5 Reasons why Vitamin D Is Very Important For You

So as I walk down the super mall, I come across endless food products like milk and corn flakes etc., which say “Fortified with Vitamin D.” All I ever thought about them was; they are all in a bloody competition.

“They really can’t give us Vitamin D, just like that, packed in a box!”

Yes! I actually used to think that, until I grew up and finally discovered that those boxes weren’t sh*t. They actually bring in extra Vitamin D for people who lack it.

The problem here is that, taking in Vitamin D from natural food sources is quite difficult. This does suck! Why?

This is because Vitamin D is really important for a lot of human body functions. For example, it is important for the health of your teeth, muscles, bones and your immune system. And you still don’t grab it from natural food sources…so eventually this sucks.

And that is why we get milk packs and cereal boxes which read out loud that they are fortified with Vitamin D.

If you experience headaches often and have achy bones and muscles; you need to grab that box and make sure you are adding it to your meal.

If your body is not getting the accurate amount of Vitamin D that it should, you can be in deep trouble. Just like you used to get in deep trouble if you didn’t had your homework done at the right time! Just like that or let’s say even more trouble awaits you.

So why is Vitamin D, so important?

Here are all the problems that you can face due to deficiency of it. Once you are through them, you will see why it is essential for you.

1. Achy Muscles:

You move a table from one corner of the room to another and you feel like your arms might fall apart and you just sit down, holding them like they would actually fall down. That is when you realize that you don’t have enough Vitamin D in you. (not really, but you get the point), I mean it’s not like you lift something super heavy and then feel you have pain or stretch or whatever because of Vitamin D deficiency.

Muscles actually rely on Vitamin D a lot for working properly. When you don’t have enough Vitamin D, you feel achy and sore muscles (without a reason even). When you get a viral flu, it affects your muscles really bad as well. This also indicates the lack of Vitamin D. The tendency of the pain can be fair, mild or severe.

2. Infections:

Let’s be more accurate and say, “Frequent infections” are embraced by people who lack Vitamin D. if you get flu or cold a lot, then it is an indication that your immune system isn’t really working fine.

Vitamin D is nothing less than a fuel to your immune system. I hope that makes you understand the importance of it!

A study showed that children who had accurate amount of Vitamin D in them, fell prey to cold or flu really less.

3. Dizziness and Headaches:

She might be having some head ache due to vitamin D deficiency or from where I stand she might be a mutant and having some telekinetic powers as it may seem. Let’s say headaches.

Headaches and dizziness are experienced by people who have high blood pressure.

It is not necessary that you have high blood pressure issues if you are facing frequent headaches. NOT AT ALL!

High blood pressure is also faced by people who lack Vitamin D.

And for your information, high blood pressure is also known as a silent killer. If you are facing a lot of dizziness and headaches then you need to consult your doctor ASAP.

4. Tummy Troubles:


Yup, that’s supposed to be your stomach.

You just hold your stomach after every few days in pain and YES, you didn’t even eat anything new that might welcome food poisoning for you. So why do you get these tummy troubles now and then?

Thanks to deficiency of Vitamin D for it.

People who have constipation, need to accept the fact now that it happens due to lack of Vitamin D. Yes most of the time.

I mean if you feel like you are drinking enough water and eating right but still have constipation, then hello Vitamin D.

Similarly, if you experience a lot of stomach burns, that is also due to deficiency of Vitamin D.

So your digestive issues are directly linked with this essential vitamin for sure.

Seems like this Vitamin is going to get all of us DEAD someday! Why is it so important anyway?

5. Depression:

Don’t worry this guy isn’t that depressed as he may seem here. He is just old and pressing his face in really hard and posing for the camera. I once looked exactly like this guy when a friend of mine asked me ” Bro If I take the sh*t load of Vitamin D, would I get like super tanned?”

OK coming to the topic so yea you won’t believe it but if you get those depression pants a lot and you have done everything but you still feel somewhat depressed then either you have a sh*tty life or it is just due to lack of Vitamin D.

I mean if you feel sad a lot or you plainly feel blue now and then, you need to get your Vitamin D levels checked out. If you are able to restore your Vitamin D levels to the accurate rate; you are going to see the change for yourself. (If that is you had your depression due to Vitamin D deficiency only, in the first place).


Vitamin D is fuel for your body. Just like you add fuel to fire and it starts spreading rapidly…the same way, your body works perfectly if you have the perfect amount of Vitamin D in there.

You can definitely do the “before and after” for this and see how great changes happen and those achy muscles and depression routines start to waver off.

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