Best Soundbar with Subwoofers under $200

A soundbar is a rectangular shaped box if you will with speakers and other technology (connectivity and channels). Mostly they have built-in amplifiers too. The purpose of a soundbar is to provide portability without compromising on the quality of sound/music. With them, you get good and loud sound with the quality and they are the closest when it comes to home theater effect.

We have got our hands on some of the best soundbars. This is the fact that the best Soundbar with a wireless subwoofer under 200 dollars is a deal that nobody should miss. The sleek and slim television sets don’t have the ability to bring the perfect sound to you. This is why, getting the best Bluetooth Soundbar, is more of a necessity for all the sound quality lovers. The addition of an external Soundbar promises you to enjoy your movies, music, and videos thoroughly at home. They bring in the perfect home theatre experience.

Samsung HW J355

After new research and testing, we came to a conclusion that the best Soundbar under 200 dollars is the Samsung HW-J355. And it’s sound is simply amazing.

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Samsung HW-J355 is a Soundbar that will bring life to your audio experience. It is without a doubt, the best Soundbar with a subwoofer that has the ability to deliver dynamic bass and rich audio. It has Bluetooth connectivity with it which makes it easier for users, to connect it with any device that they want to.

This means that this amazing Soundbar will not only be restricted to your smart TV. Its compatibility with other devices like your smartphone and PC is also incredible. Once you have connected the Soundbar with your device, you will enjoy music seamlessly. You can also install the Samsung Audio Remote app which has been developed specifically for controlling the Soundbar from through your smartphone.

However, it is only developed for Android devices. This Soundbar comes with a high power of 120-W which is divided evenly between the Soundbar and the subwoofer.

This contributes to the rich bass and sound quality that it has to offer. It also supports a variety of formats like MP3, OGG, WAV, WMA, and FLAC, etc.

However, we also have another  Soundbar for you and are comparatively very affordable too. We have tested this Soundbar as well and along with it, we have another favorite pick which delivers amazing sound too.

These amazing runner-ups definitely deserve a detailed briefing as well so that you can make the pick that suits your budget and music needs.

Thus, just simply scroll down to see which other best Soundbar and subwoofer under 200 pounds, can be your pick.

Bose Sound Link Mini Bluetooth Soundbar

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We obviously adore Samsung and think that it is the ultimate best Soundbar with a subwoofer under 200 dollars that you can get your hands on. But obviously, there are some great alternatives too. We have two runner-ups that we tried and tested.

Although Samsung HW-J355 stays our ultimate favorite and we would recommend all the sound quality lovers to buy it, here are the two second-best options that you can avail.

Don’t be fooled by its outlook as you might take it for a simpler Soundbar which isn’t good enough.

But as they say, to never judge a book by its cover, don’t judge the Bose Sound Link by its appearance.

However, this one is a pro in itself and has the ability to deliver great quality.

This Soundbar has a wonderful battery life and it is chargeable with any USB cable.

It’s a Soundbar with a wireless subwoofer.

The Bluetooth connectivity is also amazing and it instantly pairs up with devices. It is portable as you can charge it with any USB cable.

Pros & Cons

Here is a list of its pros and cons that we discovered in it, after testing it for some time.


  • Robust design
  • A wider range of Bluetooth connectivity
  • Amazing battery life
  • Chargeable with any USB cable
  • Multifunctional buttons allow you to change audio tracks


  • The midbass is just fine (not excellent)
  • There is no pause or skip option
  • Reconnection causes trouble sometimes even when the Soundbar comes with a voice prompt feature

If you want a Soundbar that you can carry around with yourself then this is the best Soundbar with a wireless subwoofer under 200 dollars that you can buy.

It is amazingly compact and it connects easily with any of the devices (tablets, PC, and laptop).

The wireless streaming is a great benefit for sure which excludes the burden of carrying wires along too.

Therefore, if you travel a lot and are the ultimate music freak too, then this Soundbar is really a great option for you.

You can carry it along with you anywhere, anytime!

Bohm B2 Soundbar For TV

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This is the second runner-up that we adored.

If you are looking for the best Soundbar under 200 pounds then this is the most budget-friendly Soundbar that you can look forward to.

It won’t disappoint you at all as it is too good for the price.

The BOHM B2 Soundbar brings the perfect home theatre experience to you, within a very little price.

This is the second generation Soundbar by BOHM and is utterly eye-catching with its sleek design.

The installation process of this Soundbar is really amazing and simple.

Thus, you can say that it is user-friendly too. Just plug the audio output port to the TV and you are done! Enjoy a home theatre-like sound experience via this Soundbar on your smart TV. The real thrill and excitement of movies are going to come to life with BOHM B2 Soundbar for sure.

Pros & Cons

Here is a quick look at its pros and cons which will help you make your decision:


  • Compact design
  • Pack of accessories comes along
  • Easy to use and control
  • Wide adjustability range


  • No digital display to showcase the volume
  • Bluetooth connectivity range is extremely restricted (only for TV)
  • Lacks optical cable connection when it is wall mounted

The BOHM B2 Soundbar is an ideal choice for people who have a tight budget but still want to get the best Soundbar with a subwoofer under 200 dollars. This is a very affordable Soundbar which boosts your home theatre experience.

Also, it is a good choice for people who just want a Soundbar to be connected to their TV and not to other devices too.

What to look for in a soundbar while buying?

  • A good soundbar must have a built-in amplifier.
  • It should have a minimum of 3 channels.
  • Does it have the necessary connectivity? Bluetooth, WIFI?

But why buy a soundbar?

They are the closest thing to a home theatre when it comes to sound. Combine that with portability and you get a very good reason for having a soundbar. You may even call it a compact home theatre system. Music lovers who like to keep things compact or have a space issue in their apartments or homes should definitely go for soundbars.


We have spent a lot of time in researching and concluding these three best soundbars for you.

Our ultimate best and perfect pick remains the Samsung HW-J355.

Nothing beats the deal of grabbing a Samsung Soundbar within a budget. It is definitely the best Bluetooth Soundbar under 200 dollars. This Soundbar has raved in amazingly positive reviews and that is why we think that it is worth the buy. It enhances your home theater system incredibly and you get the perfect thrill of your movies and you can enjoy your music in a remarkable way.

However, if you have a tighter budget, you can pick the BOHM B2 Soundbar too which is really affordable and great too. The major drawback of it is that it is unable to connect with other devices and is restricted to TV connection only.

We just love the Samsung HW-J355 by all means and we are in love with the rich bass it has to offer.

We hope you make a wise choice and we promise that you won’t be disappointed by picking any of these (especially Samsung HW-J355).


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