4 Amazing Benefits Of Coffee

If you are one of those people who simply cannot drag out of bed without a hot and big cup of coffee, then maybe the topic just attracted you extraordinarily.

I adore my cup of coffee heights. I mean it’s just like; “I am sorry for whatever I said before having coffee.”

I can’t just open my eyes until that aroma and taste hits my mind and taste buds. I know a lot of people say that it ain’t good for health…but so is for canned sodas and all the other things we drink.

This actually assures a good and bright day, right?

From the amazing aroma of the coffee to its wonderful taste and that chattering the coffee shop every morning; what is there to miss out?

Simply nothing!

With that daily cup of coffee, going down my throat…I really had to wonder if I was actually doing well to myself or not.

A lot of people told me to replace coffee with green tea but I couldn’t.

And then I wondered what happens to people who drink coffee 4 times every day; they still living right?

But then I got hold of some positive things about coffee which made me feel like one cup in the morning won’t just kill me, right?

Here I am going to share those reasons with you!

Coffee Can Aid in Building Positive Habits:

A lot of people told me that you are building a wrong habit by drinking coffee every morning.

And they told me so repeatedly. But then, someone told me one day that I could utilize this cup of coffee to build some positive habits.

Surprised, right? So was I!

I decided to wake up early one day and obviously I knew that coffee would be my savior.

So this habit actually helped me in building up my morning jogging routine. I was able to get up early, jog and in reward; I used to get my cup of coffee.

If you admire iced coffee more; you can keep that as your reward at the end of it.

1-Coffee Might make You Live Longer:

Considering you dont stupid stuff like this guy chances are coffee can actually make you live longer.

A lot of studies have proven this fact that people who drink coffee, live longer.

We just tend to focus on caffeine and forget about all the other elements in it. Many of these elements in coffee are antioxidant, which prevent a lot of diseases and also slows down the aging process.

If you drink 1-2 cups of coffee daily; then you really don’t need to fear a lot. Just don’t make it stretch to 4-5 cups each day!

2-Coffee Helps the Liver:

A new study revealed this that if you drink 2 cups of coffee daily then you are decreasing the risk of cirrhosis of the liver (which happens due to alcohol) by almost 40%.

The study is not 100% confirmed yet but it is assumed that this happens from the antioxidants that coffee contains. This does not suggest coffee drinkers (yes, including me) to drink more and more coffee.

The maximum per day is 2 cups of coffee to go with.

3-Coffee is Relaxing:

Coffee affects different people differently. It might add more anxiety to already anxious people and it might also offer jitters to many.

But to some, coffee is actually relaxing.

I know, you might say that people like ME get relaxed with it as it actually soothes our lazy nerves…but as I said, it affects everyone differently. So you never know that it might affect you in a relaxing manner also.

If coffee does not relax you, I would refer tea to you. And if you are not in any of these; that is great news as they aren’t necessary elements of life. You can certainly go on without the two.

Oh and yes, if you are planning to add tea to your routine, then maybe green tea will be great as it cleanses your body as well. I know, you might be wondering that why I don’t switch to it; I just told you…coffee relaxes me! So I have no reasons to actually quit on that love of mines.

4-Coffee makes you lose Fats:

Coffee increases metabolism and so that means when you drink coffee, you’d be burning a lot more calories than usual.

It also gives you a boost for your workout and you feel energetic in the gym even if your over all calories is low.

So it is just perfect for losing fats. All of the fat cutters and fat shredding supplements have coffee in them and all bodybuilders use them during their cutting (losing fats) season.


Coffee is at the top when it comes to the best beverages! It is now the most consumed beverage throughout the world. We make coffee the bad guy and yes, I admit that it isn’t the super guy here…but there are some benefits to it that we don’t know about.

There are reasons why drinking coffee can bring benefits to us.

Just like, nothing is perfect…so isn’t coffee.

But you don’t really have to quit on it totally.

A cup daily won’t hurt you and you can probably tell these reasons to anyone who lectures you to drop that poor one cup of coffee even.

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  1. I also love my coffee in the morning, especially that I have to get up at 4.45 am on some days. I’d probably wouldn’t survive a day without it 🙂 I’ve recently changed my diet to keto and my coffee to bulletproof and it’s awesome! I love it even more 🙂

    I do believe that you should drink it in moderation though but like with everything in your life is best used wisely 🙂

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