A Smart Ring With Intelligent NFC

The NFC smart ring offers several benefits to the user and helps him control multiple things. To start with, you do not have to store your passwords and other sensitive data elsewhere. And a great pick for it is the Jakcom R3

During our extensive research on smart selfie light rings. The NFC smart rings were able to capture our attention.

Now the Jakcrom R3 is a secure device that secures confidential data. For instance, by syncing it with your smartphone, you would only be able to unlock the phone by using the NFC ring. This simply means that the phone would not be unlocked by someone who tries to misuse it.

The Jakcrom R3 NFC ring offers several health benefits offered to the users. People who suffer from epilepsy, anxiety and high blood pressure find this device very helpful as it keeps them calm.

The Jakcrom R3 does not work with iPhones. It can be synced with both Android and Windows-based smartphones.

An NFC smart ring offers several benefits to the user.

One of them is unlocking your smartphone even when you are at a distance from it. Along with that, they can be used to make contactless payments.

The most important function of an NFC smart ring is to keep you mentally and physically calm when you are combating pressurizing situations.

It is a very helpful device for people who have anxiety problems.

The Jakcrom R3 is not compatible with iPhone because it does not support the Apple platform but works fine with both Windows and Android.

The NFC smart ting review of the Jakcrom R3 is very impressive as it offers the latest features to the user. It’s one of the coolest gadgets for men to buy.

Jakcom R3 – Features and Details

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Here are some of the features which the Jakcom R3 NFC smart ring has.

  • The best NFC smart ring is made of liquid Tugsten & Germanium. It is one of the rarest metals found in the earth’s crust. This metal offers numerous health benefits particularly to the people who do not exercise regularly or work in a high-pressure environment. People who wear it regularly are able to stay calm and concentrate on their tasks in a better manner.
  • This NFC smart works with Android and Windows-based smart-phones. Some of the brands with which it is compatible include Samsung and Huawei.
  • This NFC smart ring provides proper protection against electronic waves that enter the body when we are using the computer, smart-phone, tablet or any other electronic device.
  • This NFC smart ring works perfectly for people who suffer from convulsion. If your nerves contract when you are exposed to tension or stress, wearing this ring would help you stay calm and prevent your body nerves from contracting.

Health benefits that come with it

The Jakcom R3 NFC smart ring is inlined with Germanium. An element that improves the body’s immune system and secure cells that are healthy.

  • For an asthma patient, the situation becomes very hard to handle when there is dust around him. The condition of such patients worsens when mainly because of their nerves contract when they are hit by an asthma attack. The best NFC smart ring is suitable for asthma patients and it keeps them calmer by preventing the nerves from getting contracted.
  • People who suffer from anxiety find it hard to concentrate on pressurizing tasks. This is mainly because it is hard for them to remain mentally and physically. The Jakcom R3 works well for asthma patients as it keeps them calm both physically and mentally.
  • High blood pressure is a tough medical problem to handle. People who suffer from high blood pressure find it very hard to handle pressurizing situations. When they come across a tough set of circumstances, their breathing rate increases and they start getting palpitations. The Jakcrom R3 is a blessing for such people as it helps in keeping them calm and focused. When they face a tough situation, they remain calm and the blood pressure remains under control.
  • The harmful electronic transmissions from smartphones, laptops and other similar devices result in cancer if the user is continuously exposed to them. The best NFC smart ring combats these waves and prevents them from entering the body. In other words, it prevents cancer.

Steps to use the NFC ring with an Android-based phone

The Jakcom R3 NFC smart ring does not work with iPhone and you can only use this feature if you have an Android or Windows based phone.

Here are the steps which you need to follow to pair the best NFC smart ring with an Android-based phone.

  1. To start with, you have to be sure that your Android phone supports the NFC feature. This feature is usually in the settings menu and turned off by default. Turn this feature on before you pair the Jakcom R3 with the Android phone.
  2. Once the NFC feature has been activated, download the smart app for Jakcom R3 smart ring. To proceed after installation, click the icon of the Jakcom R3 ring.
  3. When you click the icon, two main menus “Edit Task” and “Share Info” would be displayed on your screen. To view the menu of each menu, you can click it and the related features would be shown to you.
  4. To change the settings of your NFC ring, click the “Edit Task” menu after which you would be required to touch the NFC side of the ring. This touch acts as a user login so that the needed settings can be changed.
  5. After that click the Share Info button to select the ring that you wish to pair. In this case, you would have to select the Jakcom R3.

Save your private information

People who use the internet for social or business purposes need to remember a lot of passwords for emails, social media accounts, and networking platforms. This becomes a lot easier for the users of Jakcom R3 smart ring. Along with that, working professionals can save their schedules and memos. To edit them, you would simply have to touch your ring.

Sharing information

No need to browse social media websites or open apps to share your pictures. This can be done simply by touching this amazing NFC smart ring.

Smart Phone Security

There is no doubt that the password of a smartphone is a very important detail. It can seriously invade your privacy if it falls into the wrong hands. With the Jakcom R3 NFC smart ring, you do not need to store the password of your smartphone anywhere. In other words, the smartphone would only be unlocked when you touch your smart ring. This simply means that even if your phone gets into the wrong hands, it would not be misused in any manner.


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