4 Ways To Make Your Hair Thick In Volume And Strong

hair thick and strong

Recently I had a trip to “not important” and since I was riding in a bus this whole time, I was with one of the, well according to her a “hair expert” sitting with me and this whole trip she blabbered about all the important things to keep one’s hair healthy.

Some of them were just “Kill me now, I can’t take this anymore” but still when I came back home, I realized that some of her points were not that bad after all and seemed kinda legit. So that’s where this article come in!

But if you are a victim to hair loss that’s a whole another story. Too many numbers of people are suffering from hair loss every day, mostly men. The issue has become relatively common. By the way, I was reading this from Wikipedia about Xie Qiuping, check her out. She holds the record for having the longest hair (18 feet, 5.4 inches).

Hair loss could be an end result of aging, lack of required nutrients in the body, genetic factors, use of too much hair products for hair styling, too much ironing or use of heat on your hair, you might be taking too much stress, there can be hormonal imbalances in your body and so on.

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Anyways so the loss of 40 strands of hair daily could be normal at certain circumstances but when a person starts losing 70 plus strands of hair per day, it is an alarming situation. (You know if you have time to count them all)

Immediate action is required to avoid bald spots.

You are not going to become Rapunzel or Xie Quiping by following these given points but yes these are some effective ways that can help you out in making your hair look great and awesome.

1-Use correct way for washing your hair:

Massage your hair with the shampoo around 30-40 seconds. Use conditioner only on the tips of your hair. Then massage along with the conditioner, this will increase the blood circulation in the hair follicles and would make your hair look shiny and silky.

Also, wash your hair with a cool water. Hot water is not recommended as it damages your hair.

Also after washing, just try to dry your hair naturally and not with the blow dryer because again heat damages your hair.

2-Oiling your hair:

A proper hair and scalp massage could be an effective way of restoring your hair and also to prevent further hair loss.

It increases the blood flow to your hair follicles and will condition your scalp thus providing the strength to the roots.

What I love about it though is that it’s also stressing relieving.

For the massage, various oils can be used such as coconut oil, olive oil, amla oil etc.

You can a have a mixture of oils (yea mix em up if you want) and egg too as the egg contains essential nutrients for hair growth. But you are literally gonna hate its’s smell so also do something about that too.

Oiling your hair at least once in the week is the basic prerequisite.

Here I will mention some of the other natural ways for hair growth.

1-Use mixture of Amla and lemon juice.
Amla is rich in Vitamin C which promotes hair growth a lot.

2-Use onion juice. Yup.. Onion.
Apparently it contains high percentage of sulfur that increases blood circulation to hair follicles.

3-Use Aloe Vera.
It contains enzymes that directly supports hair growth.

4-Use Licorice Root.
It’s a herb that acts as a remedy against hair loss and hair dandruff.

3-Natural diet

Sweet potatoes and bronchi are rich in vitamin A. Vitamin A is a natural anti-oxidant that helps in formation of sebum and sebum is a natural hair conditioner.

Raspberries and raw cauliflower along with other vegetables that are rich in biotin which could be effective for hair growth too.

Biotin is a member of the little vitamin B family. It promotes hair growth as well as prevents from hair fall.

Spinach and carrot is a rich source for Vitamin E. It is a strong fighting agent against harmful rays from surroundings that may damage your hair.

Similarly, for collagen formation, Vitamin C is essential. So intake of citrus fruits is effective for your healthy hair.

4-Use supplements:

If you are not taking enough vitamins from your diet, then certainly hair loss would be at your part.

I have mentioned the above essential vitamins for the betterment of your hair. Mostly doctors don’t recommend medicines for hair restoration as they got other side effects that might later on prove to be harmful for you.

So It’s better to go for supplements.

Some of the recommended supplements are vitamin A and C, amino acids, Omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acid.


Hair is natural beauty of a person, no doubt. But if you are suffering from hair loss, don’t get panic.

Firstly, it’s important to know the cause behind your hair loss in order to prevent further loss.

Secondly preferably go for a natural treatment.


  1. Hi,

    You have correctly suggested natural ways to deal with hair loss like washing with amla and lemon juice, oiling our hair and going for natural diet. Going for chemical laden products can harm our hair.

    I would like to add that amla is not only helpful when used externally in forms of amla juice or amla powder but also eating it is very good for hair as it is very rich in vitamin C.

    Amla can be eaten directly or we can drink its juice. If fresh amla is not available we can soak dried amla and eat it.

    Really good article.



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