5 Steps To Your Success (Bill Gates & Steve Jobs Secrets)

Why some people are so successful and rich, while others are struggling with their lives? The only difference between us and them is “Mindset”, nothing else. They follow some specific steps to success.

You know Bill Gates used to wake up at 3 am in the morning? It’s not that he had a gifted brain or was lucky to have all that fame or success, it’s only that he used to wake up 5 hours before everybody else. He was 5 hours ahead of all of us.

These people know what they are worth pf. They know how to stay away from distractions and they work on their passion while staying motivated. Whenever they fall, they pick themselves up, dust themselves off and get back to trying again. Failure is not an option!

I have studied many personalities including Bill Gates, Steve Jobs (RIP), Warren Buffet…and I have derived 5 unique yet simple steps that made them successful.

Step 1:
Know your worth (Most important of all success steps):

your worth

There is something special about you, which nobody knows but you. You are different and you are unique in a special way which you don’t know yet.

Seriously think! Go deep down in your brain for a second. Get up and diagnose yourself.

What you want in your life? Do you want to end up like all others, or do you want to do something in your life? Something that matters! Why can’t you be rich, famous and successful or the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs or have to work for your boss all your life? What is the reason that you think you are average?

Stop wasting your time and realize your worth.

Are you an average person? NO! You are unique.

People spend their whole lives not realizing how special they are or what they could have achieved in their life if they only believed. You have to believe in yourself. Take some time off every day and find all these answers. It’s very important that you do.

The minute you realize you’re worth, your path to success begins. Nobody is going to make it happen for you. Only you can do this.

Search deep within and you will find all your answers.

Stop thinking that you are a loser and stop thinking about failures, about all the negative thoughts which push you down every day and remove that cloud of your negative thoughts.

Start thinking clearly.

Forget what happened in the past. Forget about failures, breakups, loss and all that, just throw all those thoughts away. Know your worth and start a new chapter in your life. A chapter which will lead to your success.

Step 2:
Remove the distractions:

The majority of people just want a life in which they don’t have to work and want to sit around doing nothing.

They waste their precious time on social medias, just scrolling down on posts, sit around in front of TVs all day long with their fat bellies, but never realize that they don’t even remember a single name in that show they watched a week ago or a single post that they liked.

We watch thousands of movies but forget most of them. Go ahead give me 20 movies that you know everything about. (Well unless you are a guy who has seen 20 movies for 20 times, you can never tell)

The thing is we waste Time!

Time, which is the most valuable thing in this universe.

While we are wasting time, someone else is working hard to reach his/her goals.

These distractions are the worst. It’s pretty much like smoking. You know way deep down that it’s not good for you but you don’t want to quit, you know it’s harming you, yet you are paying for it because you don’t have the willpower to get over it and you make excuses.

You can never achieve success with these distractions all over the place.

Why do we fall for distractions?

They are addictive for a reason. They all are making money out of you. All these social media, this Facebook, Twitter, these all are just keeping you distracted. Their owners are successful people who have created these distractions for you and you really need to get out of them so you can become like one of them.

Don’t fall for distractions unless your goals depend on them. Nobody else is responsible for your position in life. Not your friends or your parents or God. Nobody is responsible for you being unsuccessful.

Chances are you don’t even know what’s your passion and you are just being an average person who is just being made to get into school then high school then university and then finding a stable job (if you got good grades that are) and then falling in love with a girl (or maybe you guys were high school sweethearts) and then getting married and than half of them getting divorced and half of those getting married again…I can go on this all day long!

We are all hard-wired to this.

“The society has blinded us.”

It keeps us desperate and weak.

Earl Nightingale explained the importance of time once by saying:

If you spent one extra hour, each day, studying your chosen field, you’ll become a national expert in that field in five years or less.

Know the value of time, It’s the most precious thing in this world.Try to cut-off from your social media accounts as much as you can, if your work does not depend upon it.

Use the time to work!

Step 3:
Find your passion:

Passion is a type of motivation and it keeps you going for more. It’s a type of an energy. Oprah Winfrey once said:

Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.

Finding passion is not an easy job yet It’s not that tough either. If you are willing to find it, chances are with a little hard work you are going to get it. It’s way too much over-rated.

Everybody has a different opinion about it. Don’t get confused. Since it’s a pretty broad topic I’ve managed to write a whole article on it.
Find your passion the right way!

Step 4:
Stay happy:

Sadness, stress, depression. All of these would eat you away.

If you are not truly happy, you will not find your heart into doing anything and you are just going to think negative so, you will never succeed.

A person can never work, for his/her betterment, with being depressed.

One has to overcome any sort of sadness and depression. Forget about what happened to you in the past. Stay happy.

Find out 4 life lessons I learned to stay happy.

Step 5:
Stay motivated:

After knowing your goal and your passion. Your path and destiny are set towards success, but you can’t do all of it without staying motivated.

Staying motivated and focused is the last and the most important step for your way to success.

People get to their right paths and they even find their passion but they stop pursuing their dreams either because they become tired of the same routine over and over again, or they get tired of failures.

In both cases, they just become slower and slower and finally give up and get lost in distractions again.

Get motivated right now.


In order to find success:

1-Understand that you can do anything in life if you want to.
2-Get rid of all sorts of distractions. Stop wasting your time.
3-Find your Passion.
4-Stay happy.
5-Work and stay motivated.

These steps may seem simple but they all need the huge amount of work, so make hard work your friend.

  1. Loved this! Really clear steps to helping you on the way too success.

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. Wow! Powerful message and images Usman. I especially like your point about removing distractions. I turned my TV off nearly 3 years ago and haven’t missed it. Instead, I read, work on my art or writing projects or spend quality time with friends.

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