5 Most Inspirational songs from Animated Movies!

When songs force me to remember something and make me feel inspired and all…that is when a song becomes a lifetime partner for me. Such songs bring the best memories from within us and allow us to cherish and feel them again.

The Bare Necessities [Jungle Book] got such a hype. The lyrics were such a delight to listen to and anyone who is unable to let go off tensions can just do it, by listening to this song.

I mean I feel like I am a kid again while listening to this song. Its lyrics are so inspirational and just would cheer anybody up in a moment!!! Thanks for this song!!

And we certainly can’t forget Happy from Despicable Me, can we? Music is all about lifting up your moods. We should always keep that little child (which hides within all of us) alive and happy. So here are some of the most inspirational songs that animated movies have gifted to us.

If you haven’t heard them yet, make sure you do.

Kid Friendly Songs:

The Trail we Blaze: The Road to El Dorado:

This song brings out the traveler in us and encourages us to seek for what is on the other side of road or life.

It brings in the motivation to travel and see what life has to offer us rather than just idling on that couch lazily.

It excites the inner soul to turn to roads that can offer us something new and exciting. Anyone who loves to travel would definitely understand the lyrics deeply.

Let it Go: Frozen:

This song is nothing but bliss for people who find it so hard to let go of the bad things in their life.

The pitch of the singer in this is high which makes your inner soul rise to the need of letting go. It does awaken you, doesn’t it?

And yeah, if your bro ain’t getting up…you can play it in his ear and he definitely will wake up with that high pitch.

However, this song can be such a delight to hear if you have just broken off with someone.

“Let it Go, Let it Go!”

Hakuna Matata: The Loin king:

With such a chaotic and busy life, sometimes all you need is a break an end to those endless worries.

Listening to Hakuna Matata is probably going to make you feel stress-free automatically.

This song is all about relaxing and enjoying the moment around and within you. So next time someone tries to piss you off or worry you; just say Hakuna Matata and shake all that stress, off your shoulders.Song

You have Got a Friend in Me: Toy Story:

We all want friends in our life and sometimes we want friends who help us, cherish us and adore us all the time.

The ones who would do anything and everything for us and we will do the same for them in return; those kinds of friends are a lifetime.

You Have Got a Friend in Me, is a song that makes you realize how great friends can be if you pick the right ones.

Reflection: Mulan:

Who didn’t have parents who told them to do something because it was best for them?

Even though, you did not want to run your life that way. We all did! And so did Mulan.

And all those time you wish that people could just peek inside you and see who you really are and want to be instead of being misjudged.

This song is all about how people don’t see what you really are but tend to judge you by the mistakes you make.


Songs bring the inside of you to peace or make it work more inspirationally. And Disney has always been a treat to watch and listen to.

Try out these songs (especially Hakuna Matata) and girls who are misunderstood all the time (I guess Reflection will be a great pick for you).

Just listen to these amazing and simple songs and free your mind to places, where these songs take you.

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