6 Signs That Tell You That You Aren’t Drinking Enough Water

There is no shortage of water on this earth but the problem is only 3 to 4 % is drinkable, so when you enjoy that cool glass of water, do remember the people who have water scarcity.

According to Wikipedia, almost 1.1 billion people in this world don’t have safe drinking water.

It’s funny though because there is so much water on earth or even in our universe, I mean there is a whole planet of water which astronomers discovered and which is a lot bigger than even our earth, but whats the use, right?

An average person can live without food up to 7 days but without water, one would die within 3 days.

So drink up because you are not drinking enough and it may seem OK right now, but trust me it’s damaging you from inside.

Water is the biggest blessing. I mean I am writing this article while walking, and  I just had a 2 km walk. So right now water is the only love of my life. Actually, that is exactly why I am writing this article because I am thirsty! You know what let me go home I think 3 km is enough for me today.

Just came back and drank a whole liter of water. Yup 1 liter, that’s 4 glasses.

Are you consuming enough water daily?  (and by enough I mean more than 2.5 liters of water).

If no, then you should!

Because you may have these following problems:


You will get the reference to this image in a bit.

Let me tell you what exactly dehydration is.

It’s not related to thirst.

When you drink less your body gets used to it and you don’t feel thirsty that much but your body actually gets dehydrated from the inside and becomes victim to constipation or even urinary tract infections.

These infections grow with time.

So if you think you get constipated from time to time or have an itchy butt hole then that means you are dehydrated and you should drink more.

Drink more water. It’s better than sticking un-itching creams up there.

2-You have Bone pain.

The human body consists of up to 70 percent of water. So it’s quite evident that water is the basic strength of our bones, muscles, and joints.

Many of us have typical viewpoint that bone pain might be due to aging or deficiency of nutrients.

But it should be kept in mind that a major percentage of water is absorbed by the bones and muscles while you workout.

Lesser water in the body will lead to lesser absorption and ultimately weakening of bones.

3-You are Aging quickly:

Premature aging could be a potential reason for lack of water in the body.

When you drink less water the inside damage of your body starts to show up.

These include but not limited to sudden weight loss, fatigue, headache, the irregular functioning of kidneys, kidney pain and wrinkles, which is the sign of aging.

In-short goes ahead and don’t drink more than half a glass of water a day and within a week you will start looking like a zombie.

4-Your have Digestive Problems:

You will be suffering from constant digestive problems if you are not drinking the required amount of water. It’s necessary to keep the balance of acidity in the stomach.

Drinking less water will lead to lesser absorption of water by the mucus of your stomach thus increasing the acidity. It could be fatal in severe cases.

5-You have Heart Problems:

Yup. What doesn’t causes heart attacks right?

What I find interesting is that lesser water intake results in increased viscosity of red blood cells and something called fibrinogen.

The long story short your blood becomes more and thicker and the more vicious your blood is, the more difficult for it to flow at the required rate in your circulatory system

hence the heart attack!

6- You are more prone to Cancer:


We all have cancer cells in us. Don’t freak out, let me explain.

In layman’s term; we all have oxygen in us. Which is also bad for us in a way because Oxygen is reactive and it reacts with all the other substances to form oxidants which are cancer cells.

These cancer cells or oxidants are removed by different foods we eat and the water we drink.

Water is the biggest source of anti-oxidants.

So If you drink more than enough water a day, the probability of having cancer drops very much.

What should I do to make sure I drink enough?

1-Sleep with a whole filled bottle and drink the whole or as much as you can, just when you wake up. So yea you better brush your teeth before going to bed too.

2-Go 1, take 1. Whenever you pee, drink one glass of water afterward. We always think of water while peeing so no issues there.

3- If you work-out or go to the gym, drink water accordingly.

Was that difficult?

Do this and see the changes in your life.

Your skin will glow. Your smoking habit will go away. You won’t have a kidney stone or digestive problems and you will look great.

You will feel great.


The conclusion is pretty simple: Drink 2-3 liters of water on an average daily. If you exercise, drink even more.

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