3 Unique Ways To Improve Your Communication Skills

Improve Communication Skills: Having an impressive and powerful communication is one of the most important skills one can learn.

Whether it is the communication at work to complete an urgent project or the communication with friends or loved ones to build the lasting relationship with problems only stem from poor communication.

It is a skill that has to be acquired from the people around us and not merely something to be taught to us at school.

By poor communication, what I mean is that if you do not have the necessary communication skills you are going to be misunderstood and unheard a lot of times in your life.

You will say something and the other person will hear and interpret something else and that is how misunderstanding will take place between the two of you.

When you have a good communication level with your kids and friends, you are most likely to communicate with any stranger effectively around you.

Your good communication skills might’s also project a good impression of you on the people you are interacting with.

Good communication between two people builds trust, respect and strengthens the relationship.

Communication is much more than a dialogue between two people.

It is not just about sharing a piece of information but to correctly perceive the emotions and intentions behind that information.

Also, communication is not productive until the information is being switched by both the people.

It demands both the people talk and exchange information.

It is not a one-way street.

You cannot give someone a message and then expect the other to perceive it just the way you want because for that you would have to communicate, talk, engage and listen to the other person’s feelings as well.

You are supposed to give full meaning to what you are saying and what you are listening.

Some of the very important benefits of effective communication are:

– Good communication will always strengthen your ties with the other person in any relationship

– At the office, it will improve the overall performance of all the employees and improve the teamwork.

– At home as a parent, it will help your children to share their feelings with you

– Good communication keeps a person happier

– It also makes you an attractive person and definitely increases the chances of your success

– It gives you self-understanding as well as understanding of others

Since communication is a learned phenomenon, I will share 3 unique ways with you that will help you to improve your communication skills and increase the chances of your success at every level.

1) Don’t hear. Instead, Listen. :

There is a huge difference between hearing to someone and being engaged listening to someone.

Most of the times, the central point for people is talking. They talk and try their best to convey what’s on their mind.

But effective communication is much more than that. It is to properly listen to the other person, to give a meaning to their words and to give importance to their feelings and intentions.

By listening to the other person, they will feel heard and good about you.

Show interest while the other person talks to you and doesn’t interrupt them also.

Try to give feedback.

2) Focus on the nonverbal signals:

During a conversation, we often overlook the importance of nonverbal signals and completely pay attention to the verbal language.

For an effective communication, giving attention to the nonverbal signals like the body gesture, facial expressions, eye contact, tone of the voice and even breathing is necessary.

You need to understand that we all have the individual difference and some people demand extra attention in communication. Therefore, giving importance to their nonverbal signs could make them feel very good.

It can also help you to navigate the most challenging situations.

3) Control your emotions:

A poor communication is the one in which a person does not keep a check on his stress and frustration.

For your communication to be productive, you need to manage your stress and keep your emotions aside.

If the other person is not getting your point, you don’t need to get frustrated or stressed about it.

A good communication is about respecting the other person’s thoughts.

Make sure that whenever you feel stressed out during a conversation, try to return to the calm state.


The more you practice the above-mentioned tips, the more rewarding your interaction will be and the more improved your communication skills will be.

Good communication would also boost your confidence level.

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