5 Ways In Which We Complicate Life

How to stop over complicating things in life? There is a lot of stress in life already but then there are people who just can’t get enough of it. We all are running somewhere and to be honest, not even half of the people reach where they want to.

We all have been to a point, where we have so much to do but the time always seems to be little. It is like rushing in all corners of the room at the very same time but by the end of the day, it seems like nothing is achieved. Like, we don’t know the pain of it, right?

Even when we all have been here, some of us just tend to make things harder for ourselves. They aren’t really candied sweet already but we just aim at making them more complicated.

I mean, you already have so much to stress about! How; just how can you complicate it more?

But some of us don’t even know that we are complicating things more for ourselves. We are unaware of the complicated maze we are creating for ourselves.

How to stop over complicating things in life?

Here are some ways in which we complicate our lives, more than just normal.

If you can point at any of these and say (YES I DO THIS)…its time you QUIT doing it.

1. Piling up:

How to stop over complicating thingsLet’s just say you procrastinate!

You just tend to pile up things and projects and simply everything for the very last minute. Instead of completing it with the passage of time; you just pop into doing it the very last night.

Nothing clutters your mind like the unfinished things; pending and waiting to be done. Can I just simply say that procrastination just complicates life?

It is the easiest way through which you obscure life. You will be at utter ease, if you believe in doing the tasks on time and now rather than later.

2. Waiting:

It is a perfect time will never come. And people who keep on waiting for the right time…just seem to be waiting for it, all their life.

They complicate their thoughts by telling themselves that the right time is not now and will come in near future.

At the end, you realize that you have been effing waiting all your life instead of getting up and putting your talent to work to get yourself money or comfort.

3. Worrying:

Worrying endlessly about something that isn’t in our control is the perfect ingredient to the recipe named “A Complicated Life.” It is nothing but the mother of complications. Sometimes the issues aren’t even real but we have created them in our heads, on our very own.

And we worry about those issues so much that they actually start happenin’ in real. Have you ever heard of; “think good and good will come your way?”

Basically, your mindset is everything. What you think is what you gain! Worrying won’t get you anywhere. It will create troubles that aren’t even there in the first place, thus complicating your life a lot more than it actually is.

4. Doing More:

Being committed to your career or being passionate about it is great. But committing to everyone and everything might bring a smile on their faces, but it won’t bring one on yours. It just fills up your day with work and work. You get more like a busy bee who is busy in meeting people, attending meetings and going to places, you are not even interested in.

And then eventually you get tired. You get a weary feeling within you. This is because you do a lot more than you should. Always learn to pause your life and only work for some limited hours every day.

5. Interruptions:

Everyone is busy these days. It seems like everyone is the Bill Gates of their own sweet life. But whenever you get a minute to take a peaceful breath…someone pops into their head.

This is what complicates your life a lot.

Not having time for yourself and allowing people to interrupt you now and then, will only make life harder for you. You need some time alone; it is important.

If it isn’t an emergency; don’t give it a lot of attention. It surely can wait. If someone needs your presentation or notes; let them wait because they can and they aren’t going out of breath after it. Make sure you are free and your mind is at peace to allow people to pop in their heads.


Simple it is; life is already too hard and it is better to not complicate it more.

Don’t run in all directions at the same time and make sure that you get your very own precious alone time as well.

Stop allowing people who give so little to you, take a lot from you. Interruptions in life can lead to a lot of complications. Know where people stand in your life and treat them accordingly.

Life is a roller-coaster ride…you do get the ups and downs but you can enjoy it also. There is no need to stress all the time.

Take a break, breathe deeply, pause for some time and reboot!

  1. Hi Usman

    You are so right and we do so much to complicate our lives when life is so much simple. Love your thoughts on this issue and thanks for sharing. Take Care

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