5 Stupid Things You Need To Put A Stop To After College!

Today I will share my thoughts on how to stop doing stupid things after college. College makes life hectic but that is only until we step outside it and experience the actual tough life on our own.

And maybe this is when we realize why our dad seems too grumpy 4 days a week.

Or why our mothers are always so worried about our safety.

We actually step into the practical world where we realize that we have some things to quit after college.

The wonderful time we spend in the cafeteria, away from the worries of earning money and dancing to the beat of the music…seems to be too unrealistic when we enter a room and are surrounded by 5 people, who are actually judging us from head to toe, as they need to decide whether to hire us or not.

There are a lot of habits that we get used to while we are in college.

I know we can’t help it; those habits come along with time and the college routine.

But if you think that you can carry on with them after college as well, then maybe you need to give it another thought.

Stop Doing List – How to stop doing stupid things after college

There are some things that need to be changed after college if we have to spend a good life.

Otherwise, these habits can cost us a lot more than we could ever imagine about.

1. Staying up till 2 am to Finish that assignment:

Let’s admit it; we all did this in college.

We prolonged an assignment till the very last hour and till it at 2 am, within 2 hours. It was a different story when your teacher used to laugh and say, “I know you completed this last night within an hour; it tells the story.”

But it is totally diverse when your boss receives a report which has been completed in merely an hour or two.

Maybe that report needed 8-10 hours and that was the reason it was assigned to you three days earlier.

It is better to wave goodbye to this habit as soon as you make that graduation cap fly up in the air.

2. Dumb People (A must quit after college):

A lot of people might call me selfish but this is going to take you down the road as well.

Being with people who fail in college is a different story than being with people who are going nowhere in real life.

Failing in college and failing in life are two very opposite situations.

If you want to spend the entire weekend, drinking beer with your fellows you don’t even bother about getting a job; you need to bring in some change here.

They are without a job and won’t bother stopping you even.

The next thing you know is that you are sleeping for the next two days to get that hangover off your head.

Surround yourself with good, positive and motivated people. Get super motivated.

3. No Excuses:

College life had an endless list of excuses ready for simply anything and everything. But once you are out of college, dump that list in the nearest trash can.

Making excuses becomes a habit unwantedly.

You don’t accept or realize your mistake and sooner or later, you need to pay for it. Don’t make lame and baseless excuses to your parents, friends, and partner and above all to your boss.

They are basically lies and remember that lies take you nowhere.

4. Put an End to Disorganized Life:

I guess this is what your room looked like back it the college. Well, it’s time to change that and grow up!

Rouge was all you had and wanted to be back in college but when it’s over, it is time for you to get organized.

That poor calendar on your iPhone is finally going to get used. And maybe that alarm clock will be taken seriously now as well.

Within no time, you will have the worries of taxes and bills and much more on your shoulders.

So organize yourself and work hard at the right time.

5. No More Fast Food Junk Head:

When we are in college, all we want are those abs to show off our body to ladies. And yes, they do get impressed.

Eating healthy and staying fit was much more than just a life motto.

But as soon as you head out of college and grab a job…all you have to eat is junk. ( By the way, this will make you stop Junk foods for sure )

You grab that Starbucks coffee or chocolate shake in the morning and all you crave is Subway in the lunch break.

This might work in college but won’t for your after college life.

Go to the gym, stay healthy and stay in shape. Your outlook is a great aspect for you getting a great job.


Now you get the reason why friends hug each other and cry on the graduation day? They actually know that life is going to happen now, for real.

If you have the above-mentioned habits; drop them after college ASAP.

Settling your life should be your very first aim after college because that is exactly why you spend those endless dollars on your college fee for.

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