Research: People With Migraine Are Vitamin D Deficient

If you are facing the worst thing in life, that is migraine, know that you are not alone.
It’s not like I got it, but if you are one of those 38 million people in United States only, suffering from migraine, I sure want to help and I think this research may help a lot too… and that is exactly why I am writing this to you guys.
And I think you would be really interested to know the “world” figure for it?

Well, it is said that almost 1 billion people around the world, suffer from migraine, including of course House!

But he suffered only once I guess, and all you (House MD) fans must know how painful it is, of course if you don’t already have migraine, if so than nobody knows better than you.

I don’t have it, Thank God but those who have, said that there are normal headaches, then there are severe headaches and then migraine come in.

Did that actually made the level of pain in migraines more prominent to you?

And if you don’t believe me; migraine has been stated as a major medical issue by doctors around the world. Does that satisfy you?

So if you just suffer from a normal headache…you and me are lucky than a lot of people, out there who actually face migraine.

And to be honest, they have the right to yell and shout at you, to shut up, turn down the volume of the television or turn off the lights…because they are going through triple times ( just made it up ) the pain you do in your normal headache.

And lets pop another breaking news here…almost 1.2 million visits have been reported to the emergency room (thanks to migraines for that).

So let’s figure out that why the hell is this migraine such a pain in the as* and why is it so difficult to handle?

Reason Why Migraines are Difficult?

Migraines are very painful…

Studies have unveiled a lot of reasons for migraine being difficult to handle.

I mean, imagine it for yourself (if you are a migraine sufferer, you know the feel, I know)…one side of your head is banging with pain, followed by nauseous feeling, visual problems, light flashing through your eyes and then you get extremely sensitive to light and sounds around you.

People who get these “so hard to handle” headaches, occasionally, can actually go on with them for a day. However, the real problem is with people who get migraine on daily basis. How do you guys even handle it? It is worse than handling a crying baby…or maybe worse than that even!

There are a lot of reasons why you might be getting migraines. And that is what makes them so frustrating.

You never can pinpoint at the cause of it.

They can be caused by hormonal changes, changes in your medication (which you might be taking for another medical issue), or some foods. The list of its so-called “assumed” causes can go on and on.

However, a latest study in Ohio has disclosed another cause of migraine. It can be caused by low-level of vitamins.

What’s Inside the Ohio Research?

This study has been conducted at the Headache Center itself. So yes, it does hold a lot of value and if you still get those doubt tings…nothing can be done about you. So this study looked into the records of various migraine patients.

A lot of people might say that a person experiencing migraine is not a patient;

let’s just say that YES they are patients because they tackle with immense pain.

And for the record, I am not stating them as patients personally…they are termed as major medical patients.

However, looking into the medical records of children, teenagers, women and men both, the researchers made sure that they focused at the level of Vitamin D, Coenzyme Q 10, Riboflavin and Folate.

Their history was checked from the beginning to see whether they had deficiency of these vitamins or not as it was considered a major cause for migraine.

So what did this insight of medical records bring to us? A definite link was found with lack of Vitamin D and Coenzyme Q 10 along with Riboflavin as well. However, no link was found with Folate at all. Let’s dig deeper, shall we?

• Scientists found out that people suffering from migraine (majority of them) had lower levels of Vitamin D, Coenzyme Q 10 and Riboflavin. They had lower than normal level of these essential vitamins.

• Women and girls were found out to have the lowest levels of Vitamin D which causes migraine most in them. 18% of women face migraine however, only 6-8% of men have to deal with it.

• People who get migraine on occasional basis, had near t normal level of Vitamin D and others…which made them get the migraine attack after some days or weeks or just once or twice a month.


From the very beginning, migraine patients have been told that they don’t have an absolute solution to their problem.

However, this research in Ohio is gaining huge attention and doctors are now paying attention to the vitamin levels of these patients as well. If these vitamin levels can be stabilized to normal….there is hope that your migraine might become occasional or vanish.

I know, for people who get it on daily basis…making it happen once in a month will be nothing less than a bliss.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed here and see whether this interesting study gets implemented around the world or not!

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