6 Problem Solving Techniques You Must Learn Today

Problem Solving Techniques: Life is so filled with surprises and more than half of these surprises are our daily routine problems. Whenever you are finally free from issues, life comes in and pops in another set of problems for you. So in all, we cannot skip the problems in our life. What we can do is to make ourselves trained to solving those problems in the best manner and don’t allow other things in our life to be affected by them. They say it right:

Life is not about finding a shelter to stay dry from rain…it is about learning to dance in it.

And you can only dance in the rain of problems if you have the perfect problem-solving skills. These are important in life. You are not going to solve all the problems of your life like a pro if you can solve your algebra equations. Practical life problems are much tougher than them. So here are some ways or to be exact, here are 6 ways to enhance your problem-solving skills.


Don’t Become the Victim:

Whenever a problem occurs, we become its victim as we start to panic. The problem might not be that big but we make it big through panicking and allowing ourselves to fall prey to it. Stop blaming fate for it and don’t whine about why this did happen to me or why my life is so miserable. Just relax and after you settle down, question yourself about HOW you can solve the issue. Whining about it won’t solve it, right?


Stop Indulging your Emotions in it:

We all make a mountain out of a molehill, don’t we? Don’t do that! If you get successful with the first step and don’t become a victim of the problem then this second step will be quite easy for you. Stop letting your emotions drive in this. There is always a solution to everything and that is why they say that nothing is impossible. So once you stop being over-emotional, you are going to see endless solutions as your vision will be clearer.


Every Problem is Not meant to be Shared:

Humans look for a shoulder to cry on about simply every problem that occurs in life. But if you are sensible, you will know which problem has to be kept within you and which problem can be shared. Try not sharing your problems with a lot of people as they will have tons of different advice to give you and that will confuse you more. Remember that you know yourself the best and your own solutions will be the best ones to solve any problem in your life.


Understand your Problem:

Many times the problem isn’t what we think the problem. It is better to define your problem, to yourself clearly, before you dive into solving it. The best way to do this is to find the core reason for the problem and why it occurred in the first place. Ask yourself questions like what is the actual problem, are you making any self-assumptions or is this problem avoidable? This will help you find the right answers and the problem as well.


What is the Cause of the Problem?

You need to find why and how the problem happened. Was it someone who made this problem stands up for you? If so then why did they do it? Finding the core reason for your problem is going to help you in finding the best solution to it as well. This is why I said above that not every problem can be shared because everyone’s views and advice are going to vary and you won’t ever get to a solid conclusion.


Brainstorm and Make a Decision:

Your brain is going to bring in 101 solutions to you but you obviously cannot act up to all of them. So the best way is to brainstorm all the solutions you think of. Then make a decision that which solution is going to be the best for you. And will also solve the problem for sure. Don’t linger on the decision-making the process. As this might increase the problem and your motivation to solve it might start weakening as well. This can make you hopeless and you wouldn’t want that.



Having someone to share your problems with is great. But you need to learn to walk your road, on your own. Try solving your ups and downs and know how you can skillfully handle the problems of your life. This is certainly going to demand some nerves. But you will see how it will help you in flourishing as a better person. It will also promote your self-growth and make you more confident.

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