4 Tips To Improve Your Body Language

Body Language: Just wonder for a minute; if someone enters in your room right now, while you are reading this, what would they interpret from the way you are sitting or lying down? Take a look at your arms and the way they are placed or the way your legs are either crossed or opened. What does your posture speak of you?

Well, we don’t think that much while we set up ourselves in a way or other to sit, walk, run or go dancing and walking in the middle of our rooms but somewhere, or maybe everywhere there are people who are judging you or interpreting you and your personality through your body language.

If you are one of those people who think that your body language does not exist, you definitely need to rethink. However, there are always some tips that can help you enhance your body language and send some really confident signals and feelings to your brain and body. If your body language is confident, you will radiate positively and obviously, confidently as well.

1. Practice the smile:

They say it right; the most beautiful curve on any human’s body is their smile. It makes you look attractive instantly and it gives off a trustworthy reflection also. However, it also releases stress from your body. It helps you relax and sit back, enjoying everything.

But let’s admit it; some of us just can’t smile. It gets so hard for some of us and others don’t even understand this. However, all you need to do is practice. Every morning, take a minute or two and stand in front of the mirror, smiling at yourself. This might seem weird but just remember that smile has a great and positive impact on people so practice it until it seems to be natural.

2. You Need to be Attentive about Your Posture:

Everyone has their own style of sitting or standing but little do they realize that their own personal style is actually reflecting their sweet or not so sweet personality openly. People judge you within the first 5 seconds of setting their eyes on you and this is where your posture plays an extremely important part.

There are small tips when it comes to sitting in the right manner or standing in the right way. For example, when you sit, it is said that you should bend your knees at the right angle. Likewise, you should sit up straight so that you don’t look lousy.

Similarly, while you are standing, it is said that a bad posture can end up causing muscles and bone problems. Thus it is important that you take care of your posture for health reasons as well.

3. Dressing and Confidence go Hand in Hand:

Clothes make a huge difference in how people judge you or how they perceive you. However, there is one thing to understand that wearing the latest fashion is not what makes you confident. Dressing confidently has nothing to do with the trendiest outfit in this world. I have seen people wear the best attire and still manage to make themselves look like utter fools (no offense though).

Looking poised is much better when it comes to describing how you can dress confidently.our posture adds the remaining spark to it. For instance, a man in a suit might attract the ladies, only when his postures are right. If he does not know how to sit or stand properly, he would probably look like a piece of shit.

4. Don’t Fidget:

A lot of people can’t just sit straight and they will have 101 reasons to justify their restlessness.

However, if you want to make a good impression on someone, make sure that you do not fidget a lot. Fidgeting destroys your impression and remember that the first one is your last one.


Your body language is a reflection of your personality. People will set an image of you, within seconds from the way you sit, stand or communicate. Make sure that you are groomed enough that you know the do’s and don’ts of your postures, dressing and talking.

This makes communicating with people easier and you are able to leave a wonderful impression on the person sitting across that conference table or maybe that beautiful lady, whom you call your dinner date.
Sometimes, your body language makes it as easy as a “yes” or “no”.

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