5 Surefire Ways to Get Up Early without Feeling Tired

“I hate getting up early”, sound familiar? Whenever you talk to people about how hard it is to get up early in the morning, they give you that long lecture of how you need to sleep for 7-8 hours, to get up fresh the next day.

I mean what if, you sleep for this duration and nothing happens?

Does that tag me as a lazy person?

But let’s just say that science is so in favor of the new generation. A new study says that this fact is something that our ancestors have left us with and our bodies have agreed with it completely.

So I guess you can even sleep for 10 hours and that won’t be enough?! Well, it’s actually vice versa; it’s just that I love to sleep.

If you sleep for 6 hours, you can get up quite fresh in the morning.


How to stop saying “I hate getting up early”

Here are some surefire ways to get up early without getting that 8 hours sleep.

I am NOT encouraging you to stay up all night but just in case you work till late nights and get only 5-6 hours of sleep; you can get up early.

1. The AVOID List before you go to Bed:

So there are some things that you should avoid before you go to sleep. Do not consume red wine, coffee or chocolate before sleeping.

To actually fall into a deep slumber, the human body requires up to 4 hours.

You want this time to be uninterrupted and wonderful and your digestive system plays an important role in making you fall asleep perfectly.

Coffee, chocolate, and red wine disturb your sleep badly. It is best that you don’t take these things after lunch but I know that seems really hard sometimes, so try quitting on them after 6 in the evening.

2. Go to the toilet before bed:

I know a lot of people have this habit but for all those who don’t; make sure that you visit your toilet before you jump into bed.

Some people sleep while playing games, watching TV or working.

This is not good as your bladders might feel up during that time. Our kidneys keep working throughout the night (yes, even while we are asleep).

So whenever your bladder fills up; you will be interrupted!

If you don’t do this, you will be waking up in the middle of the night, which obviously disturbs your sweet sleeping cycle.

3. Focus on what makes you Happy:

If you sleep thinking about something that stresses you up, you are likely going to get up overstressed as well.

And that is just the perfect recipe to make your day go slow and lazy.

This makes us feel lethargic; even if we have had that sweet 8 hours sleep. So what you need to do is focus all your energy on something that makes you happy and feels positive.

This can be easier on some days and quite hard on others but if you focus on what stirs your energy and happiness in the right direction, then you can probably feel energetic in the morning, even after a 6 hours’ sleep.

4. Workout:

You might say that this tip is an old one but let’s just say that it is the best one also. Working out in the morning brings together all of your positive energy and enhances your mood in a great manner.

You feel energetic and your spirits are stirred in the right direction.

Even simple exercises like jogging can bring feelings of anxiety, stress, and pain to an end, making you feel positive and happy.

5. Stay Hydrated:

Drinking water when you wake up (before breakfast) seems like the toughest thing to do. But it kicks your metabolism at the right speed, making you wake up and feel alerted instantly.

You should also avoid taking coffee on daily basis and replace it with a hot glass of water (add a bit of lemon if possible).

This helps you stay alerted and makes your metabolism work better also.

Thus the way you hydrate your body during the morning (as soon as you wake up) is really important and plays an essential role in you being energetic or lazy throughout the day.


There will be days when you will feel like sticking to the bed and that is okay. But for the long run, these simple tips can be really effective in making you feel energetic, alert and happy early in the morning.

It is said right that early to bed, early to rise, makes a man fit and wise.

So why not just follow this?

But with these tips, you can feel fit and wise early in the morning, without sleeping at 9 at night. Just make sure that you don’t sleep late daily…do not make it a habit.

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