Barbershop Cuts Prices for Kids Who Read Aloud During Appointment

Barbershop Cuts Prices of shy kids.

Is your kid a very shy person when it comes to reading or performing in front of people?

Are you worried about your kid’s overall performance because your kid lacks the required confidence?

If so, then this is the article you have been looking for.

Every parent has the desire to raise his kid well.

Every parent wishes to see his kid performing well at school and other activities of his life.

Many parents even go forward to invest a lot of money in various children programs for their kids that provide close supervision and assistance to individual kids to eliminate their shyness and cranky attitude.

You might have heard hundreds and hundreds of innovative ways of raising your children to be creative but they never really worked and never really positively impacted on the life of your kid.

You might also have attended various workshops and public seminars about boosting the confidence level of kids.

Mostly these workshops tell the parents to give their children more time, allow them to get messy or they tell them to play with them.

But all of these ideas are very common and still, children face confidence problems in their life.

You must have googled for different articles on the internet on how to make your child read aloud at school but I am sure that you as a parent are still looking for something more interesting and surprising for your kid because all those ideas did not work well on your kid and your kid is still as shy as before.

In this article, I am going to present a very surprising yet impressive technique which is to benefits all those kids of the world who feel shy in reading aloud and have confidence problems at school.

I am sure the majority of the parents would not be aware yet of this amazing technique yet.

Take your kids to the barbershop who gives the discount on the haircut to the kids who read aloud during their appointment:

Yes, some of the parents might find this idea surprising but this technique is being adopted by a few barbershops around the world and has made the life of the parents and teachers much at peace than ever.

This is not an original idea but this idea is something that has positively impacted many children wherever it is been adopted.

A few barbershops in few places of United States like Dubuque, Lowa, Houston, Texas, Ohio have already practiced this amazing idea of providing a discount to the kids on haircut who read aloud during the appointment and the result has been outstanding.

The barbershop cuts prices and turns into a creative house:

The barbershops where this technique is practiced looks like a beautiful house now where children love to come to get their hair cut on discount.

Kids here are so much excited to get those dollars back in their pocket which their parents pay for their haircut. And for such purpose, they read aloud happily and smilingly.

The statements were given by the barbershops that practice this technique:

A few owners and workers of the barbershops were interviewed in a survey to find out whether what kind of impact it had on the not-so-confident kids and kids who have problems in reading.

Some barbershops said that the parents are extremely happy to see their kids reading aloud now. They said that they daily get compliments for this amazing business of providing discounts on the haircut. This has saved their money as well as their kid from being an ordinary kid.

They said that they get compliments from the teachers from different schools as well.

A variety of books are available at these barbershops:

One barbershop in Michigan, United States claimed that their shop consists of books.

And these books promote positivity and a positive image of the African-Americans

While barbershops of other cities said that they have the different selection of books and kids can pick the book of their own choice to read.

A man named Griffin who runs a barbershop in Michigan, United States shared his views with the public after receiving the amazing response by parents of the shy kids.

He said that I have been receiving phone calls and emails by parents and teachers. And they praise him for his effort.

The guy also mentioned that he feels more responsible now.

He also said that children who get their haircut done on discount by reading a book must tell others. They must tell about this to their friend’s so that they also benefit from this deal.


If you are interested in lifting up your child to be the most creative self. And want to hear them read aloud at school or at home, then find out these barbershops. And send your kids there on weekly basis.

It would definitely improve their reading skills and raise their confidence level.

Give your kids the chance to conquer their fears, at least once.

And if the community you are living at has not embraced this idea yet. Then you should spread it by sharing this article.

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