Success Lessons That Steven Spielberg Taught Us!

Steven Spielberg is listed on top of the list of those celebrities who went from being total failure freaks to damn successful creeps.

He was that guy in high school who got the poor grades each and every time.

No matter how hard he tried; he just couldn’t do it.

He applied at the University of Southern California three times and it won’t be surprising much that he was rejected three times.

Even with all the failures in both hands and maybe his pockets were filled with it as well, he directed 51 films and has won three Oscars as well. And we all know how hard it is to achieve an Oscar, right?

Leonardo got it after a lifetime.

Inspired by whatever was going on around him (World War 2), he decided that his first movie would be based on the life of a fighter pilot.

So what is that can inspire you from this amazing man?

Well, there always something big in people who overcome their fears and failures to reach the destination!

He believed that there are no excuses great enough to let go off what you dream about.

1. Have you an Idea? Run with it:

Steven had an idea and that was making his own films.

He wasn’t the rich guy (no successful people really are at the beginning), but at the age of 12, he somehow managed to get his request of shooting fake dogs with the vintage aeroplanes, from the manager of the airport.

His first ever editing room was his very own, tiny little bedroom.

Some people say that it was his basement. But whatever it was, he actually started from his room and didn’t just jump onto a big office.

The thing is to take your small idea to make it big.

You need to embrace the idea of your life and start doing small things to actually make it happen.

Your strong determination will power and desire is what helps you achieve that damn goal for sure.

2. No Excuses are Worth it:

When you don’t have enough cash for your own life, dreaming of making films can sound so absurd, right?

Steve always wanted an inspiring father figure in his life but whenever he connected with his dad, all that they had to talk about were his poor grades.

And that is when he decided to escape all the crap and get lost in the fantasies of the movies he wanted to make.

He had all the excuses in this world; poor grades, not enough money, oldest in the family and he didn’t’ even have a supportive father.

He could have dumped it all and would have decided to work anywhere as anyone, to get some cash in his pockets. But the bigger picture inspired him.

And years later, he was glad for not making any excuses in his life.

His pockets weren’t just filled with money but he was too content with his life…after all that is the magic of being a self-made man, isn’t it?

3. Push the Limits:

Sometimes life throws bricks at you and that is the time when you need to push the limits to make something happen for real.

Steven was fired from his internship job and he knew that there was no way he could enter the Studio lot as the guards recognized him.

Inspired by the Indiana Jones scene, he did a makeover and walked with utter confidence, through the gate of the studio and into it.

The guy seriously needs some great round of applause for that amazing performance, though.

So just sometimes, life wants you to push your limits.

Do something different.

To come out of your comfort zone…to step out of it and push through the barriers which are stopping you from achieving what you want to.

I am sure that Steven wouldn’t have regretted the moment he pushed through the normal him and dressed up to enter that Studio.

He knew that it was now and never and that his life-changing factor actually stood in that place.


A determination is all you need to do what you want to do with your life.

It won’t be easy.

The bigger picture is what keeps you going.

And Steven did the same.

He decided to throw all of his excuses in the bin. And get up and do something for him, to become what he had always wanted to.

That is why they say:

Work yourself, on yourself and only for yourself.

And that is what Steven did.

He believed that his dreams would change the course of his sad and poor life and so they did.

The guy who was nowhere on the list of smart people is now one of the famous celebrities.

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