Why Knowing Your “Why” Is The Greatest Tool To Success?

Know Your Why: Are you aware of your own why? This might sound weird but everything in your life is quite useless until you have the answer to your own why in your hands. Why are you inspired by something? Why your inspiration does motivate you so much? Why is the goal of your life the ultimate goal in all?

So you see, all the questions of the “big picture” of your life start with a “why” and do you have the answer to your own why? Well, I guess a lot of us haven’t even thought of it yet and many might be confused while they read this. So here, I will be telling you that why knowing your own “why” is your greatest tool for success in life!

Know your why: Is it essential?

So the first question that pops into all human brains after going through the first paragraph of this article is why is it important? You will say that your life is probably perfect without knowing the “why” even, right? But if you know your own “why”, it will help you going on when everyone else on the battlefield will be up for quitting. Your “why” is what ultimately makes you stay stronger. This eventually becomes your reason for success when the rest are on the verge of failure.

Everyone has an answer to their “why” at the back of their mind. It might be a little blur or you might not know how to say it out in words. But making this blurry image in your mind clearer is really important. It is essential to identify and define your “why”. You need to take it out from the back of your mind and confront it.

This might be as easy as a piece of cake for many people. But at the same time, it can be really tough for the majority of the people. So you might be wondering that how can you know your own “why”, right?

William Barclay said:

They are two greatest days in a person’s life; one, when they are born and second when they discover the why.

Finding you’re why is not difficult:

You need to question yourself why you are doing something or the reason why you started off with something. For instance, we make so many promises in the name of New Year’s Resolutions right? But do we fulfill even one of them? No, we don’t. This is because we don’t make an effort to understand the “why” behind any single resolution of ours. Or maybe our “why” doesn’t hold the power, we think that it did in the first place.

For example, your friend comes up to you one day and you both are talking about your goals. You suddenly say that I want to be a musician. And your friend asks you, why you want to be a musician.

You will be confused (if you don’t know your “why”) and you will probably say that because I want to be a musician. Out of nowhere, your friend brings in another question that will happen when you become a musician? And you will be saying that it will help you complete your dream of being a famous musician.

Then there comes in another question; do you want to be famous or a musician? And what will happen once you are a famous musician?

The major answer to it might be that I love music or maybe music brings peace to your life. And you want it to stay along throughout your life. So basically, if you have the answer to your WHY with you, you would not struggle through the answers.


What is your “Why”:

Know that your “why” is your weapon. It is your motivational tool.

A lot of people try solving the “why” for a lot of people. But that is wrong. You should never do it for them. This is because of their “why” is their motivational tool…it is their personal fighting strategy when everyone else quits and it is their power which tells them to keep on going.

A lot of people might find someone else’s “why” weird and while they talk about it, they might also sound crazy. But that is what makes them unique and for them their “why” makes seamless sense.



Knowing your “Why” becomes your strength. So know it, memorize it and maybe write it down somewhere. Don’t allow others to seek your “why” for you. Only you own it and only you must own it. if you haven’t yet tried to find your “Why” then do it now. It will help you crawl to your destination when you cannot run. It will simply teach you to never give up.

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