Not Happy With Your Life? Maybe You Need To Realize This!

Not happy with life? Well, then you ought to read this all.

It’s time to run.

You tie your shoes and all you know is that you don’t want to stop. You catch your breath but then you realize you are out of time. That filthy rich boy is going ahead of you and you just can’t let him win this time. So you run even when your limbs feel like they are going to give up.

You are young and you have 101 opportunities, awaiting you. You have legs to run so that you can win that damn marathon or even walking yourself to college on your own is nothing less than bliss.

Do we realize that every rising sun is a lucky one?

What are you crying at?

You don’t have to be perfect.

Maybe your dad said you screwed up his expectations, but he is still alive to see you meet them?

You are lucky because you have a second chance.

Look up at the ceiling; that roof you see is giving you shelter.

That roof is giving you security from the harsh weathers.

And if you are outside, look up at the sky because you can with those beautiful eyes of yours.

And maybe these small things don’t bring the gratitude out from within you.

Even when I think that 90’s kids had had the best. trust the fact that you have nothing less to be thankful about.

You are breathing in an era which is knocking opportunities from every door.

You just need to hustle a bit to open one of them to find something worthy.

We breathe in a world where we are able to fetch ourselves food and other amenities with efforts.

And we think we aren’t lucky enough?

You stare right at yourself in the washroom mirror. You think your life is over and you don’t have any feeling inside you which says that you want to LIVE.

But one day, this will be the same you that will adore the life you gave a second chance to.

While you stand there, make yourself realize that there are hundreds of people, lying in hospitals, wishing for some more days or some more healthy years.

They have so much stuff pending, that they wish to complete.

They might desire for maybe an hour or two, to breathe for someone they wish to see for the very last time. And you think that your luck or fate has turned its course into the darkness because someone ditched you?

Life is a beautiful journey or it becomes what you make it. If you are not happy with life than you are not making it beautiful.

The more complicated you will want to spin the web, the more complicated it will become.

Every morning, realize that you are breathing, you have water to shower with, you have healthy breakfast, clothes to wear and legs to walk or drive to work; Realize that you or we are very lucky. If you think you are not happy with life, then you need to look at the brighter side and make your own garden prettier rather than envying somebody’s else.

We are luckier than we deserve!!

  1. Your life-affirming posts are really good, so helpful and great subjects for meditation to make wonderful positive advances in life. I want to thank you and send you love. Christine xx

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