8 Shocking Things That Fast Food Chains Hide from You!

Fast food, or should I call it junk food is nothing less but than junk, that we eat with such love and cravings, and stuff our faces with.

They call it junk for a reason.

But on a serious note, junk foods, besides all the other stuff I am going to discuss with you, is the no 1 cause of obesity and it’s getting serious!

Let me represent you with some numbers to give you a rough idea.

obesisetyAs you can see here Obesity has continued to grow within the United States and that is mostly because the US comes at no 1 for consuming the fastest foods.

Even when no one is going to quit on it, I just guess that having some knowledge about it might make you stop for some time…

or at least from time to time.

A lot of people love fast food chains until they step inside to work there.

I mean one of my friends is at MC and if I remember his correct words, he once told me that he is never going to eat at MC ever again.

The way fast food chains operate is actually quite creepy. But obviously, being on the outside, we know nothing about it.

All we see is that billboard with a larger than life picture of a scrumptious burger on it and the next thing we know, we are standing in a queue in the drive-through service of some amazing fast food restaurant.

And those combo meals get the better of us, don’t they?

Let me give you a little idea of how many calories are actually there, with the help of table that attributes to Info Please


1,680 calories? 1,844 calories? That’s an average person daily calories requirement.

But lets not even think of the calories that come along with it, just try to speculate about all they give us, in that little money?

What about all those “almost same” burgers, which cost us, a lot more than the combo meals but don’t have a lot of difference in them?

Have you ever spotted a larger than life difference in their taste? They just sell us a lot of food for fewer pennies.

Let’s just face the truth; they don’t care about your health and why should they?

They are earning endless dollars through your meaningless cravings every day and are obviously making you unhealthier with every passing day, isn’t it so?

There are some things that only fast food chains know about and they obviously don’t want you to know.

Personally, I don’t really care what they do or how they are made because I rarely eat them like maybe one or twice a year and also because I know this that it is bad for one’s health, not talking about just fats here. There is high cholesterol problems, asthma, high blood pressure and so many others!

So what’s hiding under the covers? What is it that the fast food chains are hiding from you? Here is all that you must know about it!

1. They All Taste Somewhat Alike; Ever Noticed that?

All the fast food that you eat; have you ever noticed that they all taste somewhat alike?

You won’t find any great deal of difference in any of them. They aren’t going to be a lot of meaty and they want stuff in a lot of veggies in it either.

Why so?

Have you EVER wondered about it? Well, you obviously never did.

This is because they are attacking your taste buds.

They attack your taste buds in a way that you get addicted to the taste and would do anything to get that same taste in your mouth over and over again.

Its all basically for money, there is no selflessness in businesses, they only want money and they would do much of everything they legitimately can, to get it.

And making you getting addictive on not just junk foods or sodas or even cigarettes is all part of their “marketing schemes”.

This is why you crave for fast food so much.

They are basically playing really well with your tastes and they know what you like munching on.

So yes, you can say that they have empowered your taste buds because obviously you gave them the power to do so.

2. You Eat the Fast Food FAST:

Your body actually needs a maximum of 20 minutes to get the signal of “I am full”.

But have you ever noticed that fast food never really fulfills you completely?

This is because it is meant to be eaten fast and we do eat it fast.

And here is the theory behind it too.

The faster you eat the more food you buy and the more you eat of course. Your brain certainly doesn’t know that you have stuffed in calories of two days or more probably until it gives you the fulfillment signal.

The best way is to eat slowly even when it’s fast food, but don’t eat fast foods that are the whole freaking point here but still, if you are like fans of fast foods (and by that I mean you have an addiction or anything) at least eat slow!

It doesn’t demand to be eaten fast but that is what it does to us.

The faster you eat, the more you eat and the more money they make; that’s the mantra basically.

3. Do you chew it A lot? Don’t think so:

Well, this is another really smart marketing trick that the fast food chains use.

They make you eat more by making the food less chew-able.

The less you need to chew, the faster your burger finishes, leaving that same, unsatisfied feeling in your tummy.

Thin people are researched to chew their bite almost 14 times before they sallow it.

Likewise, fat people chew it for almost only 11 times.

The next time you eat your burger compares the number of bites with the bites of the normal food that you chew. You will see the difference on your own.

4. Do you Want Fries?

If someone is going to give you a dollar or two for free, you obviously won’t question them, will you?

Same is with the fast food chains. If you are going to get the fries, even when you don’t ask for them or “need” them, it is okay, right?

It seems perfect if the offer comes unasked from the other party.

It seems justified as you don’t have to pay an extra bit for those yummiest ever fries.

A recent study showed that people are likely to eat 85% more than their normal routines, when the servers, serve them more.

So here is a tip, when you eat a combo meal at a fast food chain in the noon…make sure you sip on green tea on the eve or after 2-3 hours after that! (but again the whole message is …stop eating fast food)

It is good for burning your fat cells and you never know that those fries might also get burned away. I mean you obviously can’t say NO to them, can you?

5. Medium is SO NOT medium; It Speaks of Large:

Have you ever looked at the medium sized burger closely?

Well, next time to make sure that you really look at it; it looks more of a large one.

I mean, the burger might just be a medium one but the soda glass is a large one in the name of being just medium. And they charge a lot for it as well.

This is because they are adjusting a lot of soda in it; more than you asked for maybe!

The larger your medium soda can is, the more you are paying for it. I would prefer you stick with the small one always.

6. Your Soda is probably “very” unhygienic:

Have you ever thought of how those big ice machines get cleaned?

Have you ever thought about “how often do they get cleaned. Well, probably you haven’t.

And that is okay because who has time for it.
But let me just tell you this that your soda is dirtier than toilet water. See what Business Insider has to say about it

A recent study showed that the soda that comes out of the ice water machine is 70% dirtier than your toilet water.

Many studies also showed that the ice water was positive for E.Coli.

This is a bacterium which is present in human waste.

7. Your Salad is Much more of a Danger than you Might Know of:

So many fast food chains are offering salads these days. But have you ever imagined what goes in those salads?

Obviously, you have not.

Many food chains dust propylene glycol to keep the salad leaves crisp for you all day long.

And this same chemical is also found in sexual lubricants. Imagine getting all of that inside you…

8. And then we have Bran Cupcakes:

Bran cupcakes are only bran by name. How do they taste so delicious when they are dietary and all bran?

You must be kidding yourself if you are picking that bran cupcake for your breakfast just because you think it’s dietary.

Each of this so-called bran cupcake has the ability to deliver 400 calories to you and let’s not forget about the extreme source of excess sodium in them.

And you think you are on dieting with those.


Fast food is nothing but a habit or lets just calls it an addiction. People once addicted to it, find it hard to detach them. It is nothing less than a smoking addiction, to be honest. But what hides under the covers is not fascinating either.

I was astonished when I researched on them.

Junk food cannot be good for you in any way.

They are all playing with your taste buds and psychological state of mind. Once you get used to it…there is no simple way out.

But I have heard that knowledge is power and I guess this piece of information actually will motivate you to cut down on fast food. Stay healthy.


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