How to know if you’re relationship wont last

How to tell if he wants to break up? Well, there are ways you find it out but it’s hard because relationships don’t come with an expiry date, even when a lot of us wish that they did.

A lot of us get the hint that it’s an expiration date for our relationship when the bad experiences start increasing or outweighing the wonderful ones. Still, as they say, that love is blind, a lot of us get dumb and foolish with it as well.

As if these traits come free with the package of young love. Where love can give you a feeling of positivism, freedom, and peace; sometimes it can be really suffocating and hard to handle as well. That is exactly when you need to cut the rope that is holding you back and run as far as you can from the creepy person that is making your life nothing less than a chaos.

We all get into the breakup phase. But some of us are extremely dumb to actually realize the fact that we are being dumped again and again by a person. Yet we still decide to stick to them like UHU! Don’t do that to yourself and that is for both the genders.

Let go of what doesn’t make you happy and content anymore. However, just make sure that you are not breaking up with someone due to your stupid mind conflicts or the fact that your childhood crush is finally begging you to woo him.

So here are some simple signs that your relationship is as good as over and that you have probably reached an expiration date.

Your Partner is Stressing you

There are already so many reasons to be stressed out these days.

The list of worries can go on and on. But let’s just say it; we don’t want our other significant one to be a part of that horrifying list.

We all have that one friend who is always looking for some perfect excuse to provide to his girlfriend.

Is she stressing him out?

Well, she obviously is but he isn’t ready to let go because he might not get another blindfolded girl again.

If your partner is being a constant stress for your life, you know exactly what to do. Walk out of it.

You, don’t see You with them getting married

This seems so stupid and dramatic when you imagine yourself getting married to the one you are in love with.

But this is only dramatic for the single people. The ones, who are actually in love, will get the feeling.

For example, you are standing in a church viewing a marriage ceremony. The first thing that will cross your mind is: “I’ll be standing there with my partner one day.” If you don’t see that, trust me, you don’t feel the vibes for him or her.

If you look down at a couple (married and happy) and your mind says that this will never be us; you need to talk things out and end it smoothly.

Being OK with lack of Communication:

Let’s just admit it that we die to talk to the person we fall in love with. Whether it is 2 am or 5 pm, we really don’t care.

We just need to talk! This spark remains for a year and many couples start conversing less.

Only some of the couples decided to talk it out as it bothers them and only 2% of them are able to sort the problem out. 80% of the people really don’t care and they have a deep “sigh of relief” when the conversations are cut down.

If you are totally okay with having almost no conversation with your partner; it is better to walk out. Don’t drag!

You are Happy Alone:

The worst part about relationships is that your happiness starts to depend on your partner.

It’s like your entire world is revolving around them but that feeling is a great one for the people who are in love. But once you start enjoying more without your significant one, you are done with them.

You would probably punch them down if they try to disturb you while you are having your leisure time.

This is when you know that you are good as a free and single bird rather than being chained down with someone.

You obviously don’t love them any more if you find the relationship is being too hard on you.

Breaking Up Threats:

If you are getting all of these signs from the above; you will be glad to get a breakup threat from your partner.

If you aren’t on the “breakup ready” side, I really feel sorry for you.

If your partner threatens you too often that he/she will end the relationship; you need to tell them that they can.

And trust me; they won’t take a second to think about it. If you are getting breakup threats; it’s better to walk off on your own rather being dumped!


So what you think, relationship not working?

Is it wrong to say that nothing is more strong or deep than marriage? The teenage relationships these days are a big source of a depressed life. Hardly 10% people are able to survive with a youth relationship and make it work out.

If you feel that you are not as important as you use to be for someone; you need to get away.

You lived without a person before they arrived and you can do so after they leave as well.

It is just a matter of how strongly you handle it. You can certainly cry your heart out for once. But it is certainly better than crying daily. Don’t give anyone the power of destroying you or controlling your survival strength.

If your relationship is expiring; let it! Cry, build a bridge over it and get over it! life is so much more than you imagine it as after falling in love with a dumb head.

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