Jacob’s Ladder Piercing – All You Need To Know

If you are a guy who’s thinking about what piercing should I get down there, and you are considering Jacob’s ladder piercing, then the wait is over. There are a number of things to be considered here, and first one is to truly know if you really want an actual metal/ jewelry down there.

There’s a difference between fantasizing about having a piercing and actually having one that’s going to stay there.

That’s because it involves genital piercing which is done on the basic shaft of the pe*is through that loose skin in that area. Usually, a barbell or captive bead ring is pierced through that shaft.

If you aren’t really sure about this kind of body modification, this article will educate you about whether you should get it or not and what impacts and effects can it have on your body and on your partner.

Things you need to know about Jacob’s Ladder Piercing:

Jacob's Ladder Piercing Introduction

Jacob’s ladder piercing is also widely known as Freenum ladder piercing, It’s the second most common type of men’s genital piercing with the first one being the Prince Albert piercing.

Traditionally, this piercing was done for people that were not circumcised. The piercing in those cases was done in behind the tendon and set underneath the foreskin.

Jacob’s ladder piercing was developed in United States and since circumcision is completely out of control there, the piercing was tend to be done in the area of what was left of the foreskin.

That ring of the sensitive tissue was the traditional spot, now these piercings can be done in multiple spots varying upon each persons will and anatomy.

In the past it was done with a ring but nowadays using is a barbell is more common.

How it is done?

All Jacob’s ladder piercing is just right below the head and through the skin where it goes side to side.

Mostly they put a barbell in it, and rings are rarely used which makes it kind of a borderline of surface piercing.

You can have as many of those barbells as you want, the more you have, the more they start forming kind of a “ladder” and hence its name.

The criteria for your piercing to be called Jacobs’s ladder is when three or more barbells are pierced.

Most people get anywhere from 1 to 6 of those barbells but if it’s less than three.

Its’s basically a Frenum piercing and that’s the only difference between the 2.

Things you should know before having Jacob’s ladder piercing done:

With this, your piercer would put a barbell usually one that’s around 10 or 12 gauge. The barbell will go side to side right behind the head.

People mostly get their first Jacob’s ladder piercing right around where the circumcision line is.

Its not recommended going that close to the head and by doing so, the piercing just blends in with the head.

Here are a few things you should be aware of before you finalize your decision of getting this piercing.

No sex without latex barrier:

After the piercing, you aren’t allowed to exchange bodily fluids for at least 6 months. Although the healing is completed within 3-4 months, the tissues are still prone to tearing and can be dislodged.

In that kind of situation, you shouldn’t be exchanging those bacteria and other similar microorganisms with your partner to ensure that none of you gets infected.

So if you are planning to have a child then make sure that you schedule your piercings in accordance with the plan.

Also keep in mind that you are also more likely to catch STDs after the piercing, so make sure that you always have a condom with you for a minimum of 6 months.

Losing the barbells:

Barbells and rings both come with the probability of falling out. If they aren’t sitting in the right position or are a bit loosened with the passage of time, they can come out.

In most cases, you’ll find that fallen out barbell while you are sitting down on a toilet as it lands down at the bottom and then there’s nothing you can really do about it.

In other situations you might be looking for that fallen barbell in a grocery store or at your workplace.

So just simply make sure that that jewelry down there is tightened up properly to avoid any inconvenience.


There can be a significant amount of bleeding during and after the piercing.

The bleeding may vary from person to person and can last for many days.

There’s a higher percentage of blood flowing in those areas and this is why genital piercing tend to bleed more than regular piercing.

So expect on and off “bleeding episodes” after the piercing and take the desired precautions. You might need to use sanitary napkins or pads for a few days so you don’t get those embarrassing stains.

Changes after Jacob’s Ladder Piercing :

Sometimes the piercing tends to twist and punch up upon you.

Your tissue will toughen up over the passage of time after this piercing as it does with all the other types of genital piercings.

In the beginning your tissue might be a little too much sensitive stopping you from going rough with your partner for a certain period of time.

Once that period is over, the tissue will toughen up making things a lot more functional and a lot more fun between you and your partner.

Healing process:

The pen*s is a part of the body with a huge amount of blood flow. The pace at which the healing occurs varies from person to person.

So it can take up to six months for it to heal up properly.

Why People Go Through It?

Just like all the other genital piercings done out there, this is also done to create a different experience for you and your partner. A novelty.

However, don’t expect the piercing to increase the sexual stimulation if you already don’t have it, your main sexual muscle is your brain and that is where all the stimulation comes from.

So although it might increase a little stimulation, but if there are some other aspects that come into play.

Also, its a kind of piercing that you can hide. So if the workplace for example, doesn’t allow or encourage body modifications, than these kinds of piercing can be hidden better.

Recommend Barbells:

You can have as many of those barbells pierced in your shaft as you want. However, it is recommend to have three of them at a time.

The reason is that once you get past the third barbell, the inflammation comes into play making it rather difficult to keep the piercing straight.

So in order to avoid a similar kind of issue, restrain from having more than three piercings at one time.

A different kind of Pain:

If you have never been through genital piecing before this point is for you.

All the genital piercings are painful, but its different from the nose, ear, nipple or eyebrow piercings.

In the nose and ear piercings, it starts throbbing and aching once the piercing is done.

With Jacob’s ladder piercing, you’ll have to bear an intense pain while your genital is getting pierced but once it’s done, it mellows out.

It’s similar to the pain you have to bear in an injection, it hurts for a moment but then it’s gone forever. Certainly, the magnitude of pain with the piercing is much greater but the way it occurs is perfectly demonstrated by an injection example.

Differences between the Two Types of Piercings:

With the scrot*m ladders, there are a lot of variations and factors to figure in. It’s really hard to get all those marks lined up in the desired positions.

You also need to carefully examine the scrot*m for any length of time because they keep on moving, depending upon the temperature.

The experts also say that if you are getting four piercings in your scrot*m, you can expect one of them to be a little wonky.

So compared to Jacob’s ladder piercing, it’s much harder to bear and there are more chances that it can go wrong.

With Jacob’s ladder piercing, they draw a center-line through the middle and work their way up from that.

Make sure that your piercer centers it properly as the skin goes all over the place, so he must clamp them too so that your skin stays where it’s supposed to be.