Struggles of Being 20 Years Old

Who said 20 was fun? They’re lying. Let’s just cut to the chase, 20 seems like a crappy age. It’s a drab, really. I didn’t ask to grow up and I certainly didn’t ask for the responsibilities that came with it. These are the struggles of being 20 years old.

Adult, but not quite adult?

Finally, you’re no longer a teenager, but for some reason, you still don’t feel like an adult. That’s probably because, if you’re like me, you still live at home and you still have to follow the rules.


Bills are real and you actually HAVE to pay them. On-time. In full. These companies aren’t negotiable like your teachers at school. Due dates have become scarier.

School Time Warp

If you’re in school, chances are you still have a few semesters left. You just feel STUCK because you feel like you’ve been in school for ages and you still can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Chances are you probably lost your flashlight too and no one can hear your cries for help. Hang in there!

It’s not quite 21

When you’re 20 years old in America, it is the longest year of your life. All of your friends around you are turning 21 and you’re still sitting in the corner drinking your virgin Jack and coke— it’s a sad story, but there is a happy ending… 365 days later.

You’re on your own

People expect you to do everything on your own, but there’s a problem, no one taught us how to do these things on our own. This generation was thrown into the “adult” world blindfolded. We still need help with our taxes and paperwork at the doctor’s office. Isn’t there a manual for learning how to live in the “real world?” Speaking of doctor’s offices, you have to drive YOURSELF there— meaning no one is there to hold your hand. This is scary stuff!

Life plans? What life plans?

Two years have come and gone since high school and we still really don’t know what we want to do with our lives. Sure we have a major picked, but do we REALLY want to do that for the rest of forever?

Everyone wants you to be 35 already

The older generation keeps asking us when we’re getting married and having babies. Slight problem Aunt Tiffany, someone has to like me first and that’s not happening anytime soon.


Maybe I’m just being dramatic— a specialty of mine— and 20 isn’t all that bad; there are quite a few perks to the unwanted age. You can buy lottery tickets and get tattoos without your parent’s permission. Really, you can travel when you feel like it— that is, if you have the time and money. I’ve learned that it’s okay to not know what you want at this age; it truly is the prime time to discover yourself and the world around you.

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