Mavic Pro Quick Review

DJI was already very popular among consumers because of their phantom line up. Phantoms are generally inexpensive and easy to fly. DJI wanted to introduce an even more, user-friendly yet powerful drone for their consumers.

Hence, they introduced all new “Mavic pro”. An ultra-portable drone with all the bells and whistles of a professional drone.


Mavic pro offers a very user-friendly design. Its four legs are foldable hence, it’s ultra-portable and can be carried in any regular size pocket.

Also, it’s very lightweight. The overall build and finishing off the drone are very nice. The design is fairly new for a DJI series drone.

This time DJI mounted the camera on the front of the drone instead of the bottom. The four wings of the drone are shaped like inspire 2 {but they retract when Mavic is in the air}.


Mavic pro didn’t disappoint us in this regard. Despite the fact that it’s ultra-portable, its performance in the air is great. Mavic pro hovers extremely well. It also has a new tripod mode. In this mode, the stability of the drone is extremely well. Other than the stability, Mavic pro has an excellent top speed of 60 Km/h. considering the size of the drone 60kmh speed is more than enough for such a drone.

In order to reach maximum speed, drone must be flown in sports mode. The propellers on Mavic pro may look tiny but in the real world, they perform exceptionally well.

Mavic pro comes bundled with great intelligent flying modes including tripod mode and spotlight pro.

Mavic pro uses DJI’S new Ocusync technology. With Ocusync, Mavic can be flown all the way up to 4.3 miles {7 km}. Moreover, the quality of video feed has also been bumped.

Mavic can stream live video feed in 1080p instead of 720p. In short, Ocusync is a great new addition and works flawlessly on Mavic.


Mavic pro has a built in 4k capable camera. Considering the portability factor of Mavic, the camera assembly is mounted on the front of the drone.

Moreover, the camera is also small in size but it is stabilized through a 3 axis gimbal. Despite the size of the camera, the quality remains top notch. 4K video right out of the camera is crisp and has good color depth.

Furthermore, 4K can be recorded all the way up to 60 Fps. This Camera is also capable of taking 12Mp stills. The quality of both the videos and photos this camera is capable of delivering seems more than enough for an average consumer.

All new controller:

Mavic pro is the DJI’s first consumer drone which comes with the unique controller. The main attraction of this controller is the built-in LCD monitor which displays necessary information for the convenience of the flyer.

The controller is very compact. It still offers all the controls and also few direct buttons. The build and finishing of all the controls and dials are also good.

The controller is so light and compact that it can be carried in any pocket.


Mavic pro is the DJI’S lightest and the most portable drone available right now. It’s easy to fly, has excellent flying range, good flying time and also a 4K capable camera on board.

Despite its small size, the performance of this drone is unmatched for its class. Mavic pro remains an excellent portable drone for everyone.


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