Hobbies which will remove your stress & anxiety

There exist some of the best mind-calming hobbies for people with anxiety and stress. Stress is something that is surely going to come your way sometime in your life.

Even if you push it away with all your force or you close the door and put 8 chairs in front of it; it is going to come in, tearing apart that door.

At one point in your life; it does come in, without knocking on your door. But where science tells us that stress is the villain, a little of it, is like a hero. Or let’s say, something lesser than a hero. Science says, a little stress is good but having too much of it is not.

From scientists to psychologists, everyone says one statement to make you feel like; beating stress is nothing more than punching your boxing bag. “DO WHAT YOU LOVE.”

And yes, if you punch your boxing bag really hard for like 5 minutes, you are going to feel much better.

But your fingers might hurt later.

But can I just say that punching down stress is not all about that poor boxing bag that is hanging in your room?

5 hobbies for people with anxiety and stress

It might feel like one of the unluckiest bags ever to have landed in the room of a person who is filled with stress. So how can you beat stress, without beating your pillow, or that boxing bag of yours?


So the misconception of photography being really expensive is spreading like girls spread gossip. Seriously! Everyone talks about how expensive the art of photography is.

This is because of all we think that photography is related to those “high-end quality” cameras and those “off the edge” lenses.

But we aren’t talking about a profession here, are we? We are talking about a hobby! And to be honest, you can do that with your smartphone as well.

And why do you even invest endless dollars in a smartphone when you can easily get a 200 $ one, which almost takes as good of a picture as any other.

They are all somewhat the same these days. There isn’t much difference. Also if you know how to root your phone (which is very easy by the way and all those “your phone will die, don’t do it” and sh*t are all just myths and rumors, trust me). Rooting your phone is simply awesome. It makes your phone just great, removes all the bloatware (unneeded

Also if you know how to root your phone, then life gets easier. Rooting your phone is simply awesome. It makes your phone great, removes all the bloatware (unneeded software’s) and makes your phone faster, Internal storage can become your SD card storage and the list of the pros go on and on.

The point is; be it your best friend’s wedding or your new room setting; anything can complete your hobby of photography.

So stop whining about that High Tech DSLR or that 40 MP camera smartphone, you don’t own. Use your phone to capture things you love.


If you are a great sketcher than this one is surely for you, but then I guess then you already know that how calming it is to just focus on that piece of paper and escape all the stressful thoughts. I mean one can simply grab a pencil and start drawing and can summon their good old memories or anything good that happened in their past life.

But those of you who are not into sketching, just know that a lot of experts say that sketching beats down stress temporarily but it’s too affordable so why not? You can learn it too if you totally suck at it, you don’t have to be professional. Just watch a video or two in your free time and you are good to go.

It also keeps your mind focused and stress automatically runs away.


Who doesn’t love food?

And ladies if your husband doesn’t know how to cook; he sure loves to eat, right? But a lot of men now cook gladly!

However, no matter which gender you are, if you know how to cook and you love to cook, then you can beat stress at a 100% rate.

Cooking is a hobby that makes you forget everything around you or everything that stresses you. All you remember is that aroma in your kitchen and all you can wait for is the dish to get ready!


Writing is the best ever hobby! Anyone yells out at you or your heart breaks down or someone pulls you down; you can actually write anything out of the rush of emotions you feel.

This is why journals were created in the first place but well, thanks to tech, we now have an online journal and an already installed notebook or diary option on our smartphones. 5. Meditation:

Writing kills stress immensely. You take out all of your rages on a piece of paper and you save your tiny heart and mind from losing its peace. It is better to take it out on an apiece of paper rather than humans.


Meditation has been proven to beat down stress. It also helps in controlling your anger and get more power over your emotions. Majority of people refer to yoga in the name of meditation and will go bonkers to excel in it. Some people might tell you that take proper classes for months if you want to meditate properly. But that is not true.

It’s easy and simple and you would probably need a week or two to fully understand how it works. Just sit comfortably on a chair or even a sofa. It’s not about sitting with your legs crossed or in some other awkward position, it’s about bringing your mind at peace. All you have to do is nothing.

Just sit there observing your surroundings and try to think of nothing. This is why it is preferred if you go into a park or somewhere out of your room if you want to meditate. Change of surroundings brings in peace.

Clear up your mind and that’s it. It will seem somewhat hard to do at first but you will get used to it quickly.


Stress likes to eat up your mind and yes you can consider it as a zombie. It is attracted towards your mind, which yearns for happiness and joy. However, it is always good to keep it away.

But obviously, you cannot tell stress to stay away from you. You need to keep it away on your own or simply deal with it when it comes your way.

There are a lot of people out there who are going to tell you things like stay towards the happier side, or look towards the brighter side and grab positivism.

But the truth is, that stress is a part of life. So at that particular time, you don’t get an option of grabbing the brighter side. It gets totally impossible.

So you can simply do these things and pass your time out. And hope that when you are done, you feel light and relieved. Or at least the hours you invest in it, go by nice and you stop popping those anti-anxiety medications every now and then.

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