The thought “I feel like nothing is happening in my life” comes to everyone, so you are not alone. Life isn’t all candy floss. It isn’t all rainbows and sunshine.

People, who are highly motivated and positive in their life, can also lack it sometimes.

At times, we fall into such a rut that imagining anything positive or thinking of anything great or motivational feels like an impossible thing. It is like the drug named hope is gone from your hands and you can’t pay anyone to get it back to you. But what if I tell you that it ain’t that hard!

After all, it is all the mind game, isn’t it?

Motivation is a process and a lot of people don’t get this at all. No worries, even I didn’t get it at first.

Just like you are a beginner in learning how to play guitar, it takes time and correction. You just don’t get hold of the strings right away. It takes a while, right?

You might hurt your fingers at first but then through every passing day, you seem to get better at it. The thing with motivation is that even the laziest people can try it and can actually benefit from it, if they want to. It is all about what you think you want to and can achieve.

No matter how tough as a person you are…sometimes, life just beats you down and you are sitting on your knees, wondering where to head to or how to get up even.

But if you decide to sit there, on your knees, you are probably going to remain there. The winning is in getting up and making your very own sunshine.

I feel like nothing is happening in my life – Solution

It is never too late to become the person that you want to and here are some ways through which you can reboot your motivation, stand back on your feet and show life that you can move forward, no matter how much it hurts.

And with every passing day, this process (known motivation) makes you better.

1. One Goal at a Time:

We all have dreams and thanks to Walt Disney, it made us realize that we can all make efforts to achieve whatever we want to in life.

Whenever you find yourself going down and not feel like doing much, it will be because you are trying to do a lot at one time. I know your hormones are high and you are too determined but working on one goal at a time is what keeps your motivation refreshed.

Focusing on a lot of goals at the same time drains you badly. So it is better to clear one goal at a time.

The best way is to make a list of goals you want to achieve, along with their time period. Jot them down accordingly; like the ones you want to finish off first should be your first priority and so on.

Also, date them; make a deadline for each.

2. Routine:

This is indisputably the hardest part of all; setting up a routine. I couldn’t even get one while I was in school but yeah, with the passage of time you actually get there.

Sometimes it is good to break down some daily habits of yours.

You can make a weekly routine because a permanent one bores the hell out of you quite easily. It makes you feel tired. You can make changes every now and then.

Alter the timings when you want to have fun and change the times when you are all dedicated to working.

It is good to make changes sometimes.

3. Finish what you Started:

A lot of us stop in the midst of what we are trying to achieve.

This just brings a big downfall to your motivation in all. This is exactly why it is important to know why you started off with something in the first place.

For example, if you started with eating healthy, then you need to remind yourself why you started with it. Look yourself in the mirror and wonder why you are doing something and why you wanted to diet in the first place.

A great idea is to make a video of talking why you started off with something and what motivated you to it. Whenever you start going off track…watch that video again and again, until you see the reason for doing it.

You can also write down mantras in a diary to stay motivated.


There is so much that you can do to take yourself back to the motivational track. Sometimes life does throw lemons on you…but you can just yell “HEY SEE, FREE LEMONS” and take control of it. Or just say,

Hey twist the plot and handle it.

Motivation is a process to achieve something great in life. The process will get slower for lazier people but once you stay determined…you are certainly going to get there.

Don’t lose hope, hang on and see how motivation can keep you fueled up all the time.


  1. Hey, Usman!

    You have some great and valuable content here. So good, I shared it :).

    It has taken me years to get over being anxious or worrying. My Mother was the Queen of Worries. So, I had to decide for myself that wasn’t healthy and had to go.

    Changing your lifestyle takes time, period. First you need a plan, then you have to truly commit to a better life. Then, plaster it everywhere until it is branded on your brain and your heart. Then, let go, and live your life.

    It all worth it, isn’t it?


    • Well said… and definitely, make a plan and than commit to it for a better life. And of-course changing your hole life style will require some time, but it will be all worth it in the end and than you’ll love your life more than ever.
      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Hi Usman

    You shared great tips in this post. I have known that doing to many things at the same time is bad for productivity. I also don’t like routines but had to learn to follow them.

    Thanks for sharing. Take Care


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