Can You Control Your Thoughts? Find 6 Ways On How To!

Can You Control Your Thoughts

So Can You Control Your Thoughts? – Mastering your thoughts is no easy task, is it? Fighting your beliefs and what you declare right is a tough battle. A battle that you have fewer chances to win! To eliminate all those thoughts which limit you and your personal growth is important even when it might seem like the most difficult task to attend to. So I am obviously going to help you do this. You need to take this process slow as it cannot be attended to in a rush and don’t try doing that even; it will result in failure. Go kind of yourself and you will hopefully be able to control your thoughts and rebuild your brain.

Mastering your thoughts:

1. Start Diminishing The Thoughts that Limit you-List them Down:

We all have a mindset and when it comes to changing it, it can be disastrous. So the best thing to do is to go slow. Maybe just list down some thoughts that you think are limiting you or your beliefs that are stopping you from growth. And start working on them.

2. Gratitude:

Usually, when we are not getting what we want, we start blaming our fate for it. This is where we go wrong. In order to rebuild yourself, you need to be thankful for TODAY. You need to be gratified of what you already have. Gratification makes you happy. And in order to control your negative thoughts or thoughts that limit you, you need to be happy. If you aren’t feeling good about your life or current position and you are not being thankful, then you won’t be able to rebuild yourself either. Gratitude comes from within you and will automatically bring in a change in your life.

3. Think about your Future:

You don’t need to over visualize things but think about the nearest 3 years of your life. What do you want to achieve in this life? What are you planning to accomplish? Are you thoughts limiting you? Take this as a motivation that you won’t allow your thought to limit you or break you down and you won’t allow them to become a hurdle in the way of your goals. This will help you get rid of them even faster.

4. Imagine your Day:

Negative thoughts prey your mind. They are horrendous for your personal growth and let alone your day even. These thoughts prey on your good day as well, turning it into a terrible one. Your thoughts are what drive you. So start imagining how you want your day to go. If you want it to be full of happiness and positivism, then you need to start thinking the same way also. This will motivate you to put a halt to all the terrible thoughts and live.

5. Forgive and Forget:

We limit ourselves when we don’t forgive people. We hold on to all the grudges and it limits us from growing. It limits our thoughts and it doesn’t allow us to grab positivism. Forgiving allows you to look at the brighter side. You don’t wait for karma to do its work. You are free as you have forgiven people, even if with a heavy and broken heart. And you will be stress-free and you will definitely feel the positive effects of it.

6. Blessings:

Once you have forgiven people and you have let go of the bad memories by forgetting the bad they did to you; you are set free to acknowledge the blessings of your life. Starting looking into smaller things, that makes you a blessed person. Consider your comfortable bed a big bliss as people have to sleep on roads as well. Think about how your branded coffee is much costly than a poor man’s entire meals for the day. Think about how you dress up in wonderful clothes when someone might be starving for a one time meal as well. Just think of how lucky you are to see another sunrise and getting another opportunity to make your life even better, whereas a child of 10 years old might be suffering from cancer. He/she didn’t get time to dream even.


Thoughts make us who we are. If we think badly, we are going to be a bad person. Similarly, if our beliefs are conservative and all we are bothered about is our tiny little box of thoughts, then maybe we will never get a chance to outgrow from what we really are and become a better person.

Thus, you need to control your negative thoughts and beliefs that limit you. You have to rebuild yourself for you only. And this can only be done with motivation, gratitude, forgiving who did badly with you and forgetting the negative memories. Grab positivism and live a joyous and stress-free life.


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