5 Lessons Of Life: Learn It And Live It

The Best Way To Learn About Life Is

The best way to learn about life is through these 5 amazing lessons that I have compiled for you guys.

A body with a soul. that’s it? Have you ever thought what you are doing with your life? Have you ever felt you are living a life? Can you live your life to the fullest?

Unfortunately, we are with bounded to a number of difficulties and most of those problems are associated with money. I mean if you are crying sitting there, on the side road, on a hot day then that’s pretty sad but if you are crying and sad in your Ferrari sports car with your AC on, then I don’t think that’s very sad at all. Being successful is money and money is happiness (well mostly).

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We all have problems including you and we want to get out of them all and remove them from our lives.

But are you really learning from your past mistakes or you have just learned to compromise with the situations?

The day you are born, God has handed your life to you. At the end of the day, it’s no other but “You” who is domineering your life.

I was pushed for writing this article when I met a very poor boy who has a rich heart. I called him for giving money, he rejected and said

“I’m sorry, I can’t take like that. I am selling a few things if you want something then its fine. Though I am poor I am satisfied, I don’t need to beg. I respect myself”

His words made me speechless for a while. We devote our whole life to complaining, lamenting and compromising.

By the end of our life, we are not even contented with our lives.

The best way to learn about life is through these 5 amazing lessons:

Here I would be sharing few lessons of life that I learned. It will eventually lead you to a delightful and gratified life.

Avoid complaining:

We often complain a lot. Whether it is displeasure in a relationship, financial crises, health issues etc. Here you need to understand few things.

1-Complaining won’t lead you to a solution in any case. like if you are facing some sort of problems in a relationship, discuss with an open and calm mind. Complaining about every single thing will just make the situation even worse for you.

2-World owes you nothing. If you stop complaining, you will stop expecting. Once you stop expecting, you won’t get hurt ever after.

3-You are the decision maker of your life. If you have committed some mistake. Have the courage to accept and amend it instead of blaming others.

4-Always look at the people who are even in worse situations and how they are struggling for themselves. like if you are not pleased with your job, look at the people who cannot afford a single meal a day (read this)

The 5-positive approach leads to success and fulfillment.

You are not gonna live forever:

One thing is crystal clear that life is short.

Are you waiting for the blues to go away? Fine, wait for 10 years. How old are you now?

See years are passed and just wasted!

Why not kick out those blues of devil at the spot.

Well, here you go. I want to be a professional writer but I am expecting for some big break.

Shouldn’t I struggle to get that opportunity myself instead of waiting for so long?

We don’t even realize that we are wasting our own life. Once gone, never returns.

You are the real-life maker:

How hard the circumstances are, only remember one thing.

You are the only leader of your life. It’s in your hand to change your life and make it worth living.

Make every single moment memorable for you.

No one can change your life if you are not willing to.

Sunshine appears after a dark night.

Have courage and love yourself:

Be kind to yourself. You don’t need to be the hero of the world.

I have seen a number of women and men who are unhappy in a relationship and still they are living in the life of hell.

As they have learned to “compromise”. No doubt, compromise is huge quality. But suppressing yourself, harming yourself, living an unconvinced life which I have mentioned is a very short life is of no use.

At one point you need to understand that there are few people who are not meant for you. Learn to say Goodbye.

Spend quality time with others:

Connect yourself with the friends and family around you or even your kids (and hit them with football).

Working all the day long or get busy with your own stuff.

Have you ever thought what you are missing? You are missing your loved ones.

Once life is gone, you won’t be able to see them ever again. Take out some time for them, it will surely make you happy. Share your thoughts, discuss your problems, watch some comedy shows together and it would absolutely keep you away from gloominess.


Life is short, make the best use of it. Regret is stronger than gratitude, isn’t it? Do the stupidest thing if you want to or else you will regret not doing it. Live from where the sorrow ends and escape from where it begins.


  1. yes..!!in the very first place life is a blessing..we really must have to deal over with it..living in these world is such a wonderful thing that ever happened unto everyone of us..

  2. Yes very true. Life is a blessing and we should never take it for granted! We should be grateful all the times.
    We are very lucky!

    I mean If we shrink the population of this earth into just 1000 people, then 490 of them would be male, 510 would be female, only 10 of those people would be lucky enough to own a computer and only 10 of those one thousand people would be able to read and write properly because they will have a college degree. Yes! only 10!


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