7 Signs That A Person Is Thinking About Suicide

Suicide and the thoughts of suicide are spreading too fast and we might not be able to imagine their speed even. They are now vast spread!

The last research that we have in this case was done in 2009, which showed that almost 4% of the population, mostly teenagers, had thoughts of suicide or actually suicided in 2008. If those were the stats back in 2008, it isn’t surprising that the number of such cases has increased immensely.

But the question here arises that how can we judge whether someone is thinking about suicide or has plans to attempt it? How can we save our loved ones or any friend from this? You aren’t obviously the “hero” for them but you can judge whether they are thinking about it or not.

Here are some warning signs that show that a person is having suicidal thoughts. If you see them in someone you love, then it is best to talk to them or try to stay with them!

Prolonged Sadness:

People who have been sad for too long can be having suicidal thoughts. They embrace their situation and don’t try to change it. Such people usually decide to suicide and end their life and the sadness.

People who face a lot of moodiness or they get angered on tiny issues or no issues at all, are also a part of this group.

Being Hopeless:

We do come across people who are hopeless and they talk too much about hopelessness. These people can be thinking about ending their life.

Such people feel nothing about their future and are usually hopeless about happiness, greatness or joy. They don’t have any expectations that their circumstances might change. If you see that your friend is being too hopeless, it is best that you try bringing them back to life or hope.

Self-Harming Behavior:

People who don’t value their life start doing dangerous and unhealthy things. They drive too rash and aren’t afraid of it too. They indulge themselves in smoking or alcohol too much. And it won’t be surprising if they are having unsafe sex too much.

If people lose the spark in life or don’t find it valuable anymore, they start harming themselves in different reasons. And this is a great sign that a person is thinking about suicide.


Teenagers opting for suicide are not surprising as they make their “breakups” a bigger trauma than it really is. However, any person who has is going through a life crisis or is under trauma, usually, does go through suicidal thoughts.

It is best to talk to these people and help them walk through the hard times. Also, try speaking hope in their life so that they don’t drive their life towards hopelessness. Why? Hopelessness is the key to suicidal thoughts and can drive a person to end his or her life easily.

Threats of Suicide:

A person, who talks about ending his or her life, might be having plans to do so. They usually start warning people beforehand. Or they actually start adoring the ideas of suicide a lot.

50-75% of people who are thinking about suicide usually give off warnings and threats that they might end their life. This is open for the biggest sign that a person might be thinking about suicide in all. Thus, this warning should never be ignored.

Out of the Bolt Calmness:

A lot of people, who suddenly end their depression or sadness, are dangerous. They start showing themselves as normal, happy people but in actual they have planned to end their depression forever.

They start being TOO calm and the sudden calmness is a great warning.

Withdrawing from Friends and Family:

People who withdraw from friends and family and decide to be alone are the ones who think about suicide a lot. They might be fighting depression. They also start lacking in school activities and studies as well.

The loss of interest in activities or anything that brings pleasure or joy in life is not on their list anymore. This is a sign that a person might be thinking about suicide.


Suicide is becoming too common because don’t tend to fight their issues but they find ending the problems as the perfect solution. We are not trained to be emotionally strong and that is where the problem begins from.

However, you can still help people who are thinking about ending their life. If you see or judge these changes or symptoms in someone you know; try to talk to them. Also, try bringing them to the positive side of the life. At least you can give it a try. You never know that your one trail might save someone’s life!

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