Madiha Naqvi – All You Need To Know

Do you know Madiha Naqvi grabs the tenth position of google most search personalities of 2019? She was all over social media, after marrying Pakistani politician Faisal Sabzwari in 2019.

Have you ever searched her on Instagram and her followers? If you do, you’ll find that Madiha Naqvi has already uploaded more than fourteen hundred photos and videos on her Instagram channel.

These videos and content she uploaded, helped her to get almost 320K followers on Instagram. Moreover, she is popular on twitter as well, having 220k followers.

She was not a very known personality until 2010; she has got the actual followers in recent years. It’s always a challenging task to gain fame from general people as a news anchor; still, she has got 40k following on Facebook too.

Madiha Naqvi, a famous TV host, and a well-known personality, since she started her carrier as a newscaster and anchor from City 42 channel.

City 42, provides her with the initial platform, that every beginner need, to polish her skills and she proved herself in this news anchor industry.

She is currently a part of ARY news and is one of the most loved anchors of the Pakistani media industry. Moreover, she also serves the industry with her journalism skills.

She is also associated with major Pakistani news channels named Geo, Samaa, and Bol news too. Here we compiled the details of Madiha Naqvi’s personal and professional life.

By reading the following information, you will know from where she started her career and how she worked hard and succeeded to become one of the most renowned hosts on news channels.

Early Life

She lived in Lahore and was born on 4th September; the year of her birth is still unknown, but a lot of rumors were revolving around on social media.

She spent all her life in Lahore and completed her schooling from Lahore too. She did a bachelor’s in Mass Communication department of renowned Kinnaird College from Lahore.

She was the president of the music club of her college as she was interested in film making.

She was very passionate about film-making so she did bachelors in that field too, but she changed her mind about joining showbiz after joining news media.


Madiha Naqvi’s full name is Syeda Madiha Zohra Naqvi. Her blood group is sporadic, that is O negative.

Moreover, she has got a pleasant, sweet voice; she is fond of singing too but never tried to uplift her skills to a professional level. She is also fond of dressing up elegantly, and her weakness is handbags.

Talking about an incident in her life, in one of her interviews, she mentions when her father was about to crash the car due to dizziness.

In this car accident, she was with her mother and two younger brothers, they all got injuries, and she claims that to be the worst memory of her life.

Her Family

According to our research, both her mother and father are alive. Her father’s name is Syed Nisar.

Her mother’s name is Hussain Naqvi, but unfortunately, we were not able to gather any information about her mother.

As nothing was shared on social media regarding her family accept that she has four siblings, two of them are brothers and the others are sisters.

Professional Career

She is one of the most elegant and well-known names of social media, as she was dedicated to her work and was a hard worker, due to which she got success in a very short period.

Due to her anchoring skills, many news channels were willing to work with her and tried to approach her as an excellent anchor can increase the TRP for a channel and Madiha is a real example of that.

The start of her career as a newscaster and anchor from Lahore based City 42 changed the track of her life. It was the first step of her professional life, unlike her initial aims of film making.

This first experience of hers was enough to provide her with a boosting platform, and soon she joined Dunya News as a newscaster.

Although she was already a known name in the Pakistani industry, she got her actual fame from Dunya News, where she presented with her unique and professional style, and people started to enjoy her shows.

Madiha’s stay in Dunya News came out to be a fantastic experience and was essential to lift up her professional career. And soon she became a renowned personality and was a top news anchor.

She left Dunya news after working for them for two years; it seems that she had other plans so rather than pursuing her career as a newscaster, she joined Geo Television Network.

She worked with Geo news for a long time and proved her self to be the one who is worth staying, due to her presentable ways and pretty manner, it was a relatively easy task for her to gain that much love and respect.

Her stay at Geo news was also a brilliant success to her, and she hosted “Geo Shan Se” which was appreciated by viewers and was an uplifting moment for her.

After that, she also hosted “Doodh Pati” on Geo Tez which also added a floor to her mind-blowing success.

Right after this, the Bol news channel was launched, she joined it but left after some time due to the emergence of scandal and joined Geo news again as a host and hosted a morning show on Geo Kahani.

After this much fame from the platform that Geo provided her, she then joined Samaa News, where she started her work by hosting the most famous show of her life “Subah Samaa Ke Sath.”

She hosted this show for a while, also a Ramzan transmission for Samaa until she decided to leave this channel too.

One of the best opportunities she got was to work with one of the biggest media groups in Pakistan “ARY News” where she currently is working.

During her career lifting process in news channels, she also worked with one of the well-known actor Shan Shahid and was also selected by the channel to cover the Presidential Elections in the USA.

On her stay at ARY News, she is also hosting a news show with a morning appearance named” Bakhabar Savera.”

First Marriage

It was the start of 2013 when she got married to a gentle and common man named Syed Ali. At that time, she was working with city 42, which was the initial step to her career.

This big occasion in her life was an arranged marriage by her family’s decision. This wedding was attended by her family and friends too. This news of her marriage was the one surprising people as no such news was prior to it.

Pictures of her marriage were shared all over social media and were widely spread, all her fans congratulated her on her big decision and shared her photos with her husband with love and support.

But unfortunately, this marriage was short-lived and got ended up with divorce within the first year of marriage. It was a piece of shocking news for all fans and friends of Madiha parting her way with her husband.

Second Mariage

The news of her second marriage circulated all over social media in 2019. She got married to a politician, a member of MQM named Faisal Sabzwari.

Faisal Sabzwari is a senior leader of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement; he also served as the opposition leader in Sindh Assembly.

This second marriage was beneficial to her and the good news to her fans too because the first marriage was ended within a short span.

Faisal Sabzwari, who was previously married to a woman named Amber, recently divorced her after which he married Madiha Naqvi.

One more news that circulated around social media about Madiha’s second marriage was that this couple was married a long time ago, but they hide it and only revealed recently.

This event of her second marriage was a close private event, the reasons you will not find pictures and videos of it over social media that much.

But this wedding was attended by some prominent politicians such as Chief Minister of Sindh, Murad Ali Shah, and Governor Sindh, Imran Ismail.

If you are a fan of Madiha Naqvi and want to know more about her, follow her on her Instagram and Facebook account where she shares a lot about her life.


She is an elegant lady with pretty attractive facial features that are enough to attract viewers as getting fame being an anchor in a very short time is not as easy as ABC.

She is a young and demanding anchor with a photogenic face and presentable manners loaded with the talent, which helps her lift her ways.

Talking about her height, based on our research, this gorgeous, talented TV news anchor Madiha Naqvi is 5 feet 7 inches.

As working on screen, she has to keep herself healthy and fit, which helps to maintain her bodyweight that is 56 kilograms.

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