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In an age ruled by fierce competition, in a world governed by the perpetual need for self-actualization in order to ensure unchallenged success at any level, the role of perfect fitness and sound health for any endeavor is like oxygen to life.


Not many can dare to claim offering equipment for Boxing and Martial Arts which matches contemporary standards of excellence earning worldwide recognition. One name that immediately catches our attention is “Starpro” which guarantees top quality fitness gear. Dealing with many kinds of stuff, Starpro is the perfect answer for all your special needs of these dangerously exciting sports.


We uncompromisingly believe that wonders only occur when power meets finesse when style meets talent when practice meets potential, when experience meets innovation, when energy meets expression and when expertise meets exposure. The grand idea is not just to sell but to put a spell on your opponent.

The Experience

Catering clients of all types, Starpro fully inspires you to achieve immense greatness in your athletic pursuits with the unique motivational slogan, “Dream, Strive & Conquer”! Starpro turns your impossibilities into certainties. Let us embark on a journey never undertaken before!

Past, Present and Future

Starpak Martial Arts (Pvt.) Ltd was formed in 1978 but its legacy goes back to 1919 when the farsighted founders sowed seeds of the vision and mission stated above. It was one of the pioneers of protection products for boxing, MMA and fitness training. Today, it has transformed into a mature industry or rather an institution. It is an official Olympic supplier, the lead manufacturing partner of some of the most exquisite sports brands and first choice of the best athletes and renowned fighters. It is widely known for its zeal and tireless commitment to combat sports. Endorsing both cross and box fitness, it aspires to make boxing, MMA and martial arts as mainstream lifestyle sports.

In 2016, Starpak launched its own brand, Starpro – a high-end combat sports brand which uses cutting-edge technology, best production quality, and great work practices to produce innovative combat gear, protection goods, sportswear and accessories for boxing, MMA, martial arts and fitness training.

With the goal of connecting directly with innumerable consumers and eager customers on all corners of the planet, Starpro doesn’t just grant products but an entire concept. From innovation and unmatched product quality service, on-time delivery and the best quality/price ratio you could imagine, Starpro Sports products and services are designed for the aid, comfort, and safety of all those dying to buy them.

What Starpro Offers?


  • Lace-up
  • Training
  • Sparring


  • Focus Pads
  • Kicking Shields
  • Coaching Mitts


  • Hand Wraps
  • Inner Gloves
  • Skipping Ropes
  • Sports Bags
  • Key Chains


  • Grappling
  • Sparring


  • Heavy
  • Muay Thai
  • Specialty
  • Speed
  • Double End


  • Men’s
  • Women’s
  • Youth

MARTIAL ARTS – Judo, Karate & BJJ


  • Head
  • Mouth
  • Groin
  • Chest


Offices in Netherlands, UAE & USA with multiple warehouses around for efficient operation and distribution.

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Starpro Sports is a great boxing and boxing related products manufacturing company.

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