5 Signs That Confirm That You Are In A Long Lasting Relationship

is our relationship going to last

So you are wondering “is our relationship going to last?” Well, every person has a different story and a varied set of emotions to talk about in the name of a relationship. Where some start off unexpectedly and last longer,  others begin wonderfully and have a terrifying end.

Well, what can we say about it?

You definitely don’t get a certification for perfect relationships, do you? How we wished that each relationship came with all the details that we wanted to know.

And well, do you know what? John Gottman (a psychologist) has spent almost 40 years of his life, ding immense research on marriages and relationships. That is some boring stuff to do, right? Maybe he just finds it as interesting as I find music.

Tastes definitely vary, don’t they?

So yeah, coming back to the point that this man has spent his “almost entire” life in doing research over relationships!

His recent research opens up 5 signs that certify that you have a long-lasting relationship.

So yeah you can clap your hands with glee and jump on the bed if you find these points matching with your current relationship status.

And if not, then maybe you can find a better fish in this sea and hope that he/she is worthy!

5 Points that will answer “Is our relationship going to last?”


That is the last thing on the list of a new generation kid. But yes, courtesy matters guys.

So if you are in a relationship where you both talk to one another with courtesy and in a friendly manner, then that is a great sign. You treat them equally and the way you converse shows respect as well.

If you have a level of courtesy and respect in your relationship then kudos!

Complaining; no Criticizing:

Two people who are together, and aren’t even similar to one another; are definitely going to have complained!

You simply cannot agree with each other on every point. You aren’t a robot, or are you? And you aren’t an alien, or are you? Having your own respective thoughts for anything is a good and natural element.

So yes there is no need to lose that.

However, in a relationship which is likely to last longer, complains don’t go to a higher level.

They don’t go personally.

This is actually rare to see these days as our generation is losing the wonderful vibe of hope and love and understanding and all those elements required for a perfect love dish.

So you do complain but you don’t make the heck of an issue out of that.

No Hurtful comments:

Yes, you can call each other names and roll your eyes at one another but not in a manner that hurts the other one. You are careful of the fact that your partner might not get offended by something you do or say.

This is actually really hard, right? I mean I am as bold and straightforward as ever. I wonder what it would be like for a person like me, to be in a relationship. How can you hold back yourself in rage? Well, I guess it comes with the love package.

By the way, losing your temper and not holding back in rage is never a good idea for you or the others. I mean we all have done mistakes which we regret and most of them were when we were angry!

Exercise will help you a lot if you have anger issues because it helped me.

No Putting Each Other Down:

Everyone argues.

This is something that is natural because two minds cannot think alike. But that does not give you the power to put down anyone.

Relationships that are a stringer, understand this.

They make sure that their differences don’t come in the way and they try to bring the best solution out of the arguments they get.

You guys stay like a united team. Does your relationship have it?


Well, maybe you need to think again!

No Ignorance:

Ignorance is a bliss but in relationships, it definitely isn’t.

Hearing your partner’s views and what they have to say is really important.

Ignoring their point of view or their thoughts are never going to make your relationship work.

So if you both don’t ignore one another and make sure that whatever the other one has to say is equally important to what you feel, then you are great to go. Did you get that by the way?

Or was that too complicated?

The lovey-dovey birds will certainly get it though, right?


What is the key to a happily married life or a relationship? It isn’t that the happiest couples are rich, smart and they have all they wish for.

They just don’t allow the negative thoughts to boost up and over-weigh the positive ones.

What they have is an emotional and intellectual connection!

There-the entire article is just summed up within three lines.


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