Stay motivated and Study hard. See How to get super motivated?

How to get super motivated

So how to stay motivated and study hard, How to get super motivated? Listen and understand one thing in life that you can achieve anything. You just need to give it a little work and time, that’s all and obviously motivation.

Stop wasting your time and do that work.

Why do you always run away from it and why you always try not to get into too much trouble?

Why are you scared of hard work or don’t you want to be successful?

Ask yourself these question every second of your life. You have to set your path and destiny right now.

If you don’t know where you want to go then find your passion, find what you love. (click here). Here are steps which will help boost your motivation and keep it up.

5 key points on how to stay motivated and study hard and how to get super motivated

Don’t be afraid to fail

Don’t be scared of failure because you will fail, you are going to fail a million times before you get to your success. It’s actually a path of small failures and small successes.

You see, people are scared of failure, they think it’s a step backward but the reality is that its 3 steps forward.

When you fail you learn. If you fail an exam, any exam, what will happen well two things can happen here one: you quit and give up,

or two:

You do it again and when you do it again:

1-You, feel much stronger than you were.
2-You, get less nervous than before.
3-You, get less scared of failure.

So you see these 3 points are actually your 3 steps forward that you would make if you retake that exam.

Every time we fail we learn we become less nervous next time we understand our weaknesses and we realize we are stronger and we are not scared of failure. Keep your motivation up even when you fail because you learn something anyhow.

It’s not an easy accomplishment

Anything you want success, money or anything important to you is not going to be an easy accomplishment. It’s not going to happen overnight but it would be worth the struggle you do it.

Life is like a gate and on the other side of that gate is the success, many people fight trying to get in but mostly end up joining the waiting list and they wait there forever and never reach success, while some fight for their way in.

Jump and push others back even if you hurt them a little. Step away from the 97% of the population if you need success you have to fight for it with everybody.

We hate hard work we run away from it, we just run away and we make excuses and are afraid of pain and we also get afraid of hard work because we know what it’s capable of.

You have to consistently work hard, this journey of life is not by any means easy. All your resources energy time everything needs to be invested in it.

Just remember there is nothing hard work can’t do. Make hard work your friend.

Stop thinking about Society

Stop worrying about others and stop worrying what the society thinks.

When they say you can’t do it, it’s only because they can’t.

If it was easy everybody would do it, everybody would be filthy rich and fully successful, but the thing is it’s not easy and so people run away and make others stay away too.

Understand that life is only made by people and they defined it, they made it, they made up the limits but that definition and these limits are not for you because you make your own limits.

You don’t care what people think or feel.

You have more potential than they had and you going to set up a new limit.

These people go to work every day miserable and all they talk about is how miserable they are.

They stop challenging themselves and they don’t use their imagination nor they dream because after facing so many rejections they simply quit.

They just give up.

All their life they work for somebody else to make their dreams become a reality.

They become comfortable with whatever they are doing and so they stop growing and thus they commit a spiritual suicide.

These people allow their lives to control them.

Their graveyard will be the wealthiest place because they will take all their ideas to it. All their ideas, all their dream will get buried deep down under the ground. And those ideas will never become a reality because they will never act upon their dreams.

So when you die don’t leave any dreams behind. Don’t be like those people. Stop worrying what society thinks or believes in. Never ever quit. Stay focused on where you want to go. Say this to yourself every day:

“This is not going to be it for my life because I’m not average.”

It’s not impossible for you to achieve your dream. It’s necessary for you to go for what is yours in the universe. Go make it happen in your life with passion.

Remind yourself every day that you have talents hidden within you with which can achieve anything in life. There is no guarantee that you can’t have your dreams. No one can do it only you can.

Draw your success

Draw a mental picture of your success and be sure to think out of the box. What do you want to do?

Do you want a million dollars?


Why are you thinking so small?

Think big there is no limit to what you want. Get my point?

While drawing your picture think of what do you want to be remembered for?

What do you want to achieve in life?  Don’t think of how you would achieve it and It will all come to you naturally.

Just plan everything ahead of yourself and do all you need, to keep up with that plan.

Allow your pain to take you from where you are to where you want to be. Embrace your pain. Challenge yourself.

What drives you when things don’t work out? What will keep you strong?

Find them.

That’s your mental image of success.

Once you make that picture, save it and remind yourself of it every single second of your life. It’s about what you are doing with your time and how you make a goal every day and achieve it before you go to sleep.

Keeping oneself motivated and going with that plan is the toughest job out there but you need to always be hungry.

Out-think others.

Outsmart them. Go out of your comfort zone and make it happen.

You will make mistakes but you got to be willing to challenge yourself.

When you fall think about your picture of success. Think about what reason will pick you up. When you feel, you can’t do anymore, you got to go one more mile because that mile is going to make you stronger.

There is no perfect timing for anything in life. You create your own opportunity.

Don’t get weak, always see your mental image of success as your motivation.

Understand that life is Selfish

Believe in this fact that life doesn’t give you anything so stop expecting from life.

It’s not that sweet like they show you in Disney movies, there’s nothing welcoming about it if you give up right now life will eat you up. It doesn’t give you a billion dollars just like that.

People don’t just throw money at you instead they want something in exchange for it. In fact, everything you want from anyone you must have to trade it for something which that person wants.

Life is selfish. We are selfish it’s in our nature we are made this way, that means if you want to take something from anybody you have to trade something for it and the root to all that trade is hard work.

When you work hard you own that trade.

There are no guarantees in life but if you don’t do anything right now you going to lose.

Just see your dream and start chasing it, no matter how ridiculous it sounds.

Go ahead and do it.

Nobody is going to chase that dream for you.

Just know that it’s the real happiness and it’s the thing which will make your heart full. Work hard on that dream and remember that hard work pays off and when it does you fall in love with it and then you trust it completely and more than ever before.


I’d like to conclude by saying that you are your own biggest enemy and nobody else. If nobody from inside is stopping you, then nobody can stop you from the outside.

Start saying yes to your life and your dreams. Work like hell, maybe even break some rules and believe in yourself.

You can do this!


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