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Time to find the Magnetic stirrer with hot plate specifications including great products.

The magnetic stirrer with hot plate is basically a laboratory equipment which is used to heat and stir mixtures. This device is easy to use and equipped with the latest technology. The hot plate stirrer allows for Quick and easy knob adjustment for stirring speed and temperature of the hotplate.

The magnetic stirrer is placed in the fluid and it causes the stir bar to rotate rapidly thus mixing the contents well through rotating magnetic fields.

Why we need a magnetic stirrer with a hot plate?

Magnetic stirrer with hotplate makes it easy to heat and stir the contents.

It is important that stirring Is done so that the chemical reaction does not stop.

The magnetic stirrer with hot plate Tarson can heat up to 500ml of liquid in around 20-25 minutes.

The magnetic stirrer with hot plate Tarson also has a stand which is easily adjustable along with a holder for a thermometer so that the temperature can be measured.

Although this is a great device for heating and automatic stirring but should not be used for more than 8 hours non-stop s when using this equipment, we should avoid using for more than 8 hours continuously to avoid any problems with the device.

The magnetic stirrer with hot plate is mostly used in the fields of biology and chemistry where the magnetic stirrer with hot plate is used for heating and stirring the mixture so that the contents in the mixture are mixed and a homogeneous liquid mixture is obtained.

Stirring increases the rate of reaction by increasing the collision between the particles.

The magnetic stirrer with hot plate is preferred because it minimizes the risk of contamination as a stir bar is placed in the liquid for stirring the liquid to get an evenly mixed solution.

This magnetic stirrer with hot plate is easy to clean and also is better than the manual stirs because it can be used for a longer period of time for example for protein dialysis the mixture might need to be mixed for several hours so the magnetic stirrer with hot plate can do this task in less time and more efficiently.

Magnetic Stirrer with Hot Plate specifications

The basic magnetic stirrer with hot plate specifications are that the magnetic stirrer has a maximum rpm of 1500 and 500 ml can be the maximum amount that stirrer can hold.

The magnetic stirrer setting or adjustable speed ranges from 15-1500 rpm.

Few other magnetic stirrers with hot plate specifications are as follows.

The temperature of the magnetic hot plate can be adjusted up to 250c. The flasks up to 1000ml in size can be placed on the magnetic stirrer with a hot plate.

It has the feature on the last run memory and also contains a speed setting system moreover it doesn’t have an async mode.

It has a protection glass and also the pulse function.

The suitable thermometer length is 25m.

There are many other magnetic stirrers with hot place specifications depending on its model and the brands. The specifications mentioned are the common features which every magnetic stirrer with hot plate contains.

Four E’s 5 Inch LED Digital Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer

This magnetic stirrer with hot plate is a wonderful device to be used in laboratories.

This device has an external temperature sensor and also has a plastic casting with makes it highly high temperature resistant and high flame retardant which makes it ideal for frequent use in experiments for mixing of different fluids even at high temperatures

The hot plate is made up of stainless steel and is ceramic coated which is done to make the cooldown of fluids quick and also so that the heat is transferred at high speed and helps in avoiding corrosion.

The reading is displayed on the LED. The digital display makes the reading easy.

The temperature range is 50-320c. while it has DC motor in it which is superb hence it can operate for quite a long time continuously.

It works great and the price is great for the product keeping in mind the quality and features in it.

Waverly HS2S HS2-S Circular (5″) LED Digital Hotplate-Stirrer.

This is an amazing magnetic stirrer with ha ot plate. It has a digital display so it’s easy to see the temperature and speed and also it has a ceramic coating and heats up to 280c. This speed range is 100-150o rpm while the speed range of Remi magnetic stirrer with hot plate is 100-1000rpm. It has all that is required.

It is far better than Remi magnetic stirrer with a hot plate as it is built with the highest quality material which makes it an excellent equipment for stirring and heating.

It also includes a free PT 1000 temperature probe which can be plugged into the unit which allows temp to be controlled by your liquid instead of the hotplate.

This magnetic stirrer with hotplate also includes a free PT1000 temperature probe through which the temp can be controlled by the liquid instead of the hotplate this feature is not available in Remi magnetic stirrer with a hot plate.

It also has an overheat protection which makes is safe to use.

In short, it has all the fundamental features which are necessary for a magnetic stirrer with a hotplate. ‘


If you are looking for an affordable magnetic stirrer with hotplate then you should consider the above 2 equipment’s mentioned above.

All their features have been briefly discussed and you don’t need to look anywhere else spend your money to get the best products by just reading the above reviews and make your purchase easily through Amazon.

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