Series of Unfortunate Events with Hover-1 XLS- UL 2272

Admittedly, we would title this post “The Unfortunate Events Thanks to Hover 1” which would pretty much explain everything that we want to say about this electric bike but for the sake of giving an honest review, here’s a detailed account of what has been a regretful purchase.
Electric bikes have been the new big thing for quite a while now, with their modern designs and their powerful delivery etc. etc. So of course, we tried out electric bikes as well. Some have been quite a dream, honestly. Feels like Greek gods breezing about on their chariots and some have been downright horrible experiences. The Hover 1 XLS has been one of the “not so good” experiences, however unfortunate it was for us.
Gadgets are like that, a little unpredictable and an exciting at the same time. With some, you just never know which way they lean towards. Let’s dive into how Hover-1 turned out for us.

A Series of Unfortunate Events:

Before we ordered and got the Hover 1 XLS, we were exceptionally excited for a lot of reasons but mainly because our high-tech fantasy was being fulfilled. Come on, admit it, the bike as advertised looks wicked. With the “into the future” look and the sexy LED lights, it looks nothing less of a mechanical chariot. It even has that chariot vibe we’ve always been fanatics of.

With that said, we were disappointed. Because unlike advertised, it looked less majestic and drabber. Yes, it has the modern sleekness to it and does have the minimalistic concept down but apparently, the advertised version looked much better. Cool camera angles, perhaps. Sure did the trick of making it look fantastic.

It looks regal, nonetheless. Straight out of the box, it seemed rattled. We can’t figure out if it’s the shipping and handling that did it like that or is it the manufacturing ideals. Two of the screws on the handlebar were loose and one on the adjustment of the handlebar to the frame of the bike. Since there weren’t a lot of screws holding the bike together, with these three loose, the bike looked almost broken. After tightening the screws, we took the Hover-1 for a test drive.

Now bear in mind that the bike itself is advertised like a good dream. It can supposedly travel 20 mph and about 20 miles per full charge. It can carry maximum weight around 280 lbs (supposedly) and has a charging time of 5 hours (supposedly, again). So many suppositions.
Our trial run of the thing did not perform the way it was advertised. The maximum speed we got was a whopping 13 mph which is in the way the greek-god-chariot speed we imagined. The most distance it traveled before dying was 12 miles on a fully charged battery. Again, not a chariot worthy performance. So many dreams dashed down. We had to drag it around with us back home which is not easy because it’s a wee little thing. It’s not heighted like normal bikes so we had to bow and drag it with us. Now, we’re not really greek gods so that took a toll on our backs.

It rattled the whole way home, we thought it might just fall apart any second. We plugged it in for charging and it took a whopping 6 and a half hours to charge it. Not the proudest moment for the Hover-1 XLS.
Here’s the thing. It’s a fragile little product. It took so much time charging and died again within two hours on a straight road. It’s unpredictable like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Didn’t go up a steep hill like it was advertised to go. An unreliable thing, it is.
There’s no assembling of the bike but the condition it arrived in, the assembling part was a definite yes. Not a great first start and not a great ending either. Through the ride, it went quite okay. No extreme bumps or shocks to the system but for the price range, it definitely lacked a lot in a lot of places.

The whole chariot vibe we were going for was definitely not achieved.

Here’s what we have to say:

The Hover-1 does not amount to even half the glamour it gives off in advertisements. In place of the glorious chariot we were hoping for, what arrived was a knock-off quality heavily priced toy bike. The frame is poorly made, the assembling is garbage, the parts fall off pretty quick. It goes way off tangent when it comes to the speed, distance and battery life.

If you’re looking to put your savings down the drain, this is the electric bike you shall get but if you’re looking for a commuting worthy and plausible bike, this is definitely not a choice you should be going for. Take it from the people who had their Greek God dreams dashed to the ground and mutilated.

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