So the question of today is “how to be mentally strong and happy?” Do you think that being mentally strong and happy, means to never struggle with feelings like stress, anxiety, and depression? Well, being mentally strong is anything but THIS.

At one or another stage of your life, you have to come across such a situation where you do get stressed and face depression as well. You can’t look over, these feelings and situations. If someone tells you that they don’t freak out, face depression or get anxiety attacks; he or she is nothing less than a perfect politician with everyone around them.

Or you can simply call them fake.

However, some of us face such problematic situations with strength and some of us tend to take them to heart. How we wish that we could also fall in the list of those people who are mentally strong and can go through such issues strongly.

How to be mentally strong and happy?

So let’s help you out with this wish of yours.

Are you trying to build your mind strong?

Here are some secrets that only mentally strong people know and if you try to install them in your life…you never know; you might turn into one of them.

Let’s get started!

1. Love Yourself:

A lot of people feel something deep within themselves when it comes to self-love. But you cannot love anyone else fully, if you don’t love yourself first.

We all have done bad things in our lives and also hurt many people and most of us just cannot forgive ourselves even though those other people who were harmed by us already did.

When we don’t forgive ourselves, we can never love ourselves truly. We will always blame ourselves on our past.

In order to truly love yourself, learn to forgive yourselves.

It’s ok.

Everybody makes mistakes. Keep it strong and move along. Forgive and forget and try to learn from those mistakes so that you can never do them again in your life. When you forgive yourself, you start loving yourselves and then others too.

If people are dying due to oxygen shortage in a plane…you will have to put on the mask on yourself first so that you can help others.

(I know there is a flaw in this argument but just go with it I am making a point here)

Yea but just make sure that you know the difference between self-love and being selfish.

Yes! There is a fine line difference.

2. Combination of Strong and Soft:

See a perfect image, he is Strong with all those muscles and all and then again he is a Sponge.

To be able to survive in this world, you need to see it in black and white both. That is what makes you mentally strong.
Balance is important in life and you need to be strong and soft both, to maintain your life in the best possible way.

Don’t run away from hardships and hard work, because that is the key to your mind being strong. Make hard work your friend. The more you make it your friend the more you will become disciplined and mentally strong.

3. Keep On Going:

People who give up thinking that they cannot endure any more pain or troubles.

his is actually termed as hopelessness right?

So these people are actually filled with self-doubt.

If you want to be strong mentally, you need to let go of self-doubt completely. Nothing stays forever. All places and problems are temporary.

Walk with this belief that even the worse of all times will wash away sooner or later. There is always a morning after the dawn and all those other motivational phrases which you already know.

Look life is tough for all. If you see a person in a cool car with some awesome shades on who is super rich, chances are he/she earned it fair and square by working their asses off every day, but then again some are plainly just lucky, but most of them worked and worked and kept on moving forward and that is what made them successful and mentally strong.

4. Know When to Let Go:

Seriously know when to let go…Anyways if we don’t take it literally then, this is about being really smart. I am not talking about the nerds who cramp down in books. This is life smartness. There is a big difference between giving up and letting go.

Don’t mingle the two.

Surrendering to something you cannot control is letting go and feeling free. It does seem hard, but it is a greatly comforting feeling at the same time. So know when it is time to let go of anything and do so at the appropriate time before it’s too late.

5. Fake till you Make it:

Mahatma Gandhi said once:

Your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become your values and your values become your destiny.

So if you can’t change your beliefs or mold them; start faking them and one day, you will see how they have molded you silently into something great.

6. Don’t Settle for Anything You Don’t Deserve:

If you feel any emotion attached towards being undervalued; you are allowed to settle for such stuff. But if you have a living and breathing self-respect then make sure that you don’t settle for anything that you don’t deserve.

Know your worth. Never let go of your self-respect no matter what! If you feel you don’t deserve something, fight for it!

And everybody knows what they deserve, right?

7. Learn to say NO without Explanation:

Gut intuition is really strong and if it says that something is wrong; trust it!

Mentally strong people have the power to say NO to anything that doesn’t seem right to them.

And yeah, they don’t owe anyone an explanation. Not even the moodiest aunt in their family can make them explain their reasons for saying no.

The most important things in a person’s life are his/her time, health, and virtue and you don’t want to waste those away, always remember that.

Don’t fiddle with those things. It’s fine for others to ”hey bro can I borrow……everything” or “Can you do that for me”.

People test others for their “probability of saying yes” to things. When you become a “NO” person, you mostly don’t even have to say NO anymore.


Don’t take these tips as suggestions; take them as small important parts of your life. Or as mobile phones come with the best features and specs; consider these the best ever feature of your great lifestyle.

These are just small baby steps to lead you where you want to be. Start trying them out one by one so that it doesn’t get tough for you. These steps are building your foundation of being stronger mentally and leading a much better, happier, positive and stronger life.

And who doesn’t want it? So embrace whatever is good in your life and make sure that you fight those troubles with a strong face. Keep the “nothing can beat me down” power alive.


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