7 Things That Tell That You Do What You Love, Love What You Do

Do What You Love, Love What You Do – The basic principle of a happy life is to do what you love. This world is very beautiful until you decide to avoid it. A person can enjoy his life by doing what he wants to do.

Interest is the most important thing for a better life. People prefer to live according to their interests until you are just interested in pleasing the society and follow their parameters. If you will choose what you love then your life is going to be perfect or at least it will be joyous. Luckily these days we can do what wish to and spend our life on our own instructions.

Here is a reality check; this world is not going to appreciate you at any cost. Nobody has time to appreciate anyone but they will all stand up to bash you for sure. So the key is to do what you love and what makes you feel happy.

Follow your heart and fulfill all of your dreams, achieve all the goals of your life and work for the “big picture”. If you think you are living this way but you need a confirmation then here are 7 things that confirm that you are doing what you love.

Do What You Love, Love What You Do:

1: You are Confident:

Your confidence is proof that you are doing something you love. Confidence is the license of your dreams. You cannot achieve anything until you are not confident. Confidence portrays that you are assured of whatever you do. If you are doing what you love, then your confidence level will show it. If you are doubtful then you probably aren’t into with all your heart.


2: You are free from all the restrictions:

When you are doing something you love you are going to put your hundred percent into it. You are going to be sincere towards your work and your first priority is going to be what you are doing. There is not going to be a chance of loss. All you need is motivation and a lot of hard work. You are not restricted to anyone and you aren’t bothered by others. And are free to handle everything as you want to do. You don’t allow anyone to restrict you or your dreams. You are a free bird who knows their destination and is completely indulged in reaching it.


3: Profit and Loss:

When you are going to put all of your efforts into the work then surely this will result in profit. Business demands 100 percent hard work and struggle. Profit and loss are the part of your business and if you will work endlessly with putting in efforts, success is going to be after you at any cost. But you should be mentally prepared for all the upcoming losses as well. And this is what people who are doing what they love are always prepared for. They don’t make failures their excuse to walk out of something. Even if they face loss, they handle it and make it their strength, not their weakness.


4: Your life passion is motivation for other people:

When you are passionate about your work and you try to complete your entire task with complete courage and sincerity, the people who work with you gather motivation from you. People get attracted by the way you work and the way you are crazy about your responsibilities. They get inspired by how you handle your problems and this is like guidance for all the young people coming into any field.

If you are doing what you love, then you will not only be motivated all the time but you will be a motivation for all the people around you. You will awaken their inner workaholic as well. And that is the major purpose of life. Motivate others and be an inspiration to others.

5: You are Positive about Life Passion:

Doing what you love makes you positive. You cherish life and think about it with positivism. People, who are living according to the parameters of others, are usually frustrated with their life. They stay in depression. They might show the world that they are happy but they really are not. This is what makes them unhappy and they aren’t content with their life as well. Therefore, if you are content with your life and are taking it positively, then you are definitely doing what you love.



You only live once. This phrase makes sense because if you don’t do what you love then you aren’t going to live once even. Spend your life according to your parameters and not to please others. Stop bothering the world. Once you live for yourself and do what you love, you become a better person and you feel satisfied.

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