5 Tips to Make New Cool Friends In Your Adult Life

So, how to make friends at 18 or any other adult age for that matter? Well, first we need to understand that the world these days is filled with extroverts. I am being honest here as recent studies showed that only 16-45% people are introverts.

So that eventually makes them feel left behind and alone.

There is one big problem with introverts. It is so hard to befriend them. It is like trying to bang your head on the wall and there won’t be an answer.

They like deep conversations and if you have nothing special to offer; you don’t have a chance with them.

But yes, introverts are the most loyal people as well. All those people who fake their personalities at parties and meetings might consider themselves extroverts, but they have too many faces on. It’s like; this mask is for the office, the other one is for the party in the evening and trust me or not, they get masks on, in their own house. Well, they get used to it.

They socialize a little too bit.

However, it is not only introverted who feel awkward about making new friends. Sometimes, just sometimes, extroverts feel hard to make a move also. Well, whichever you are from the two, if you find it hard to make new friends; welcome to the family. I would be sitting next to the same person for a week and it won’t be a surprise if I know nothing about them (apart from their name maybe but that also remains on a maybe scale).

Let’s dig into these simple tips that you can try while you give a shot at making new friends.

How to make friends at 18 or any other age?

1. Your Type of Friends:

Everyone has a “type” when it comes to the people they want around them. So it is always better if you know what kind of friends you wish to make.

If you are feeling the urge of making new friends, then you need to question yourself for that! Why did this sudden need rise in you?
Do you need a friend to dance with you like freaks on a party like this guy on the top?

Or do you need a friend you can talk to? Or you are just looking for someone who can do both? Determine the type of friends you need first.

2. Be around Social People:

 If you are an introvert, this might be hard to you. I mean being around people who have a lot of friends is nothing less than a headache.

But this is the easiest way to make new friends.

So find that one social connection in your college and hang out a bit with them. You really don’t have to get inside their group 24/7.

Just wave a hello or go out with them on coffee or movie once in a while. Your luck might work out.

3. Social Networks:

What are social networks for anyway these days? People are utilizing it to make new friends, right?

Plag is a great social networking app which is great if you want to make new friends.

Or let’s say it beats the Facebook thingy quite well because it is quite simple and you get better and less-irritating friends here.

4. Classmates and Colleagues:

Classmates are like just people around you; they hardly have any worth for you. I have been here. Your best friend is your best friend and nothing beats your personal friend’s squad even.

But you need to keep in touch with your classmates as well.

What if your friends don’t come to college one day? Interacting with someone else will become tough as you haven’t ever noticed them. So talk to them and hang out a bit with them as well.

5. Communication:

Lack of communication is what leads to losing friends. And if you do the same with new friends; they will dump you as fast as anything. If you meet them, don’t abandon them after them.

Text them to meet up or hang out again, maybe?! If they don’t respond you much; that is when you can abandon them. But other than that; it’s quite fair to stay in touch as that is what fuels relationships, right?


It tough when you are standing in a room full of people (you are the new student by the way) and everyone stops talking and looks at you. You find the best place for yourself, where you can be away from those prying eyes, right? Well, it is better to sit in midst of them confidently and answer what they ask for.

Making new friends is hard but it ain’t impossible. Try these new tips and maybe your luck works. Just make sure that you don’t start making a lot of friends suddenly. Just go slowly and with the flow.

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