Law of Attraction Easy Explanation

Those of you who don’t know, the LAO, let me explain today all of you the law of attraction easy explanation which is simple really.

That positive thoughts attract positive things in your life… like attracts like That’s it.

I don’t understand why there are thousands of books and courses on the internet regarding this topic.

There is nothing much to it. And practicing the law of attraction is easy.

When it comes to practicing the law of attraction, there is just one point to keep in mind and that is simply that you have to stay positive …and that’s it. But that’s where things get a little confusing because when they talk about keeping yourself positive they actually are asking you to make your subconscious mind positive.

Now the subconscious mind is where the magic happens.

But how to know if you have a positive subconscious mind?

Well, what sort of dreams do you have mostly? What does your mind think of naturally? Where does your mind wanders off to when you have to grab it back to thinking positive?

Law of Attraction Easy Explanation

In easier words whats your mind is like on an autopilot?

When we figure out this thing we understand that our minds are negative… and why???

Well because of years and years of negative thoughts… not seeing what we are thinking…letting our mind go where ever it wants to go…letting it thinks whatever it thinks…

So how do we make the mind positive?

It’s like gaining fats… you don’t gain fats in one or two days…you gain fats over a couple of years and then one day you see your belly down there hanging like a bowl full of jelly and you “Google”… “How to lose fats within 1 week”

You cant lose all those fats within a week or even a month… and in the same way you can’t make your mind positive overnight.

Making a positive mind requires focus, dedication, and discipline…

And from where would all these things come from?

Well from within you…there is no book …no course …no guru that can help you in being a more disciplined and focused. Only you can help yourself.

Trust me when I say this… it simply requires you to do things when you don’t want to…

Not smoking when you want to…

Not eating crap…when you want to…

Going to bed on time… getting up on time… exercising… Our minds run away from these things because it’s just scared of working hard… it’s natural.

Nobody is disciplined naturally … they make themselves disciplined. It’s just every time they want to do something that they know is wrong… they simply give the brain the shutup call and they don’t do it.

We can cry out loud…”HELP ME” “SOMEBODY” … but the truth is nobody can help you but you.

Again, there is no book, no course, no secret, nothing that can train your mind. It’s only you.

Just start doing things you want to. Start meditating. Stop complaining. Stop being negative. Over time it will become a habit.

Don’t get me wrong… I’m not saying, motivation videos and speeches don’t help you… all I’m saying is that they help you in taking a start …in building a habit and once a habit is built, it’s easier to maintain it.

How to practice your mind to think positively?

In order to make your mind positive, you would have to change your overall lifestyle. You would have to be disciplined. Have a look at this post where I talked on this topic extensively.

You would have to get up early and have a morning routine that you should follow.

If you own your morning, you own your day!

If you want to follow my morning routine then let me tell you what I do.

  • I wake up at 5 am sharp daily everyday.
  • I start with my morning coffee. I make it strong with some bulletproof octane.
  • I start by breathing deeply and slowly after sitting in a comfortable position. (You can sit anywhere, I sit on my home office chair)… Also, you have to see from which nostril you are breathing from… if its form the right one, you would have to make sure you start breathing from the left one…(apparently, our nose left nostril opens up when we are more relaxed)
  • After that… I start meditating… now meditation is nothing but you focusing on your breathing. We give our mind just the breathing to focus on and try our best to not think of anything…If it’s tough for you…don’t worry… keep on doing that you will be okay.
  • after that, I do some stretching and Yoga and warm-up exercises.
  • Then I go to the gym for my workout.
  • Eat breakfast after a shower and go to my office.

You have to eat healthily and exercise. Because a healthy body has a healthy mind.

You have to do meditation daily which will help you declutter your brain from negativity and refill it with positive feelings and emotions.

And stop with the negativity.

Just stop complaining. You don’t have to repeat again and again to the universe if something is not right in your life. Nothing in your life… no event… no situation is your life… life is simply energy and that’s it. Only send out positive vibes to the universe. If you feel low, or are in a bad situation think about what Eminem said in his “not afraid” song…

I guess I had to go to that place to get to this one.

So its just universe pointing you to your direction where one day you will achieve all the things you ever wanted in your life.

And yes one more thing…You would have to be with positive people and remove all the toxic ones out of your lives…

Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future!

I don’t know where I heard it but it’s a nice quote.

Visualize & Let Go

Now I assume you have spent a decent amount of time on yourself… in making you …the happier and positive you… so what the next step?


Now that your mind is decluttered from all the negativity of this world, you are ready to fill it with positivity…

Visualize all the things you want to have in life and visualize you having them all…for example if its a car…

visualize sitting in that car…

what would the steering wheel in your hands feel like?

how are the expensive leather seats make you feel?

Are you comfortable sitting on them?

Visualize everything there is to visualize and with feelings… feel those emotions…

And that’s it.

You will attract whatever you want very soon. =)
Let me know what you guys think!


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