Ways to Improve Your Presentation Skills

presentation skills self assessment

Today I will show how you can have a presentation skills self assessment so that you know how well you deliver your presentations. Are you ready for your presentation? Are you calm and not at all nervous?

Or are you thinking: “Two hours are left in my presentation. I hope that “whats his name” guy won’t come to my presentation.”

“What if I get embarrassed in front of my crush? This nervousness is killing me, man.”

Whether in high school or in your professional career, presentation day is always a special day for everyone or some may take it as a death day.

It was my first presentation and I just went on without preparing anything. All I did was to talk random stuff with confidence.

Though my confidence paid me well at the end. But I learned with the passage of time and now here I am.

Presentations make me excited. Sometimes super excited and I need to hold on myself. Wait for a second! Calm down, this is not your wedding day.

Presentation skills self assessment

Follow these points and have an assessment test, do all points mark yes on your checklist?

Look professional and nice:

Whenever you have your presentation, no matter it’s on a small or on a huge scale, don’t go casually.

Men should be suited booted and women should look nice and decent.

“Nice and decent” I mean don’t go for a lot of makeup or hair-styling with fancy clothing.

Secondly, prefer wearing black and white.

Whenever you are coming up to present, the first thing people will look at is” you”. Of course. Grab their attention with your looks.

Make your audience attentive at first:

Make an unforgettable first impression. Do something unique or funny.

Start your presentation with a greeting and then introduce yourself.

I have seen a lot of people who don’t introduce themselves and you are thinking the whole time. Hello, Mr. who you are?

The most important factor is to grip the attention of the audience in the beginning or else their lack of interest in your presentation and will definitely obscure you so hard.

For this purpose, ask a question related to your topic. Questions make people silent. I think scientists should research on this fact too.

Show them some interesting photos or video clip in the beginning and they will be definitely get involved in your presentation.

Use hand Gestures:

Be passionate about the topic you are presenting.

Don’t stand still the whole time. If I am looking at you standing just constantly for half an hour or more, I will be lost.

Keep moving but of course not too much. Otherwise one would be suffering from a headache for sure.

Secondly, use hand gestures. It will show up your interest and passion for the topic. It will engage the audience that you are delivering something worth listening. Some of the things that I observed can make your presentation worse and you should absolutely avoid them.

1-Excessive use of gestures will make you look confused.
2-Holding your piece of cloth while presentation will make you look anxious.
3-Don’t put your hands firmly on each other. It’s a sign of nervousness.

Improve your presentation skills by not just reading off slides:

If you are using a power point presentation, keep your slides look professional and brief. You can add photos, video clips, graphs, pie charts etc. to make your PowerPoint presentation look striking.

Slides should not be overloaded with text. No one reads it.

You should have in-depth knowledge regarding your topic.

Your slides should only contain the key points. It would be easier for the audience to remember them.

Explain details yourself. If you are simply reading a lot of text in your slides, your presentation is useless.

Be prepared for the questions:

As I have mentioned above if you have the in-depth knowledge of your topic, you can straightforwardly answer any question.

Secondly practice your presentation once in front of your family or friends. Let them ask as much question as they want to.

Even if they ask a stupid question, it will be beneficial at your part. You will get an idea from this.

After all this effort, if some jerk has asked you a very technical question and you don’t know the answer. Follow these tips:

1-I will get back to you shortly.
2-Make a question from his question and confuse him. (I do this and it works every time)
3-Excuse him with a smile on your face and abuse in your heart.

Practice more:

Practice makes the man perfect, no doubt.

It’s my buddy’s wedding. Let me prepare some break dance for his wedding. I am practicing in front of my mirror but I am not following the steps the way I should.

Now I am practicing more, my steps are coming up right. Thank God and now it’s time for a final practice. Yay!

Here I am here to blow up his wedding dance floor. I am not into breakdancing by the way, I was just making a point, but for those of you who do break dance. Good for you!

The similar case is with presenting, the more you practice, it will give you confidence, increase your fluency in speaking, it will point out your mistakes and lastly, it will provide you the full grip over your topic.

Keep practicing in front of the mirror. It will enhance your speaking skills, improve your body movements and hand gestures and eventually will lead you to an outstanding presentation.


The presentation is not only about giving your best for an hour or more and gets appreciation.

It makes up your personality and value.

It provides you opportunities for your upcoming career.

It makes you stand out among millions. Be confident and present with your heart.

One day all your efforts for improving your skills will pay you more than your expectations.

So how well you think you do on your presentation skills self assessment? Give your comments.


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