You Are Not Perfect. So What. Read This.

You Are Not Perfect. Nobody is.

The word misfit is as small as just two words combining it. But have you ever thought of the impact it can bring on someone who is tagged as a misfit?

You are a misfit for your family or you are a misfit for the society you live in? The majority of people allow this word to let them sink their ship. But the happiness is in that minority, which decides to challenge it.

Who take it as a wonderful thing and believe that they’re being misfit can actually bring in some change in the people around them or their society.

A misfit can be simply anyone.

The girl who you bully around in school and tag her as a misfit…can be from a broken home. That guy you say SMOKES a lot, might have just faced divorce. You think he is a misfit as he won’t be able to achieve anything out of just “smoking” all day.

But what do you know about him? Maybe he tags himself as a misfit before you already did? What do you know about that boy who flunked college two times already and is nowhere near getting passing it this year as well? Not you…but his family already told him this that he is a big misfit for them and the society where everybody is just too busy competing.

And then there comes this girl who is taking rehab already and is trying to fit in the society and no one lets her sink in with them now, because she already proved to be such a big misfit, right? And God Forbid if all these aspects are just found in one person?

What do you tag them as?

Are they the “mega” misfit then?

But what about those misfits who take it as a challenge and grow out to be famous or let’s say, just too great for their enemies to stare at them! What about those misfits who find the beauty in them being just like everyone else? And who said that you had to be like everyone else?

Nobody did, right?

But at the same time, our society set the parameters for us.

At first being a misfit feels great.

You feel like you are challenging the world when in reality; it is all challenging you!

And when you come in contact with this and all that misery of being tagged as a misfit gets stuck inside your throat and heart like this giant stone; you get up to challenge the society and world back.

And that is when the beauty of being a misfit begins.

Crying over being a misfit for everyone is not where the beauty lies; not at all.

It all lies in accepting that fact and doing what you think is right and showing the world that yes, even though I didn’t fit into your rules or parameters,

I have made it somewhere better than you!

1. Everyone Makes Mistakes:

Next time someone says; “Hey you are a misfit right?

You had to slip that ball out of your hands,” throw that ball right back at them and tell them how they would have slipped it when their parents started to teach them all about the game you are playing. Tell them that yes you made a mistake and tomorrow is going to be another day. Show it to them that you are not sinking yourself due to just one, tiny, little mistake.

We all make mistakes.

That girl who shows off her accent at college might have been a failure at it in 6th grade or maybe she sucks at making people around her feel good about them.

That guy who plays basketball so well and calls you a misfit might not be that great at grades. And what do you know about his assignments?

Maybe he gets them all done from someone?

The beauty with you is that being a misfit, you embrace it.

And even if you don’t, don’t let it get the bad of you. Make yourself understand the fact that you are not the only one who makes mistakes or at bad at doing some specific things. We all are bad at doing some specific things.

And don’t allow people to tell you that you don’t fit in…tell them that it’s good for them that they fit in! You don’t want to be like them anyway.

2. You are not perfect but what are you good at?

Everyone is good at something and so are you.

Just because someone calls you a misfit, don’t assume that you are good for anything.

It is against the human nature that one person is bad at completely everything.

No one does!

So then why are you tagged as a misfit?

That is what you think of when someone says such a motivational statement. This is just because you don’t fit into the things the society states as correct!

You don’t seem to fit into the parameters of what your family thinks is right and same for the people around you.

Thus, find out that one thing that you are great at. That could be writing, drawing, music, science, technology or what not or what it might be!

Look into things from your point of view and see them as you want to. Grab the subject that attracts you and let it make the best person out of you.

Just remember one thing; economic empowerment does make everyone listen to you. So be a that big man and show them that despite being a misfit, you chose what you thought was right and it made you the right person for yourself.

3. Every Second is a Chance to Reinvent Yourself:

We hear this so many times and we just take it as a statement right? But this one statement can change your life and does change lives, to be honest.

A moment of great silence for those people who never allow themselves, to be reborn or reinvent or anything like that.

You miss the best times of life or the best version of yourself that you could be if you would have decided to change or reinvent yourself at the right time.

But this is where the opportunity knocks in for the misfits. They are constantly looking for ways they can make themselves fit in or just amend themselves so that the society accepts them. I know society parameters have become such a big responsibility for all of us, right?

But in reality, you must only reinvent yourself for yourself. Do it for the sake of all those bastards who tell you that not being good at soccer can make you a misfit.

Shove that bum in the faces of those skinny girls who call you a misfit just because you are fat!

Or you can even throw a doughnut in their face, it’s all right because if they can tag you as a misfit; you can do that to them as well.

Reinvent yourself for you only, as you are the one who will be staying with yourself until the very end.

Every time you fail; there is beauty in it also. As you have the beauty to change and reinvent yourself at the very given moment and stir the direction of where you are going to where you actually want to be.

4. You Deserve Everything the So-called Normal People Do:

I don’t know who is even normal in our society these days.

Everyone is so judgmental that they will judge you by whatever you post on your social media; like is it a mirror to who I really am?

Everyone wants to see the world from their eye and not what it might all be like. So who stays normal?

Anyways, being a misfit or being tagged as one doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve all the love, care and attention that they do. It’s just that you need to show the world that you deserve it. You need to show them that they will be demanding for it from you one day until it will be too late.

Or let’s just believe in one thing:

Let karma do the job.

Know that you deserve everything. You are beautiful even when you are fat.

You are a man even when you can’t play basketball or football, are smart even when you don’t get the stats straight, are intelligent even when you don’t understand the digital or tech concept. We all have our sectors of intelligence and levels of beauty. Don’t let someone’s opinion define you.


You might be a drunken man on the corner of the road at a winter night or can be that girl who survived through abuse. Or maybe you are being teased for that weight of yours.

You might be that nerdy boy who is so not interested in soccer. You can be standing in that one position that no one ever wants to; failure.

But you are still beautiful and you still deserve it all. You deserve what you want; be it love, care, affection, attention or money or fame.

You being the rare misfit that you are, have the power to do something incredible and you have the power to break the stereotypes and do something incredible without following the parameters of the society.

You being the misfit that you are, have beauty and you cannot and must not let the opinion of others bring you down. Shine through what you think is right and take it as your power.

I made decisions that I regret, and I took them as learning experiences. I’m human, not perfect, like anybody else. Queen Latifah

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