2 Signs That Tell: Are you in a right relationship?

Are you dating a right person? How to tell if your relationship is going anywhere? These are some of the most common questions that pop up in peoples’ minds.

For all the single people, the committed ones seem the best. And all the committed ones wish that they were single again! Can we name it as the weird circle of dating? Well, for all the people who haven’t yet met the “one” of their lives, don’t lose hope. You are about to get some of the best dating advice.

There are so many fish in the sea; you are going to get a worthy one hopefully even if you suck at fishing.

For all, who are already in a relationship; you might be wondering if s/he is the right one or not. Not to blame anybody for it; everybody thinks every tiny detail which makes them doubt their relationship a lot.

But who doesn’t want a confirmation at the end of the day? Everyone does. So are you in doubt with your relationship? Are so not sure where is this relationship going? Well, here are some signs which can make your doubts wash away.

So to answer:

How to tell if your relationship is going anywhere?

Consider the following 2 points.

You never go to be Bed Upset

This might sound so dramatic right, but this happens (only if he is the right one).

The wrong one might not give a damn and would be totally relieved to know that you are going off to sleep with all of your troubles. Well, the right person won’t do it!

What sucks in relationships is the fact that you fight at night and then you need to pretend like you don’t really care the next morning. If your partner is the right person for you, s/he won’t let you sleep until the issue is resolved.

S/he won’t let you sleep until the issue is resolved. And might stick to you like anything and annoy the breath out of you but s/he will solve it before you two doze off to sleep.

No doubts:

S/he always checks up on you and s/he doesn’t give you the space you need and doubts you then s/he certainly gives you no space or reason to doubt her either.

Trust is so important, right? If your partner does not trust you enough to let you hang out with your friends, I guess s/he isn’t the right one.

How it kills to see those questions storm down on you! Where were you, with whom were you and what did you do?

At the same time, s/he wants you to trust them as well and s/he obviously doesn’t give you reasons to question them. So if s/he doubts you and is a bit over the edge possessive; I guess s/he will just make your life difficult.


There are so many people out there and what do you know about the one, you are destined to meet.

Or you don’t believe in destiny, huh? Well, whoever you meet, you obviously need an evidence of whether they are good for you or not.

They won’t come with a certification, right? And you aren’t the best judge in the entire world.

This is exactly why it is said that believe in actions and not words. See how they are around you and what they are doing for you. If they seem the perfect one, then don’t let them go!

You know you are worth better and who has all that time to waste on someone who really doesn’t care?

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