Things To Know Before You Buy A Drone

Things To Know Before You Buy A Drone: Drones are one of the trendiest things to own and that exist in the technological world right now. They are basically the hottest gadget at the moment. They have gathered a lot of hype over the past years and there is no doubt that they will continue to rise in importance for years to come.

But for beginners, it is important to know some things before they peak into choosing the best drone for themselves. Don’t just go outside and pick a drone; c’mon, you are putting in a lot of money in it. So think and research well before you decide to purchase a drone.

Thus here are some things that you need to know before you buy a drone!

1- Drones should be Registered:

For beginners, this might be weird but this is true. All drones should be registered. The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) terms drones as unmanned aircraft systems and therefore, their registration is important and is taken seriously also.

All the unmanned aircraft systems which weigh more than 0.55 pounds and less than 55 pounds have to be registered by all means. Moreover, there is age limit required as well. You need to be at least 13 years old to register a drone on your name. Your registration lasts for three years and your registration number is displayed on your drone as well.

2- You won’t be Flying it as Soon as you Buy it:

The idea of Ariel videography or photography seems too fantastic. But in reality, you can’t just buy and fly a drone.

Here is a reality check; mastering a drone is one hell of a job! Learning all of its functions and flying it perfectly will take time and obviously patience.

Apart from this reality check, there is an essential thing to know of. When you buy a drone, you will need to charge it before you fly it. A lot of drones have RTF wrote on it which stands for ready to fly. This misleads people so it is important to know that you have to charge it before you fly it.

3- Your Mobile Device should be Compatible with your Drone:

I know you might be shocked at this if you are a newbie but you need to have a great mobile device so you can equip your drone through it finely. The majority of drones are now being controlled by mobile devices. So before you buy a drone, see whether it has to be controlled by mobile or other specific controllers that might come along with the drone.

For example, the Samsung Galaxy S7 is perfect for controlling a drone. Why? It has a large display and amazing battery life. Moreover, its processor is fast too.

4- Drones aren’t Easy to Fly:

People who create drones are often heard saying that drones are easy to fly and all but let me tell you that that isn’t true always. Yes, there are drones which are easy to fly. The small and lightweight drones, which are meant for beginners can be easy to handle as they are made for indoor purposes.

However, the lower the price, the harder the control is. This is because they don’t have the special sensors in them. If you fly them indoors then they stay just fine but don’t take the outdoors especially in windy weather conditions.

But if you are looking for drones that can fly outside, then they aren’t easy to handle and function with either. Yes, they have the additional sensors and other features but if you aren’t mastered with flying a drone than this is going to be tough for you.

5- Pay Attention to the Guidelines:

The FAA has some major guidelines set for dealing with aircraft and you need to follow them. They are old but they are extremely helpful and will make you operate the drone perfectly as well.

The most important guideline is that you shouldn’t let your aircraft fly away from your line of sight. Make sure that you are able to see it. The approximate height that an aircraft can fly is 400 feet. If you follow this then you will be able to fly your drone just finely.

Buying drones might be easy if you have a handful of money in your pocket. But there are a lot of things to consider before you actually buy it and fly it. So make sure that you charge your drone when you buy it and then fly it. Also get it registered as you don’t want to get into trouble, or do you? Also, follow the guidelines provided by FAA as they will help you majorly in flying your drone and will keep you away from risks also. happy drone flying to you!

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