Do you think “this is not how my life is supposed to be”? I can understand that feeling; sometimes it feels like your life is falling apart. Just like a building made from blocks used to fall apart when we were kids?! Yeah, just like that.

You just need to put on the block in the wrong place and then out of nowhere, the entire building goes down. I mean I used to invest so much time in it and whenever it fell apart, I felt like breaking them into pieces.

Well, it is going to be a gloomy Monday if you are kicked out of your job. Even though you hated all the Mondays, for getting up too early, you feel like something big is missing in your life, when you lose that “unwanted” job of yours.

Maybe it’s a cold December night and you just ended your marriage; you are drunk and its 5 am and you think your life is falling apart. Or you might have aced an exam but you didn’t and you feel like the most useless person on Earth.

By the way, the last option is the one which hurts the most. How I wished I had studied wonderfully in my 6th grade. *SIGH* But then again, that failure made me realize that I was worth more and I could a lot more.

You might have heard the famous saying:

Success is going from failure to failure, without losing enthusiasm.

This certainly doesn’t mean that you can go on failing in your exams, feeling like you are going up the aisle of success. Okay?

Let’s change “This is not how my life is supposed to be”

Today, the talk is all about the fact that even when you think your life is falling apart and you are the biggest and stupidest person ever; you certainly aren’t.

Ups and downs are a part of life and sometimes even when you think you aren’t doing well…just sometimes; you are actually going quite well. So how do you get to know whether you are going well or not?

Here are some signs which will make you change your negative attitude:

1. Do you have a Comfortable Bed to Sleep On?

Do you ever wonder about the people who are lying down on streets? How might they be sleeping on that dirty and hard floor, tossing and turning for sleep? If you haven’t ever thought of that; do it now!

Speculate about them and how would they manage themselves if it rained at night. What would be left of their so-called “bed”?

If this doesn’t give you a feeling of gratitude towards your life; I don’t know what will.

2. Have you lived and learned?

This is going be a bumpy ride!

I love this dialogue from Harry Potter and it just goes perfectly in our life. Who said life was going to be a piece of cake? I guess no one did! It is certainly a bumpy ride.

If you have suffered in life and you have learned from it (trying not to make that same mistake again) you are doing well. Living and learning are two processes that make life worthwhile.

This journey is full of bumps but if you are going on with faith, hope, and love; nothing is impossible.

3. Striving for Improvement:

The majority of people think they are best as they are and they don’t think for a reason for their own betterment. I mean, how can’t you see your own flaws?

Doesn’t something go “KNOCK KNOCK” on your heart’s door, whenever you do something wrong? Well, for me it does!

When you feel down, you think about what you wanted to achieve and you couldn’t. If you still try to do better and be better, your package will be full of love and care. And success will come running to embrace you. Like that saying:

If you fall seven times, get up the eighth time as well.

The downfall is never a reason to stop.

4. Have or Had a Job:

If you have a job that you love, kudos to you for that! Keep doing good and one day, you will be enjoying your life after retirement. However, if you just lost your job don’t freak out! I mean, you had a job, didn’t you?

You are obviously going to get another one, just like you got the first one!

Maybe a new opportunity is knocking your door and you might get a chance to do what you actually love. Was your last job just a means of earning money?

And were you tired of it? Consider the loss of that job as an opportunity.

And even if you loved that job; who knows? You might get another better one, with a better salary package. Yes! It is all about faith!

5. Ability to Forgive:

I know, they say, you can forgive but you cannot forget.

But hey a lot of people don’t even have the forgiving capacity.

I mean, there are freaks like who say I won’t ever forgive you for betraying me. And then there are people like; go live your life.

Won’t I get anything from not forgiving you and all that emotional stuff right? But at the end, they do forgive.

This world would have been a big blunder without forgiveness.

Or should I say more of a blunder than it already is? So if you have a forgiving nature…you are doing too good than a lot of people.


As I said above; life was never tagged as “easy.”

If you know how to live it, how to knock down the failures and try again and to keep up faith; nothing is impossible. Every person on this Earth has hopes for something.

So don’t lose hope, don’t lose faith; just walk your journey and make sure that you are living it, even if you have failed.

Do what you love, follow your dreams; you only get to live and love once.

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