5 Common Mistakes People Do To Ruin Their Life

No human being is born perfect in this world. There are so many mistakes people make. We all tend to make mistakes in certain stages of life.

We have to go through so many embarrassing moments in life just because of our own mistakes but it turns into a complete issue when we fail to realize them or accept them.
It turns into a real mess when we do not become aware of our shortcomings and instead we blame others for our mistakes.
There are two types of mistakes that people make. The mistakes which makes a good person out of you and the mistakes which only makes you a worse person.
The mistakes that we realize, accept and learn from are the ones which makes us a better person. They are the ones that turn into true blessings for us.
But the ones that ruin our life and we never really know it are the common mistakes you may or may not be sure about.

We all dive into a pool of mistakes daily and we aren’t even aware of them. But the underlying fact is that those mistakes ruin our life, without us even noticing.

We all have been there and done that, haven’t we?

Being content with what you are as a person, accepting your flaws and embracing your personality along with being satisfied with what you already have is the only way to save yourself and your wonderful life.

But we ruin it because we are miles apart for gratitude these days, always in hunger of more and more.

So what are the most common mistakes that people do to ruin their life?

Do you ever notice that you are doing it all and ruining your life?

Maybe you are and maybe you are not. so let’s go through this list to see whether you are making these common mistakes or not.

And even if you are, how much of these mistakes are you attempting to!

Common mistakes people make:

1. Lying to Oneself:

We all do it! We all try fantasizing things sometimes to escape the brutal realities and issues of life.

A lot of people believe in something that is not true just because you are afraid to accept something in your life.

This is where you let the problem begin. You lie to yourself and one day, when you look back, your entire life is setup on the basis of lies.

These lies that you tell yourself just because you didn’t want to hear the truth will not make your life worth the flashback when you are 60.

2. Neglecting Old Friends because you Found a Partner:

A lot of partners tell their partners to stop meeting or talking to some old friends, because they are just too possessive or maybe because they have some personal issues with them.

Young loves comes in fast and goes away the same way these days. When it actually runs off, miles away from you, will you be ready to face the situation all alone?

When they are gone, who will you look up to?

People make this mistake endlessly these days.

I just have one word for both the parties (who demand it and who do it); think before you demand and act! If they love you, they will trust you.

Being possessive and cutting you off from important people of your life are two totally different things and you need to learn the difference between these two.

3. Thinking that Success Comes to you After Graduation:

People, who think that instant success awaits them after graduation, fool themselves.

Success is something that comes with experience and time.

It won’t be waiting to hug you with open arms, the day you get your degree.

You might just realize that the game has actually begun for you. So don’t lie to yourself for this; it will make things worse and you won’t be able to try for long period of time.

Success demands time and efforts and if you lie to yourself, you are unable to contribute any of these two factors.

4. Giving up on your Passion:

A lot of dreams die daily because of what society terms to be good and bad. This is one the common mistakes that lead to destroying wonderful lives and personalities.

Studies are definitely important but studying what you love will make it better. At the same time, people give up on their hobbies because they think that it is disrupting their studies.

There is a simple advice here; don’t do that to yourself.

It actually refreshes your mind to focus on the stress that college gives you.

Don’t give up on whatever you are passionate about and don’t end up with your hobbies even.

5. Not Changing:

A lot of people fear change and that is what stops them from moving on in life.

They believe that change drives the away from people they love.

But they forget that change actually brings you closer to the real person that you really are.

If you fear change, you are ruining your life and the person that you might become. Nothing stays forever and nothing is permanent.

Change is what makes life exciting and worth living.

6. You listen too much to others:

We all listen to others too much and decide to act upon their advices. What about your own thoughts and mind?

This is the common mistake one could make in life. By only considering the opinions of others and not listening to your inner voice.

For example, your best friend suggests you a field of study and you decide to follow them. Months later you discover that this was something that you never wanted in the first place. Therefore, always listen to yourself and not to others.

You have to do what is good for you and not that other wants you to do.

7. You also talk too much:

Now you might be wondering how talking could ruin one’s life.

Sometimes the people who talk too much and share every bit of their lives with others get into real trouble.

Naturally, when you talk too much, you do not care much about the words that come out of your mouth.

Sometimes your words could disappoint others or hurt others.

Sometimes you share a personal story with your friend and then later on, you realize that why you shared it.

So for that reason speak less and make sure that when you do, speak well or better yet just listen.

There is this beautiful quote: “A wise man once said nothing”.

8. You give up too easily:

We humans lack patience and want the instant gratification of everything we desire.

We expect everything to be available at our fingertips and in our pockets.

We want money without wanting to struggle.

We want to get good grades without wanting to study.

Moreover, we want respect without wanting to respect others.

But you have to know that it does not work this way.

Things take time and it all takes work. You need to give in to get something in return. You need to remember the fact that what goes around comes back around.

You don’t have to give up that easily.

You might not know to that giving up is like walking away right before you reach the final semester of a total 4-year program.

9. You think everyone is better than you:

Many of the times you look at the pictures of your friends on Facebook and Instagram smiling happily and then stalk them again and again and feel miserable about your life.

Stop doing it. You are doing wrong to yourself.

Don’t think that everybody is happier than you.

Nobody is 24 hours happy in their life.

Everybody has a different path and a different journey.

You never know what they had to go through to enjoy one vacation in their life.

Don’t let those happy pictures ruin your day and give you a negative mindset.

Don’t let people fool you and hold you back from taking the next step.

Therefore stop comparing yourself with your friends and with the ones you feel are superior.


Not everyone is born in a wealthy family, not everyone gets the best education, not everyone has a great IQ level.

But you know what?

Whatever the situation is, people are still working to make the best of their lives.

People are learning from their mistakes and they are growing each day.

Make sure that you make yourself the only coach of your life and make the best of everything today to secure your future in all respects.

Always spend more time with the people who make you feel complete, who sees the potential in you, and who cheers you up every time you feel like giving up.

A lot of you might be thinking; I am done with my life, I have totally ruined it!

No, you have not!

If you are making these tiny little mistakes in your life, you still have time to put a halt to it.

Stop lying to yourself to escape situations.

Man up and solve them for yourself.

Don’t give up on what you love because society might term you “weird”.

They will call you weird even when you quit what you love.

Change and grow with life.

Don’t just stop at one end; chase the other end as well.

Life is so much more than just these tiny little things.

Embrace it with love and you will get the best outcome for sure!

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