3 Things To Let Go To Become Genuinely Happy

Are You Happy? No I mean really happy? Being really happy is being happy from inside. Internal happiness. So how to find internal happiness in order to be genuinely happy? Lets find out.

The idea of things and possessions making us happy is nothing else than an illusion.

If possessions could make you happy; why are some of the filthiest rich people depressed with their lives?

If I had a Lamborghini Aventador, I would have been happy until riding in it becomes more of a just daily routine than a craze.

Its human nature and we can’t deny it, we get tired of everything.

You desire for one thing and you do feel that extra adrenaline rush when you get it. But what after 3 months of getting it?

You start to desire something new.

So eventually, not any possession (at least materialistic possession) can grant you a forever happiness ingredient. Until and unless you possess someone’s love, care, and heart. Does that sound too dramatic?

But again it’s true.

Putting our happiness in people, things, and past, is forgetting that it is something that comes from within.

Why not trying letting go off things?

But why do people always refer to letting go of relationships, friends, and people?

There are so many other things that can be dumped, to gain happiness and to make it come from within us.

How To Find Internal Happiness

You might be thinking I am crazy but you need to read about what you need to let go, to be genuinely happy.

Scroll down!

True Happiness doesn’t come with Possessions:

Money Money Money, right? But can I say NO here?

This huge misconception has completely changed the meaning of real happiness.

We think that money, or a cool sports car, or a new huge mansion can bring us the world’s best happiness.

Can we just quit this concept?

We believe that our lives will have peace and joy if we have a luxurious life!

What if the happiness doesn’t come from within you even then? Does that money take you anywhere, where you feel content with your life? Are you content then?

The same is with relationships.

We think that our partner makes us the happiest person on this Earth.

But he or she are humans also and they might not be happy from the inside on their own. So how can they promise you happiness?

Peek inside and look what makes you happy! Find it externally and on your own. Once you know how to be happy on your own and with little things; you will genuinely be happy.

Let Go whatever is not in your Control:


The worst part is when we try to control situations we have totally no control over.

Your boyfriend is marrying someone else and then you try to destroy it (if you are a Gossip Girl fan).

Nothing will happen! Isn’t this example a bit too dramatic?

Anyhow, what if you break your mum’s favorite cup and you sit there trying to do something about it.

Can you fix it?

No, you cannot.

Trying to make things work out the way they should, rather than letting them go, is what brings in unhappiness in the long run. Just let go what you can’t control. Go with the flow.

Let go People (who Don’t do Anything Good for your Present):

You can let go of them in Karate style like over here. Just an example.

We all have people who are negative all the time. They dust our vision and block our happiness.

It can be so difficult to let them go because you know them since years.

But what if they aren’t serving you with anything good and positive?

Why remain on the same path?

Sometimes you do need to change the direction so that you can lead to somewhere better.

So sometimes, you need to let go of people who are no good for your life. Don’t surround yourself with crybabies and negative people.

And if you are a negative person yourself; please don’t mess with anyone’s life with your thoughts. Let others be in peace.


Happiness can be your favorite ice-cream, your favorite movie or maybe your favorite game. It is more than just your girlfriend (and vice versa), your new house, your new job or car.

Move out of the concept that possessing the best things is going to make you happy.

Happiness is about giving and getting love in return. It is so much more than what we speculate it as. I mean, a person who loves reading, will find genuine happiness in a library.

A person who loves to eat will be crazily happy to try out a new restaurant.

Let happiness emerge from within you, rather than from people around you.

Once you learn how to be alone and comfortable with your own self, you will know what actually makes you happy.

This world cannot bring happiness to you as it is as temporary as you are. Happiness is not with them or on the other side; it is with you and on your own side.

They say:

If you are happy for a reason, you are in danger. Why? The reason can end or can be taken away from you anytime. Be happy like a child; be happy without a reason.

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