Kids these Days Have Everything Yet they Lack A lot in Life

Kids these Days Have Everything.

If someone could just give me one chance to get reborn in this time of life; I would have loved to do so. There is no better time than today’s life, to be kids.

Kid’s life is indeed a great era no doubt.

They have everything that we as kids craved for and we could have never imagined in life.

High end features smartphones, those mind-blowing gadgets and everything that they can possibly possess in the name of entertainment, information and much more. Basically a life full of technology.

But this modern life has erased something adorable from our new generation; those appreciated aspects of childhood.

A 13-year-old kid can easily be assumed as 18 or 20 these days, why because of culture, society, life, and this social media.

So yes, they have sources that bring them makeup (which makes them look like they are perfectly groomed life models).

Even when today’s kids don’t really lack anything in the name of possessions, their physiological life growth and needs are being deserted.

It is the time that a deep insight should be taken about what your kid really wants rather than that PS or Xbox.

Who has time for Outdoor Activities in their life?

This is so damn obvious and certain. If your kid will have access to Xbox and all those highly graphical video games…why would they even want to step outside in the sun and enjoy the life outside and play? They can do all that in GTA!

I remember how we use to go outside every noon or eve, to bicycle around the street or play, breathing in fresh air life had to offer. It not only helped us in becoming active but it also aided in shedding laziness from our personality in all and made life more experience.

This eventually means that even though they have all the desired material possessions, they lack the opportunity to work out, socialize with people, draw their imagination to places and be active.

They are just too busy on the internet globe that they hardly know what is going on the life outside.

I am not saying that technology is the bad guy.

It is your best friend while you need help with homework. But there is no way that you consider it an alternate for your health and outdoor activities.

It is the way you utilize it, makes it the bad guy for all.

They Don’t Praise Humanity:

Let’s just not put the blame game on tech and assume that outdoor activities and health is being neglected these days. There is so much more to life, right?

Researchers these days are nothing but a headache.

Believe it or not but the latest study has shown that kids nowadays are more interested in achievements in life rather than helping people.

And we see this every day, don’t we?

A child would be more interested than reaching his own car rather than helping someone cross the road along with them. Who has time for that, right?

I sometimes think that kids these days are busier than us…or at least they reflect it.

Hey, are you guys running businesses out there.

I just forgot that you have the 125th level of Candy Crush to get cleared with.

Anyways coming back to the point, kids lack morals in this life.

This is because they are pressurized to improve their grades and are taught nothing about how nice they have to be people around them or how they need to help anyone who asks for it. They are not taught the manners of life. They are not given any life experiences.

Children these days look in for their own happiness and achievements and don’t consider being caring for anyone.

This is obviously something that parents and teachers need to work on before we lose whatever little we are left with.

Money Discussion:

Okay, so I guess everyone is going to agree with this. Parents are going to tell you repeatedly, that you have no place in this life if you don’t have money in your hands.

They will even make it an initiative for you. I mean, they keep telling you that good grades will get you money, a bigger house, and a much more luxurious car. And you will be well settled in life.

But can anyone take a little time out to tell them how important life is?

We hardly talk about being responsible citizens, right? Even when you are discussing money, you need to tell them about how to manage credit scores or how can they handle their own budget or pocket-money.

Well, no, we don’t have time for that, do we?

Just one thing; if you don’t have the knowledge, all that money in your bank account won’t take you anywhere.

I mean obviously you can go to Paris and California but you won’t be much famous as you don’t have anything to spread amongst others. You will be providing nothing to this life.


Okay so as much as I desired to have a lush life childhood life like today’s kids, I still am thankful for the way have been groomed and bought up.

I know how to run, how to be social and how to communicate with people around me. I have good life experience.

I have morals to help others and I would certainly prefer helping someone.

Kids these Days Have Everything

In the name of materialistic possessions…but do they have a good persona? Are they nice people?

Are they able to stand out?

Are they physically healthy?

Parents and teachers need to peek inside where our younger generation is heading to before it’s too late.

Teachers should teach these cute kids, the experiences of life. History lessons they can take out and use them in their life. They should be taught about manners, helping others.

They should be taught about this life.

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