4 points on right brain child characteristics

Today I will share some of the right brain child characteristics with you. But first, it all comes down to which brain is more dominant. We usually label dominant people as too much bold or someone who is just too straightforward or honest for the world to handle.

I mean obviously, in a place where you find liars at every next step…how can you expect such a world to accept honest people?

That is the reason why dominant people are mostly not adored a lot until they do something so outstanding that everyone comes up to them.

There are two types of dominant people; the left brain dominant and the right brain dominant.

When I first found out about this brain dominance, I was just too amazed to hear it, that I had to sprawl down for some information about it.

I found out that there are some right-brain dominant people as well left ones.

Right brain dominant ones are tagged as the “creative” people.

As for left-brain dominant people; they are just too perfect at everything. They are the ones who ace the exams in high school.

However, when we talk about the right brain dominant people, they find it a little hard to settle down into a routine.

Are you confused whether you are a right brain or a left brain dominant person?

Well, so was I when I first jumped into this puddle until I got signs which showed me which one was I.

Right brain child characteristics

So here are some points which show the right brain child characteristics.

If you don’t match up with these signs,(or your kid does) then maybe you are the left brain dominant one.

They Prefer Drawing over Writing:

All the smartypants prefer writing and that is where the right dominant children come in and wave a hand in their faces!

You can do that same thing with a picture as well.

This is what I meant by saying that they are creative.

Right brain dominant children tend to draw to tell a story rather than writing it down into long paragraphs.

They can do that quite easily and maybe explain it in a much better manner than writing.

It sometimes beats the long essays that everyone else writes.

They Prefer Open-Ended Questions:

Right brain dominant children tend to answer questions which don’t come with choices.

If you tell them to answer from multiple choice answers, they might not like it a lot.

They adore freedom of answering and do not like if the question brings in the options along.

They don’t like the black and white method.

A little Disorganized:

They are totally disorganized.

Right brain dominant children find it tough to settle for routine or keeping things in utter order.

They are bad at it and this is why they cannot manage their things.

They might not have a clean and shining study table at all. It will be filled with books and sticky notes along with pencils and all kind of stationary.

They Lose Focus Easily

They can’t Focus on a Single Thing for Long Time Spans.

Constant stimulation is not a right brain dominant child’s thing; not at all.

This is why they don’t settle in the western schools, unlike the left brain dominant children.

They cannot focus on one thing for a lot of time.

They tend to lose interest within some time and their focus is disrupted completely.

They are emotional:

You knew this was coming right?

Well, if you have found yourself a right brain dominant person throughout the four points…then you might be searching for the emotional one here as well. And here it comes!

Right brain dominant people are emotional(but don’t worry you can become emotionally strong).

It comes to them naturally and they cannot help it and they are spontaneous as well.

They actually thrive for a lot of energy and adventure but they don’t get it all the time.

Being emotional does become a hurdle for the right brain dominant people sometimes but as it comes naturally to them…they don’t really blame it or notice it as a barrier.


If you are a right brain dominant person, I would suggest that you choose a career line which supports your strengths.

Yes, it does exist but you can always alter it. Don’t rely too much on it though. If you rely on it a lot, you might just stand where you are and not move forward.

Discovering your brain type is good but letting it overrule you, can always be a negative point in your bucket.

  1. Hi Usman,
    It’s me! I think all of the above suit me well. I do draw (Artist in college) and I still do now. Great post. Are you right or left?

  2. Hi Usman,

    I think I’m right brain dominant 🙂

    Interesting article, thanks.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

  3. Oh Usman, I had to laugh!

    I fall right down the middle, lol! So, is there such a thing as bouncing from right brain to left brain depending on circumstances???

    1. I prefer writing to drawing

    2. I agree, I prefer open-ended questions rather than multiple choice where I’m provided answers to choose from. Recently, I visited my writer-fellow-PAC Member, Monna Ellithorpe’s blog. She usually has a writing prompt (open-ended thought starter). I wrote a whole short story from it!

    3. I am not disorganized. I’m very organized! I like everything in it’s place. I also enjoy symmetry.

    4. Emotional – Yes, I feel things deeply.

    So, there you go, lol!

    Thank you for the fun exercise!


    • Ok so you 1- Prefer drawing ( means creative so …right side) ( I prefer writing)
      2- Open minded Qs (me too)
      3- not disorganized (I am sometimes when there is a ton of work to do LOL)
      4-ok emotional like me

      I guess we both are a little heavier on the right side of the brain LOL =)

  4. Hi =)

    Ok so you 1- Prefer drawing ( means creative so …right side) ( I prefer writing)
    2- Open minded Qs (me too)
    3- not disorganized (I am sometimes when there is a ton of work to do LOL)
    4-ok emotional like me

    I guess we both are a little heavier on the right side of the brain LOL =)

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