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In this post, we are bringing you a detailed review of the best mini subwoofer that you can invest in and look amazingly stylish while wearing it too.

Our team got their hands on some mini subwoofers and tested them thoroughly.

However, the best Basslet Bluetooth mini subwoofer, according to us is the Lofelt Basslet Bluetooth mini subwoofer which stuns everyone with its design and intelligence.

This tiny sized subwoofer which you can wrap around your wrist is a genius and has a lot of tech inside it apart from an inbuilt Bluetooth facility. It is impressive for this smallest subwoofer to have a lot of smartness packed within it.

The price might tickle you a bit but this is one of the coolest products that any music or bass lover will love to possess. After a completely detailed research, we came to a conclusion that there is nothing better than Lofelt.

Why it’s the best?

Lofelt Basslet Bluetooth mini subwoofer is one of the best Basslet for sale, in the market these days. This wrist-mounted subwoofer is highly innovative and sets a wonderful competition for other subwoofers available in the industry right now. It is smart, intelligent and very attractive. Here are some reasons why we consider Lofelt as the best mini subwoofer.

  1. Lofelt Basslet Bluetooth subwoofer is going to make you feel the music as it has an amazing extra effect for virtual reality.
  2. This is the smallest subwoofer size that you can find anywhere in the market at the moment which makes it really cool and unique.
  3. It is highly compatible. It gets connected to Spottily, Sound Cloud, Google Play Music, and Google Chrome very easily. You don’t have to go through any troubles to get it connected with your favorite app. Our team has tested it and it easily connected to the above-mentioned music apps.
  4. It is also compatible with IOS. You can easily connect it with your MacBook. It is also compatible with Android and can be linked to your device easily.
  5. You can also use Lofelt basslet Bluetooth subwoofer for your games. Our team connected it while playing Nintendo and Pokémon and it actually enhanced the thrill and excitement really well.

The Perfect Watch

This watch sized subwoofer has been designed with a lot of thought and is extremely lightweight and stunning. You can wrap this watch anywhere on your body but it really works well on the wrist. This basslet Bluetooth subwoofer has been built with a lot of intelligence as it contains a Loosened engine which creates high fidelity frequencies. These frequencies are completely silent to the world around you and only you can hear them.

The Lofelt basslet is the best mini subwoofer as it allows you to sync into your music and feel it more closely. You can also mix bass through this subwoofer. Now that is cool, isn’t it? Also, Lofelt allows you to listen to music at a very low volume, feeling the intensity of it at the same level. If you are recording your own piece of music, this is a huge perk for you as you are able to feel the music really well, even at a low volume.

Impeccable Vibrations

The Lofelt basslet Bluetooth mini subwoofer promises amazingly impeccable vibrations. The question here is; how does this wrist-mounted subwoofer make you feel? When you turn the volume up, you are definitely going to be surprised by the immense amount of vibration this tiny subwoofer can emit. Our team listened to different types of music and the results were thoroughly enjoyable for all the different types. Drum fills makes you feel the intensity really well. As the subwoofer’s frequencies travel up to 250 GHz, it offers a wonderfully smooth transition which makes the mids and lows amazing.

Also, the vibrations make Lofelt basslet Bluetooth subwoofer great for enhancing bass-heavy electronic music. The results offered by Lofelt are very natural. It makes it fun to get lost in the music with this best mini subwoofer.

A Unique Sensation

The Lofelt Basslet Bluetooth mini subwoofer is certainly not the cheapest but according to the immense intelligence inculcated in this tiny gadget, it is not that expensive either. Considering the fact that this is a new and attractively designed technological piece, the price tag that it comes with becomes pretty much understandable. With the passage of time, the competitors around will definitely try to reach to the level of Lofelt and that will bring a downfall in its price tag a bit. As for now, this beauty retails for euro 179 and a lot of music freaks are already in love with it. The LoSound engine is what makes this mini subwoofer stand out and the tech geeks definitely want to see, where this basslet Bluetooth subwoofer will head to with this engine.

It is you who decides to use Lofelt at its best. If you wrap it around your wrist while heading out, playing games or watching movies then you are certainly going to gain the best out of it. You will enjoy it thoroughly too. If you are paying a good amount for it and are ready to invest in it too, then you ought to utilize it in the best way as well.


Here are the key features of this cute and best mini subwoofer which make it unique and worthy of all the praise:

  • Amazing frequency response from 10 to 250 GHz.
  • 1 hour charge time.
  • 6 Hour play time.
  • Silent and haptic subwoofer.
  • Smallest subwoofer size ever.
  • Sender connects with almost every device through the mini jack of the device.
  • Perfect sync through ultra-low latency.


Here is a list of Lofelt basslet Bluetooth subwoofer perks that our team adored:

  • The dynamic frequency range of this amazing basslet Bluetooth subwoofer is worth praise. The haptic monitor is capable of reacting to 10GHZ till 250GHZ frequencies which makes it sensitivity quite imposing.
  • The music and the vibrations of the subwoofer match with one another impeccably well and are very accurate and precise.
  • This is the best mini subwoofer is really small in size which definitely makes it unique. Being the smallest subwoofer size available in the market makes it stand apart and a very cool gadget to own.
  • The whole concept of this mini subwoofer is intriguing and the idea of it is extremely neat which definitely highlights this product more.
  • Lofelt is extremely lightweight. Also, it is the most portable subwoofer too.
  • The design of this Basslet Bluetooth subwoofer is definitely a catch too because it appears rather trendy and can add the extra spark that your attire needs.
  • Lastly, Lofelt has the ability to enhance and make every kind of music sound better and lovelier than it was in the first place. This makes it a perfect buddy for all the music lovers out there.


Here are some minor drawbacks that we came across while we were testing the Lofelt Basslet Bluetooth mini subwoofer:

  • The strap design is a bit of a disappointment. It could have been better in comparison to the entire basslet design.
  • It is not hard to connect to devices but getting used to it, is going to be a bit difficult for some people.
  • Also, you need to tie it close to your wrist so that you can get extremely precise and accurate results. This is a drawback for only some people who don’t like to tie bands or watches too closely to their skins.
  • It does not have an installed Bluetooth facility in it.


After testing and using the Lofelt Basslet Bluetooth mini subwoofer for weeks, we came down to a conclusion that it might not be a perfect fit for everyone but it is certainly a catch for all the music lovers out there. This is the smallest subwoofer size that you can get in the market at the moment. Also, it enhances the music quality 50 times more and makes you enjoy your songs, movies or games a lot more than you actually do. It does lack an inbuilt Bluetooth facility but that doesn’t really hinder its popularity. Lofelt is without a doubt, the best mini subwoofer which is extremely compatible and is wonderful in all ways. It makes your wrist look stylish and connects really well with Android and IOS devices too.

So if you are a music lover, we would definitely recommend you to add the Lofelt Basslet Bluetooth mini Subwoofer to your music gadget collection. It is definitely worth it.

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