the misery.

It can be positive and shining or it can be the most badass guy you have ever met.

What I mean to say is that you are allowed to get over it in any form that you want to. But what if, you are not just doing the right thing to move on or get over the breakup?

What if every time you are bored, your mind wanders off to that person? And despite stopping yourself and screaming at your self-respect, you just open your shiny smartphone and send them a text.

And you don’t even realize it then that you have done the wrong thing you just keep on doing it, until one day they don’t even reply you back.

Does your self-respect knock on the door then?

Anyhow, every one of us has fallen in love and has faced the breakup phase as well. However, majority moves on because that is how new couples are formed.

But then there are people that no matter what they do; they just aren’t able to get over it. I will tell you why they don’t get over it; they are doing the wrong things! Stop checking for him if he/she is online or not, they aren’t checking up on you either. Stop texting them whenever you feel alone to find peace back in your mind.

They are just trying to make you feel better, but they are already gone.
So here are some simple ways through which you can try getting over your breakup and embracing your new life in a great way!

Don’t cry over ex’s, they will probably build a river over them and get over it faster than you do.

1. Getting over breakup part one; Let the Emotional Flu Come:

You can let a runny nose go on and on for a while. Don’t force yourself to stop and pretend like you are totally okay. If you think that people around you are noticing, try to avoid them.

But be sad for a while. Let the emotions flow in and out.

Cry and laugh and then again break into the ugliest cry! The emotional flu will make your anger, desperation, hatred and all of those mixed feelings go away.

But you don’t want to get stuck in that phase for like forever, right?

So you can simply set a time period. You can tell yourself; “Man I am giving you a month and you need to cry, build a river and get over it, within it.”

Setting a time span really helps or you will keep a runny nose going on for days and weeks and months. Don’t do that to yourself.

2. Kick them Outta the News Feed:

Yes, you cannot block them right away. You will just unblock them after some hours and if they notice that; you are actually the weakest person on Earth for them! So just don’t block them yet.

You don’t need to go bonkers all at once; rushing and doing things that aren’t feasible for that time.

But every time you will open your social media apps like Facebook, they will come across your eyes in the news feed. They might be launching somewhere and you remember all those times you ate at that place together.

And then the romantic flashbacks will follow making you feel miserable all over again. So if you don’t want to be harsh on yourself, keep them limited so that they aren’t there on the news feed.

3. Go Laughing all Around:

THERAPY TIME is important and no one does it better than friends

Guys make you feel better with that one puff of a cigarette and tell you how miserable life can be than just one breakup.

On the other hand, girls can sit together and make you feel like the queen of this world. So just stop hanging around in your own little room and looking at ceiling fan to make it even worse for you.

Get up and go meet your friends and hang out with them.

Talk about whatever you feel with the closest ones you have and they will certainly make it better for you. That temptation that knocks in at like 2 am at night to text your ex; knock that and text or call your best friend instead.

4. Do Everything that your Ex Hated:

Being in relationships brings in barriers. Your partner will tell you not to do something because they don’t like it. The list will be oh-so-small in the beginning but with the passage of time, it will start increasing.

Anyways, when you finally break up…you need to rebel. You need to do what your girlfriend or boyfriend hated.

Did he hate it when you hung out on Saturday nights with your friends? How long has it been since you went out then? Do it all now!

Did he/she tell you to stop cliff diving because it was totally insane but you loved it right? So do it now.

Do what makes you feel more like yourself so that you can come back to who you were as an original until he/she told you who you should be.

5. Change the Way your Room Looks:


This might sound like old school but this really works. Play with your furniture a bit and bring some fresh change to your surroundings. Do you spend most of your time in your room?

Change the way it looks! It will make everything around you look super fresh and that is exactly what you need to get over the shit.

And don’t forget to get new sheets or cushions to make you feel fresh and new.


Boys will be like; this one is so for girls. (gif is, but not the writing…dude)

BTW check her out; Photoshop miracles!!! =D

But this isn’t guys! You deserve a makeover as well. Change your look, change your style.

Change the way you look.

Make yourself more attractive, handsome/beautiful or anything that you weren’t before.

Get a haircut, buy new trendy clothes or change the way you dress totally.

A makeover is awesome and it will help you get over someone amazingly.

It seriously does wonders.

If you never liked bold nail paints, get them done now. If you never wore shorts in public guys, do it now. Just give yourself a new look and shine.


If you look good, you feel good

7. The workout is Great:

The emotional flu will last forever if you don’t decide to get up and get done with it.

Make a workout routine for yourself and make sure that you dedicate half hour from your daily routine to it.

Working out is famous for reducing stress levels and that is all you have in the name of a breakup.

Sweating is going to make you feel perky and the depression will waver off. Exercise is going to boost your happy hormones high and without you knowing it, you will be a happier person sooner or later.

It won’t be magic obviously; like you are crying 2 minutes before and it will suddenly make you laugh. But after some days, it will start working great for you.

8. Love Yourself:

So all the love you gave to your partner, it is now time to give it all to yourself. Pamper yourself and make yourself feel special. Because baby, no one else is going to do that for you!!

Take a long bubble bath or simply go to a spa. Nothing makes you feel better than a day at the spa.


Getting over a breakup is tough; agreed. But it isn’t the end of the world. You have to move on and get better things attracted towards you. Set your aims and dreams high so that you can focus on the rather than any lady or boy.

Don’t dull your spark. Once you are done crying and wiping your nose by the end of your sweatshirt, make sure that you don’t cry for the same reason again.

Kick them out of your life!

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